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Tutorial: Response Recap


This tutorial demonstrates how to present participants with their responses from all of the trials in the task on a final 'recap' screen. A basic Relational Reasoning task is used to showcase this feature.

Within the 'task' display, four Image Response components are the different response options. The images and Click Responses are bound to the respective spreadsheet columns. Each of the image response components are given the tag 'response'.

In the Screen tab of this display, the Save Response component stores the chosen option, identified via the 'response' tag. In this case, the Advanced Settings of the binding are used. Here, we can save the participant's response to a value in the 'savedResponse' spreadsheet column and then write this to the store. Then, in the spreadsheet column 'savedResponse', each trial has been given a unique, identifiable entry that will be used to write to the store. In the example, the field names are trial1, trial2 ... trial6.

Finally, on the last display where the responses will be shown, six Image components have been added (one for each trial). Each of these Image components has been bound to fields in the store with the same names as the field names given in the spreadsheet. This configuration allows the different responses given from all trials to be stored, retrieved, and displayed on the final screen of the task.

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