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Tutorial: Device Preview


This tutorial demonstrates how to preview your task what it will look like on different device types and sizes. This is very helpful when working on the layout of your task since you can ensure participants using different device types will see what's on the screen well and will be able to give their responses.

Task Builder 2 has a built-in device preview panel above the preview screen, where you can click through to see what the screen would look like on large monitor, small monitor, laptop and tablet.

In addition, if you wish to do more thorough testing on specific device types, e.g. different iPad models, Samsung phones etc., you can access browser's device preview by going to the Menu in the top right corner of your browser -> More tools -> Developer tools -> Toggle device emulation in the top panel of your developer tools window. You will then see a device preview panel for your browser and dropdown menu with many different device types that you can click through and test your layout on. This can be done both in Edit and Preview modes of your Task. Note that the device preview might slightly differ between the browsers but they should all be in fairly similar locations, accessed from your Developer tools.

If you notice that on some device types your task's layout doesn't work right, you can readjust it or, alternatively, you can limit the device types that participant can use for your study - see our Recruitment Requirements guide for more information.