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Explore tutorial tasks for Task Builder 2 - prebuild examples of individual bits of functionality that you can copy for your own tasks.

You can access the Task Builder 2 Tutorials Project directly, or read on for more info about each one.

Change difficulty (Spreadsheet)
Change difficulty of the task by directing participants to different spreadsheet based on set criteria.

Choose Spreadsheet (Public ID)
Assign participants to specific spreadsheets based on their Public ID.

Collating Responses
Collate multiple responses into one final response.

Device Preview
See what your task would look like on different device types.

Displaying Score
Show participants how many points they have earnt from correct answers.

Drag and Drop
Allow participants to drag and drop the objects in your task.

Show feedback as to whether a response was correct or incorrect.

Form Fields
Learn how to configure the different form field components.

Jump to Spreadsheet
Direct participants to different spreadsheets based on set rule.

Track participants' mouse movements on a screen.

Calculate and display progress.

Response Recap
Store all of a participant's responses and present responses on a later display of the task.

Score the answers and display participant score.

Screen Branching
Send participants to different screens within a display depending on their response.

Screen Timelimit and Countdown
Set up timelimit for task screen and display timelimit countdown.

Section Time Limit With Countdown
Set up Time Limit for a Section of your task and display time countdown.

Show Recent Answer
Show participant their most recent answer.

Triggering videos to start playing
Autoplay videos or play them once a participant clicks a hotspot or button.