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Tutorial: Displaying Score


This tutorial shows you how to set up a task where participants are awarded one point for each correct response, and one point is deducted for each incorrect answer. This runnning count of scores is shown to the participant. The trials of this task use two Text Response Buttons, for participants to decide if the centre Image is an animal or not. A Scorer component is used to record answers as correct or incorrect. You can learn more about scoring in the Scoring Tutorial.

To award and deduct points for correct and incorrect answers, a Save Data component is added to the Screen Tab. When a correct response is given, a value of 1 is added to the Field in the Store called 'Score'. When an incorrect response is given, a value of 1 is subtracted from the same Score. These values have been clamped at a minimum of 0, so that a score less than 0 is not displayed. The number of points added can also be bound to the spreadsheet, as shown in the Urn Task Example. To display the current value in the Store, Text has been bound to the Score Field. On the last display of the task, the final score is shown using Markdown Text.

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