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Tutorial: Collating Responses


This tutorial demonstrates how to set up the Collate Responses component within a task to join multiple responses together into one final response. We use a series of Text Button Responses to present the response options. Also, an empty Text component with a Show Response component is added to display the responses. A Button labelled 'Back', combined with a Click Response creates a Back Button used in the Collate Response component. Each of the responses that must be recognised by the Collate Responses component has been given a tag.

In the Screen Tab, the Collate Responses component has been added, with a response count of 5. This means that a maximum of 5 responses can be collated. In the joining character field, a space has been entered to ensure a space between the responses is added. This is important in this task, as participants are asked to create a sentence. The Backspace Response matches the Click Response defined in the back button object; when this button is clicked, the most recent response is removed. Each of the response tags defined ealier have been added to the Required Tags field. Finally, a Scorer can be added to record specific collated responses as correct. Learn more about this in the Scoring Tutorial.

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