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Task Builder 2 Features

Visual Editor

Build your screens visually, using our drag-and-drop interface to lay out all your elements. Your task is actually running in the editor, so you are seeing exactly what your participants will see.

Live Preview

Click the play button at any time to try out a trial for real. Use the Debug panel to pick a specific spreadsheet row to use, making it easy to troubleshoot individual trials.

Dynamic Binding

Inject values from your spreadsheet or experimental manipulations to control which stimuli are shown on each trial. Easily save specific responses or scores and display them again later.

Randomise Trial Order

Randomise the order trials are presented within a task.

Randomise Content Between Columns

Randomise the content of multiple spreadsheet columns between one another.

Select Random Subset of Trials

Use a value in the spreadsheet to randomly select a subset of trials to show participants.

Scoring and Feedback

Record the accuracy of participants' responses and provide visual feedback with ease.

Mobile Optimisation

Ensure participants can complete tasks across a range of devices by creating tasks optimised for mobiles.

Custom Components

Script your own components to add to your tasks and achieve the specific functions you need.

Ready to get started?

Create a Task Builder 2 task and follow our step-by-step guide to take it for a spin!