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Scripting Consultancy

Note: We are not currently taking on new clients for scripting consultancy. See below for information on previous projects.


Running research online isn’t just a novelty – now it’s a necessity.

And there are so many tools out there to make it possible! What happens though when your requirements go beyond those tools capabilities? Are you going to have to learn to recode that Matlab task into JavaScript yourself? How are you going to implement that unique staircasing algorithm online? And what happens if you want to do something completely new – push the boundaries of online research by delivering a reinforcement learning task via haptic feedback?

Don’t worry - Gorilla’s got you covered!

Our bespoke Scripting Consultancy service will give you the support you need to get your study online without breaking the bank! Over the years our expert team of developers have brought so many exciting tasks into the online environment, all integrated into our existing GUI tools for experiment construction and data collection.

Research made easy (with a little helping hand!)

Example Consultancy Projects

Example Consultancy Projects

See some of the scripting consultancy projects we developed for our clients:

Adaptive Change Detection Task

Adaptive Change Detection Task is a training approach that examines the change blindness phenomenon and improvements in participants’ ability to detect changes in stimuli.

scripting consultancy adaptive change detection task


Cyberball is a social exclusion experiment measuring ostracism using mental visualisation in a virtual ball tossing game (cyberball).

scripting consultancy cyberball

Customised staircasing algorithm → more details coming soon

Embedded Triplets Task

The Triplets Learning Task examines statistical learning in which one learns a function that can be used to predict output from the future input. This scripting consultancy task was based on the following two papers:

  • Arciuli, J., & Simpson, I. C. (2012). Statistical learning is related to reading ability in children and adults. Cognitive science, 36(2), 286-304. DOI: 10.1111/j.1551-6709.2011.01200.x
  • Kidd, E., & Arciuli, J. (2016). Individual differences in statistical learning predict children's comprehension of syntax. Child development, 87(1), 184-193. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/cdev.12461

Graphs for participants feedback - in progress → more details coming soon

Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi is a classic task examining problem-solving abilities using a simple mathematical puzzle.

scripting consultancy tower of hanoi

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Think that we can help solve your research headache? Get in touch via our support contact form choosing whether you require support with scripting your Questionnaire, Task or Experiment. Tell us about your task/study and the difficulties you’re facing; go into as much details as possible. If you have images/diagrams of how your existing tasks looks and works, include them in the follow-up email. If want to make a presentation taking us through your study step by step, go for it! The more information you can provide, the better.

We’ll then review the requirements and offer a quote and approximate timeline for the work. We usually cap scripting consultancy at 4 hours (and about 90% of the projects we’ve done have been below that) though we will go beyond 4 hours for particularly exciting or challenging projects.

Once payment is received, we’ll begin the next working day. While we will always endeavour to complete work as quickly and efficiently as possible, demand for our consultancy services are currently very high. As a result, we usually advice a 5-10 working day delivery period.

Project Consultancy

For more complex tasks and projects, we also offer a consulting service where we help via the game editor or code editor. See examples of our consulting projects here!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact us via our support contact form. Choose whether you require scripting consultancy for your Questionnaire, Task or Experiment and provide us with as much details to your enquiry as possible.