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Tutorial: Choose Spreadsheet (Public ID)


This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Choose Spreadsheet (Public ID) randomisation component. This component allows you to assign participants to a spreadsheet by matching their Public ID.

In order to use this component, your task must contain multiple spreadsheets, and you must use a recruitment policy that allows you to define a set of Public IDs yourself. For example, Supervised, Email Shot or, Email ID policies all work well with this component.

In this example, we use the Prisoner's Dilemma task as three different spreadsheets are used. In the spreadsheet tab of the task, we add the Choose Spreadsheet (Public ID) component. Then, in the Match field of the component, we define the part of the Public ID we would like to assign participants based on (T, B, S). Then, in the Spreadsheet dropdown we choose the spreadsheet we would like to assign participants to. If any part of the Public ID matches the stem in the Match field, this is the spreadsheet they will be assigned to.

In the Participants Tab of the experiment, we can see Supervised recruitment used. The Public IDs given to the participants all relate to the Match fields in the Choose Spreadsheet (Public ID) component (T1, B1, S1), and participants will be assigned to the corresponding spreadsheet.

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