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Build a simulated online shop to investigate consumer and purchasing behaviour, complete with your own products, nudges, discounts, and more. Shop Builder is one of our premium tools that's available on any Standard level subscription or as an add-on - you can create shop tasks for free but will need to have a subscription in order to collect data from participants.

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Here we are within a Shop Builder task. I've customised the appearance of the shop by adding my own logo and customising the shop colours. You can browse through the categories of the shop viewing the products. For a closer look at the products, you can click on them and add them to your basket. You can see the live updates of the basket on the right. You can also use the search function, to browse for specific products. Once we've finished shopping we can checkout and purchase the products. So here is the editor of the Shop Builder. This is the product spreadsheet where I have uploaded all of the products that I'd like to display within my shop. In the product images tab, I've uploaded all of the images to be displayed within the shop. The assets is where I have uploaded the shop logo. And I've edited the appearance of the shop by adding my own colours using the appearance tab. We also have lots of conditions that you can add to your shop. For example, you can add specific products to be shown on the landing page of your shop, add labels to your products, give some products discounts, offer some products as swaps, and also give basket ratings and distributions. To preview the conditions in action, when you click preview, select the condition from the dropdown. Here, I have got my descriptions condition, so let's see what this looks like. When I start the shop and navigate to the products, and I can now see the product descriptions.