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Launching Your Study

This is the guide you need if you've built your questionnaires and/or tasks and you're now ready to thread them together into an experiment tree and start collecting data! We'll show you how to weave your questionnaires/tasks together, implement randomisation/counterbalancing/branching/etc, pilot the study, send the link out to participants, and access your data!

Quick Links

From Creation to Launch
A step-by-step checklist to make sure everything's ready before watching the data roll in. For more detailed guides, view the ones below.

Make sure the experiment tree in the Design tab of the Experiment Builder is set up the way you want it. Incorporate any randomisation, checkpoints, branching, or delays.

Recruitment Policies
Read about the different ways you can recruit your participants such as via a URL, email invitation, third party recruitment services such as Prolific. We'll show you how to set them up so you can concentrate on getting the data.

Recruitment Requirements
Learn how to add restrictions to your participant pool such as limiting by browser or device.

Learn how to manage your participants by understanding the different stages of their progress and how token consumption works.

Learn how to manage and access your data.