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Tutorial: Scoring


This task demonstrates how to score, save and redisplay participants' score. First, we use a Scorer component to mark responses as correct or incorrect. In this case, we tell Gorilla what the correct answer is for each trial by binding the Scorer's Correct Answer to an 'answer' column of the spreadsheet, where we put our correct answers. You can learn more about binding to spreadsheet in our Scoring Guide.

At the end of the task, we also show participants the score they got. To do that, we add a Save Accuracy component to save the amount of Correct responses to a 'correct' field and the Total amount of responses to a 'total' field in the Store. The scores in the 'correct' and 'total' fields are then retrieved from the Store to show the amount of correct responses out of total responses, i.e. particpant's score.

We retrieve participant's score using Markdown Text component and syntax ${store:field-name}. In this case we use ${store:correct} and ${store:total} for correct and total answers respectively. You can read more about this step in our Store Guide. If you would like to show participants their score increasing for each trial, have a look at our Displaying Score tutorial.

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