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Tutorial: Performance Branching


This tutorial demonstrates how to branch participants to different pathways in the experiment, based on their performance in an Attention Check Task. Participants that get 10 or more correct answers will be accepted and branched to the Finish Node of the experiment. Participants who do not get at least 10 correct answers will be rejected from the experiment via the Reject Node.

Firstly, in the task we use a Scorer component to ensure the accuracy of participants' responses are recorded. Then we use a Save Accuracy component to save the count of correct responses to a field in the Store called 'totalCorrect'. By saving this to the Store, the correct answer count becomes available at the experiment level, and we can use this within the Branch Node of the experiment tree.

Then, in the experiment tree, the Branch Node is added after the Attention Check Task. When the Branch Node is clicked on, the configuration setting are revealed. In this tutorial, we create two Groups: pass and fail. In the Property field, we insert the name of the field in the store: totalCorrect. This must match the exact name we created in the task. Then, we choose the appropriate Rule from the dropdown and set the Value that we want to use to satisfy the rule. In this case, we want participants to be in the 'pass' group if the value in the totalCorrect store is greater than or equal to the value of 10. Then, we want participants where the value in the totalCorrect store is less than 10 to be in the 'fail' group. You must also select one of these branches to be the Default. Participants who do not match any rules in the branch node will be assigned to the default branch.

Finally, we need to connect the branches to the appropriate nodes in the experiment tree. In this case, we want participants who passed the attention check branched to the Pass questionnaire and the Finish Node; and participants who failed the attention check branched to the Fail questionnaire and the Reject Node.

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