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What is Gorilla?

Explore our video demonstrations for an introduction to Gorilla and the benefits of online research, as well as a showcase of each of the Gorilla tools!

Introduction to Gorilla

Unlock the future of online behavioural research with Gorilla, saving researchers time, money and frustration.

Benefits of Online Research

Discover the expanding possibilities of conducting behavioural research online.

What's Possible?

Explore the possibilities of online studies with Gorilla that go far beyond surveys.

Understand Gorilla

Gorilla is powerful, easy to use and supported!

Experiment Builder

Create an experiment tree with your tasks and questionnaires, complete with randomisation and counterbalancing.

Task Builder 2 Basics

Create reaction-time tasks easily with our Task Builder 2 tool.

Task Builder 2 (Advanced)

Discover how to change stimuli on a trial-by-trial basis and advanced trial randomisation options.

Questionnaire Builder 2

Create surveys with a range of question types, complete with question randomisation and automatic scoring.

Game Builder

Add animation to create gamified tasks and increase participant engagement!


Investigate social phenomena with our Multiplayer tool, including text and video chat between participants.

Shop Builder

Build simulated shops online to study consumer behaviour.

UX/UI Testing

Create website simulations to test messaging and navigation, whilst collecting behavioural metrics.

Scripting Tools

Found something Gorilla can't do yet? Script it for yourself with our extensive scripting tools!

Ready to get started with Gorilla?

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