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Game Builder

Build simple games for research, with animations and particle effects

Quick Links

Step-By-Step Guide
First time using this tool? Follow our step-by-step guide and get up and running quickly

How-To Guide
Take a tour of the tools and understand how they work

Components Guide
Full listing of all the different components you can use

Animation Guide
Full listing of all the different animations you can use

Browse tutorials of specific features in Game Builder

Explore some example games built in Game Builder

In-Depth Guides

Binding Guide
Understand how to bind to the spreadsheet, manipulations and more

Layout and Positioning Guide
Understand how layout and positioning works in Game Builder

Response Processing Guide
Understand how participant responses are handled and what you can do with them

Object-Component System Guide
Understand the underlying architecture of Objects and Components

Pro Tip

To learn how to get the most out of game builder, sign up for our Game Builder Webinar here.