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Questionnaire Builder 2 Showcase

Creating a Simple Question

Build the pages of your questionnaire visually. The questionnaire is running in the editor, so you are seeing exactly what participants will see.

Adding Images

Upload your own image stimuli to use in your questionnaire.

Conditional Logic

Use conditional logic to hide or show questions based on participants' previous responses.

Screen Branching

Branch participants to different pages of your questionnaire based on responses to questions.


Use the scoring tab to automate scores within your quetionnaire. Scores are automatically included in the data output, saving you time with your data analysis.

Randomising Response Options

Randomise the order that response options are presented within your question.

Randomising Question Order

Randomise the order that questions appear on a page of your questionnaire.

Randomising Page Order

Randomise the order of entire pages within your questionnaire.

Multiple Choice Grid

Select responses from a list of options using radio buttons or checkboxes, arranged in a grid.

Piped Text

By saving participants' responses to the store, you can retrieve this at a later point in your questionnaire.

Right-to-left text

Use the customisation settings to format the text to read from right-to-left.

Ready to get started?

Create a Questionnaire Builder 2 questionnaire and follow our step-by-step guide to take it for a spin!