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Tutorial: Screen Branching


This tutorial shows you how to send participants to different screens within a display, depending on their previous responses. In this example task, we show participants pictures of animals and ask them whether a presented animal is a mammal.

We add a Scorer component which is bound to the spreadsheet column 'ANSWER'. This lets us evaluate whether the participant's given response was correct or not. Then, we can use the Branch component to build some rules based on the accuracy of a participant's response by setting 'Criteria' to Response Accuracy. You can think of the logic as follows: If the Response Accuracy is Correct (i.e. the participant got the answer right) then set the next screen to be the one called 'Correct'. Because we'll be adding an additional screen for when participants are incorrect, we also need to make sure we branch again at the end of the 'Correct' screen, to avoid participants being sent to the next screen in the sequence. We can add another Branch component here, and set the 'Criteria' to always end the display which skips the final 'Wrong' screen.

Similarly, we can set up another piece of logic in the first screen's Branch component by clicking the '+Add' button. This rule can be set so that if the Response Accuracy is Incorrect then set the next screen to be the one called 'Wrong'. The 'Wrong' screen doesn't need an additional branch component because it's already the final screen in the display.

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