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Analysis, Publishing, and Open Science

You've collected your data - great! Er, now what? You follow these guides, that's what :). These guides will take you from understanding and pre-processing data, to publishing and citing Gorilla, to sharing your materials in the spirit of Open Science.

Check out existing publications from researchers who have used Gorilla and tell us about your own publications so we can highlight your work!

Quick Links

Analysing Your Data: A Guide
Not sure where to start? We have guides on processing your data with Excel and RStudio so that you're ready to start your statistical analysis with your software of choice.

How To: Collaborate with your students, supervisors, and colleagues on Gorilla
You can collaborate with others directly in Gorilla and change permissions for different researchers, such as if you need to allow some colleagues to edit the task but not have access to the data for any reason (e.g. if your ethical approval doesn't cover that researcher).

How To: Share your tasks on Gorilla Open Materials
You can share your questionnaires, tasks, experiments with other researchers on Gorilla Open Materials and link to them in your paper or on repositories such as the Open Science Framework. Find out how with this guide.

Publishing your work
Have you finished a study on Gorilla and you're now getting ready to submit your dissertation or thesis, present your work at conferences, or publish your paper? Go through our guide on how to cite Gorilla!

UK Reproducibility Network

We've partnered with the UKRN, and would love to direct you to their Open Research Primer series, which is designed to introduce a broad audience to important topics in open and reproducible scholarship, such as:

  • Data sharing
  • Open access
  • Pre-registration & Registered Reports
  • Pre-prints
  • and more

At Gorilla we are firm advocates of open science, and you can share everything you build or script with Gorilla via our Open Materials!