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Troubleshooting and Technical Info

Want some tips on languages and localisation? Trying to get your text and images just right? Have you come across a very particular error message that you need help debugging, or would you like advice on quite specific technical issues such as audio and video? You're in the right place.

If you can't find the answer to your query below, do get in touch with us on the Support desk.

Fine-tuning and customisation

How To: Language and Localisation
If you'd like to run your study in another language, check out which parts of the tooling you can customise to be in other languages.

Formatting in Gorilla
A guide to formatting your text in HTML and Markdown and brief guide to sizing and how image stimuli scale in Gorilla.

Technical Guides

Technical Checklist
Previewing and testing your experiment thoroughly is super important. But it's hard to test everything. Have a look here for guidance on limiting technical issues, including the best file types, file size recommendations, and how to handle the array of browsers, devices, and internet connections your participants have, as well as browser limitations such as autoplay functionality.

Timing in Gorilla
The accuracy and reliability of timing in the browser is a valid concern amongst researchers. This guide will tell you all about timing accuracy in the browser (and, thus, Gorilla) in glorious technical detail.

Troubleshooting and Errors

Troubleshooting Guide
Here are some of the most common queries (and, importantly, solutions) that we see on the support desk. If something isn't working as you expect, it's likely the answer lays within our troubleshooting guide. If something isn't appearing correctly, or your task seems broken, have a look in here for your problem and see if our proposed solution solves it!

Debugging Guide
Learn how to use your browser's developer tools to dig into errors and figure out why something might not be working.

Media Errors
If your participant has told you about a media-related error message, or you've seen an error message in your data files, check here for further information.