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Can Gorilla Do What I Need? Yes!

Gorilla is incredibly easy to use, but it's also remarkably flexible. Have a read below to see if it can do what you need.

If the answer is YES, sign up for an account and book a slot on our onboarding workshop to get started!


Can I randomise the order of options, questions, and pages in my questionnaire?

Can I use skip logic to hide questions based on a participant's response?

Can I use display logic to show questions based on a participant's response?

Can I automatically score participants' responses?

Can I allow participants to leave the questionnaire early?

Can I allow participants to switch back and forth between questionnaires?

Can I allow participants to stop and return to the questionnaire later?

Can I easily collaborate with students and colleagues?

Can I edit a pre-built questionnaire to get started faster?

Can I import my survey from Qualtrics to Gorilla?

Can I link up my Gorilla questionnaire to Prolific for participant recruitment?

Can I send my participants to another platform like Qualtrics and back to Gorilla?

Can I automatically stop collecting data when my quota is met?

Yes, Gorilla can do this. And so much more...


Can I automatically collect reaction time (RT) data?

Can I use my own stimuli?

Can I randomise the order of trials in my task?

Can I randomise participants to different conditions?

Can I reject participants who don’t meet my inclusion criteria?

Can I play and record audio and video?

Can I create a Go/No Go task that scores non-responses?

Can I have participants do a drawing task?

Can I have participants drag and drop images on the screen?

Can I show participants how far they are through the task?

Can I easily go back if I make a mistake building my task?

Can I save different versions of my task and easily switch between them?

Can I condition participants’ progression on their task performance?

Can I have complete control over the visual layout of my task?

Can I run a multi-part, longitudinal study?

Can I make a whole experiment without code?

Yes, Gorilla can do this. And so much more...


Can I do custom scoring of participants’ responses?

Can I create an adaptive task that changes based on participant performance?

Can I control when participants are able to respond?

Can I show participants a randomised subset of trials?

Can I record my participant's screen?

Can I assign points probabilistically for each trial?

Can I capture multiple responses on one screen?

Can I accept multiple different answers as correct?

Can I make only part of an image clickable?

Can I track participants' mouse movements?

Can I do webcam eye tracking?

Can I dynamically show and hide elements on screen during a task?

Can I make my tasks visually interesting using animations?

Can I run an experiment where participants interact live online?

Can I create a simulated online shop to study consumer behaviour?

Can I create my own custom functionality using code?

Yes, Gorilla can do this. And so much more...


Can I get good quality data online?

Can I let my participants use their mobile phones or tablets?

Can I control which devices participants are allowed to use?

Can I make my study fun and engaging for participants?

Can I collect data from anywhere in the world?

Can I display button text in languages other than English?

Can I easily test how my experiment will look on different devices?

Can I reward participants at the end of a study?

Can I be sure that Gorilla will meet my institution's privacy and data protection requirements?

Can I easily build a replication of a published study?

Can I have my students create an online experiment for an assignment?

Can I use Gorilla to teach online research methods?

Can I share my protocol and materials with the research community?

Yes, Gorilla can do this. And so much more...

To find out more, check out an overview of all the Gorilla tools and features, try them out for yourself by signing up for an account, or attend our onboarding workshop for a quick introduction!