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Welcome to our new Release Notes page! With every Gorilla Update will come a new entry on this page, keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest news in Gorilla.

How often do you update Gorilla?

At least once a month. At the moment though, we're releasing an update almost every week with new features, functionality, fixes and enhancements.

Is everything that is updated in Gorilla listed here?

Only content in our currently publicly accessible tools are listed here. Updates to tooling in Early Access or in closed beta won't appear here (though we reserve the right to activate hype mechanisms here).
Bug fixes will be included if notable - a bug that has proved a considerable annoyance or had a significant impact. Typo corrections won't be included - you're not my PhD supervisor, so you probably don't care about typos. If you are my PhD supervisor, then this must be that dream again and I'd like to wake up now...

I want the inside scoop, the breaking-news, the behind-the-scenes etc.

We'll occasionally hint at things to come in our release notes. For more of that and other sneak peeks of what is coming up in Gorilla, be sure to follow Gorilla on Twitter . You can also follow our Head of Development and Operations on Twitter , who has been known to let slip top secret secrets. (Though he's not as infamous for it as Tom Holland, nor as handsome).

Recent Highlights

  • Task Builder 2/Questionnaire Builder 2: Mobile display optimisation
  • Task Builder 2/Questionnaire Builder 2: Mobile live preview
    To help you present your tasks and questionnaires more consistently on mobile devices, we've implemented mobile live previews in TB2 and QB2. In the task builder, you can also switch between landscape and portrait mode, as well as customise the core layout of the task (4:3 Landscape, 16:9 Portrait etc).
    In QB2, we've added a Mobile Layout setting to most objects that, by default, will automatically switch the objects to a more mobile compatible layout. You can see the mobile appearance in action via the live preview.
    We have other improvements and features planned to help you deploy tasks to all devices as smoothly and efficiently as possible. More to come on that soon!
  • Multiplayer: Improvements, features and more
    We've added a wealth of new features to multiplayer over the last few months, with new functionality within tasks and experiments. We've added new options in Lobby nodes to allow for automatic matching making based on branching conditions. We've also added new Experiment tree nodes to give you greater control over the flow of participants through your multiplayer/group research.
  • Questionnaire Builder 2: New grid components
    To help you make large batches of questions with similar response layouts, we've added grid (multi row) capacity to ratings scales and text entry objects!
  • Projects: 22nd Century update
    We've brought the projects and project pages into the modern era with a host of appearance and performance improvements, as well as a number of new usability features. Live editing of project names and descriptions, more responsive search in Collaboration and Cloning modals, and a brand new Create Menu, helping you to find the right tool for your study.

Release Notes

Common abbreviations: XB2 = our current generation tooling (Task Builder 2, Questionnaire Builder 2, Game Builder), XB1 = our legacy tooling (Task Builder 1, Questionnaire Builder 1)

26th October 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-10-15

With the arrival of a Thursday comes the arrival of another release notes! Heavy on fixes, light on lyrics this week. Probably for the best...


  • Game Builder: Games not working on touch screen devices
  • TB2: Draggable object not working on touch screen devices
    Similar problems though slightly different causes. In both cases, Gorilla wasn't listening to/responding to certain touch events, so those of you deploying games or drag/drop tasks to iPad's were finding yourself... tactilely disappointed. Now your participants can....
    Editor note: While admirable in its linguistic flair, and technically accurate, Will ultimately used a combination of words that could be hazardous if taken out of context. We have replaced this with "use appropriate digits to operate your game in a family-friendly manner."
  • XB2: Bound content not carried over when moving scenes between games
    While this affected games, the same problem existed across all the tooling. When copying scenes/screens/memes/aubergines between games/tasks/questionnaires, content bound to the spreadsheet would not be initialised correctly. You would need to clear and then rebind the content for the spreadsheet columns to appear which is just faff. At Gorilla, we firmly belief that faff is just faffy and we take a strong de-faffing approach to all our development decisions, ultimately aiming for faff zero across all our tools. As such, copying between content should now move the bindings across as expected, resulting in a notable reduction in faff.
  • General: Referral vouchers not working
    Yikes - while you were still able to refer researchers via our in app referral system, behind the scenes the referral voucher wasn't getting setup correctly. This has been resolved now, so you should now be able to redeem 20/50 bonus tokens with your pay-as-you-go and researcher package purchases! Yay, free stuff!
  • Game Builder: Multiplayer components incorrectly appearing in Game Builder
    Our apologies for those of you who excitedly noticed multiplayer components in Game Builder. While, one fine day, we hope to make multiplayer components available across all of our tools, today is not that day. The weather in Cambridge is firmly "grey" and miserable. To avoid further confusion, we've removed the multiplayer components from the editor.
  • XB2: Set Field on Start does not run when in editor mode
    The in-editor preview tools mean you don't have to preview your whole task just to preview one screen - hurrah for usability and decreased faff. However, we identified an issue where some sets of components wouldn't behave correctly during the editor preview. Not a huge deal, but still frustrating for fans of usability and defaff'n-ing so we've resolved the problem.
  • XB2: Fix some wibbly wobbly timey wimeyness issues
    Diligent review of experiment data revealed that UTC Date & Time, and Local Date & Time entries could be incorrect in some circumstances. Importantly, all the RT's are correct, all the differences between timestamps are correct etc etc. It's just the parsing of the numeric timestamp into a Date & Time string that could occasionally be a little... off. Not only have we fixed but we've also fixed it retroactively (so regenerating your data will fix the columns) and included a link to the appropriate West Wing clip for your viewing pleasure.
  • Experiment Builder: Fix typo on CloudResearch recruitment description
    In the description of the Cloud Research recruitment policy, the word 'formerly' was formerly formally. This form of formerly is formally incorrect, so we have formally changed it's form to formerly. You are, as ever, most welcome!

19th October 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-10-11

As our current major projects move into the internal review stage, there's time now for the development team to write the lyrics of childhood tv theme songs to be code oriented.... Er, I mean, time for us to look through the backlog of feature and bug requests that have been submitted by staff and researcher alike. A small but still mighty array this week, with more to follow...


  • Exp: Batch Delete Participants/Participant Data
    At long last, we are pleased to offer bulk deletion of participants and their data from your experiments. You can find the new option in the Global Actions menu on your Participants page of an experiment. To make sure we conform to GDPR while also protecting you/us against cough accidental cough button presses, it has the following setup. Once you've authorised a bulk deletion of participant data, the participants status will change to 'Deletion Scheduled'. You then have a 24 hour grace period, during which you can cancel the deletion if you realise you've made a mistake.
    This is 24 real world hours, not working day hours. So, if you schedule a deletion last thing on a Friday, you will have until the same time on SATURDAY to change your mind, not Monday. So... maybe don't make last thing on a Friday your "super important participant data admin" time.
    Once the 24 hour window has expired, the data should be considered gone. Like, properly gone, you can't get it back, ever, gone. Being able to bulk delete participant data in this way is an important requirement of many university ethics/data protection regulations and while this is 'doable' one participant at a time, we're pleased to offer you a simpler more powerful solution. But with great power comes a great many Spiderman quotes. Delete responsibly!
  • XB2: Countdown with Timer prefab
    We've implemented the ability for a component to add in 'screen components' as a requirement. The first example of this is the Countdown component, which allows you to display the remaining time on a screen timelimit. This will automatically add in the timelimit screen component because... well, without it the countdown is a bit like writing with a broken pencil - pointless! (ba dum tish)


  • XB2: Improve spreadsheet behaviour so it doesn't jump to beginning when editing cells
    When editing with the in-app spreadsheet editor, Gorilla would jump to the beginning of the spreadsheet every time you changed a single cell entry. This made editing a time consuming experience as well as a jarring one. Now it should remain more stationary during editing which, will boring, is probably for the best. We reserve the right to implement jumping to a random location as an April fools joke. You have been warned...


  • TB2: Draggable component breaks if added before drawable component
    Now it will only break if you add it after a drawable component. To resolve this remaining issue, please stand on one leg in the centre of the room, rotate anti-clockwise and sing the theme tune to either Rescue Rangers or Duck Tales. Original Chip N Dales theme preferred. The techno update will be allowed because I like it.
    jk, it doesn't break at all now. But you should still sing if you want.
  • XB2: Timelimit Screen - Show Partial Time Remaining, while bindable, does not respect binding
    Following a conference call with HR, Show partial time remaining has been instructed on the importance of respecting all input types and responding to them appropriately. Should you find this setting continues to misbehave, please submit a complaint to HR.
  • Bug fix: tokens disppear when rules are set for Lab/Mini Lab tier subscriptions
    Tokens have been informed their magical antics should be kept to card tricks only, no more disappearing acts.

That's all folks!

Yep, definitely didn't have anytime to listen to Chip n Dale (Rescue Rangers) on repeat and come up with a coding alternative...

Some codes,
Goes slipping through the cracks.

But these three,
code pros,
Are pickin' up the slack
There's no feat to big, no bug to small.
Research needs help? Just call

G-go-gorilla Devs
Rescue coders,
G-go-gorilla Devs
When there's requests

Oh no, it never fails
Once they're involved
Somehow whatever's wrong gets solved!

G-go-gorilla Devs
Rescue coders,
G-go-gorilla Devs
When there's roadmaps

Oh no, it never fails
They'll take your blues
And build the here and hows and tools

G-go-gorilla Devs
Rescue coders,
G-go-gorilla Devs
When there's research,
G-go-gorilla Devs

15th June 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-06-09

Before we go into this day's release notes a small shout-out that it is conference season and many of our team will be out visiting you all in the real world. Be sure to come visit us at ATSiP and SIPS in the coming weeks and get all the latest gossip on what's coming to Gorilla (or just to say hi!)


  • Questionnaire Builder 2: Short form data improvements
    Those users who've migrated to QB2 found that the increased flexibility and range of capabilities was slightly offset by a less comprehensible data set. To make QB2 data easier to work with, we've made a few changes and added some additional options to data generation.
    First, your default short-form (one row per participant) data in Questionnaires will use the object Name + object ID for the short form column headers. Along with this, you'll get an additional header row containing the full text for the question that data corresponds to. We hope that these new defaults makes short form data easier to understand/work with. Second, for those of you who already carefully name your questions to be unique, you have the option for the column headers to be just the object Name.
    Second, your default long-form data will now contain only the 'response' response types. The additional 'continue' and 'action' response types can be obtained if needed via a new setting on the data generation modal.
  • Multiplayer: Can now be tested without requiring a license
    You can now activate and test (through preview across browsers) multiplayer within Task Builder 2 without needing a license! If you're looking to get started with Multiplayer in Gorilla, check out our Multiplayer Step-by-step which will take you through building an Ultimatum Game from scratch.
    Like our other premium offerings, there are no restrictions on building tasks and previewing them in full without a license. You'll only be prevented from adding them to an experiment. If you want the maximum Gorilla experience, check out our Pricing Page for our offerings, from individual licenses to unlimited departmental offerings.
  • Questionnaire Builder 2: QSF import available in beta
    Many users are migrating from "Qualtrics and the Land of Ever Increasing Prices" and finding a new, cheaper land in our latest Questionnaire Builder tool. To make this easier, we've implemented the ability to import a QSF file directly into QB2 - recreating your Qualtrics survey for you. There are a few kinks at the moment, which is why the service is in closed beta. If you'd like access to it, reach out to us via the Support Contact Form.
  • Task Builder 2: Scripting documentation released
    Our scripting documentation for Task Builder 2 is now available for your delightful reading. Check out our Scripting Introduction and walk through your first script in the new world of XB2.
  • Task Builder 2: Automatic text scaling
    We've implemented a simpler (compared to TB1) form of automatic text scaling, which will scale down your text based on a bucketed set of screen sizes. This allows your task to rescale across smaller screens and devices but in a more consistent and easier to assess way.


  • Project/Projects: Project tag colours were too low contrast
    An accessibility review of our updated Project/Projects page found that some of the tag colours were too low in contrast, meaning they'd be hard for some colour-blind users to distinguish. We've adjusted this now, continuing our commitment to make Gorilla as accessible as possible.
  • Task Builder 2: Alignment settings adjusted on Slider Labels
    The existing alignment settings (available on any component that can be placed and appear visually on the screen) didn't make sense in the context of a Slider and its left/right labels. For the Slider specifically, we've adjusted the names of the different options and how they behave to match user expectations.
  • Task Builder 2: Fix some missing entries in metrics
    During routine testing by our Usability team, we found that a few metrics (such as 'Recording Uploaded' lines) were missing some key bits of information about the screen and object. This has been resolved, along with an issue where objects wouldn't be given a name during task creation.
  • Experiment: Uploading participants changed to sequential rather than bulk concurrent
    When uploading a spreadsheet of participants for an experiment, users found the final list of participants would appear in a slightly different order from the original list. This is because, previously, the spreadsheet of participants would be generated in bulk, concurrently. This meant there was no strict ordering on when each participant would be created in our database, hence the slightly different order in the end. We've changed this now, so each participant will be generated sequentially, with the final order matching your original order.


  • Task Builder 2: Fix snap to text box
    What felt like it should be a simple fix ended up being a multi-week deep dive into the never ending horrors of event handling within the browser. Much kudos to the developer who stuck it out to the bitter end and implemented the necessary solution.
  • Task Builder 2: Manipulations columns appear blank in preview data
    An inconsistency between how manipulations are stored in preview compared to live data collection meant that some manipulations weren't coming up in preview data. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Questionnaire Builder 2: Base text size does not return to default
    If you edited the text size for your question and then decided to go back to the default... well, you couldn't, as deleting the custom size would instead make your question super tiny. This issue has now been resolved - it should revert to the default size as expected.
  • Task Builder 2: Fixed error when importing older TB2 samples
    Before Task Builder 2 there was... like, Task Builder 1.99? An extremely similar but has a different internal name version of Task Builder 2. It turns out that many of our early samples are made using this and while that's no issue when it comes to task functionality, it was an issue if you tried to export/import them - Gorilla would complain that "THiS ISn't ThE WRitE TYpE". We resolved this issue now, so all our samples should be exportable/importable as expected.
  • Task Builder 2: Add First Display button appears on committed tasks
    For tasks without any Displays, the 'Add First Display' button was incorrectly appearing (and was interactive) when the task was committed. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Experiment: Task with empty manipulations cannot be deleted
    If you'd played around with creating manipulations in your task and then committed the task and added it to an experiment tree, you may have found yourself in an unfortunate mess. Specifically, clicking on those tree nodes (to access their settings or delete them) would... do nothing. It turns out that the experiment builder wasn't correctly handling the case where a manipulation had been created but none of its settings had been filled in. So, it had been created but not really created. Regardless of the existential state of the manipulation, the inability to interact with the tree nodes has now been resolved.
  • Spreadsheet randomisation: Able to add new rows while randomising
    Diligent internal testers found that, with randomisation preview on, it was possible to add more rows to the spreadsheet, causing your starting spreadsheet to get totally hosed. We've resolved this now, along with a few other buttons that weren't getting correctly disabled when previewing your randomisation.
  • Multiplayer: Fix issue in Lobby nodes
    Following users reports, we identified an issue in Lobby nodes that prevented manual matchmaking from working correctly and resolved it. Many thanks to those users for their patience and understanding.
  • XB2: Audio can be triggered to play on certain slider values
    A bizarre bug we encountered where submitting a slider with a certain response value would cause any audio components to play?!?
  • XB2: Version numbers higher than current cause crash
    Trying to access a version number for your task that is higher than actually exists would previously cause the editor to crash without warning. Crashing is bad (so I'm told) so instead it will now direct you back to the project page for that task.
  • Open Materials: Fix collaboration end point for corresponding author
    Oops! This one is totally my bad. A few API calls in Gorilla were reworked when I rebuilt the Project/Projects page, to make them more compartmentalised and performant. One of those calls was to collect a list of current collaborators and, regrettably, I failed to update the only other place where that request is used. Specifically, on an Open Materials page when setting the corresponding author. This issue has now been resolved.

25th May 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-05-13

Avast yeh landlubbers. Hoist the main sail and trim the tops. For it is I, the Pirate-Assassino-Captain of the Schooner "Release Notes" and I have returned. A fierce long time were we caught in the calm, adrift with naught but m'breath to fill the sails. When I thought all be lost, that this doldrums shall break m'mind and I'll throw myself to the deeps and the locker of Davy Jones.. ney then did Calypso see fit to set a wind upon us. To drive us back to earthy shores. "The world is not done with the "Release Notes" yet, yah Pirate-Assassino-Captain."

So draw close to the fire and open your finest rum, as I unload the Schooner of it's burden, and the last five months of it's tales.


  • Support: Updated Support Docs
    During the Release Notes time at sea, the support and materials team have been hard at work revamping our support documentation. With Task Builder 2 and Questionnaire Builder 2 our recommended tool for experienced and new researchers alike, documentation for companion tools such as the Experiment Builder, along with our Getting Started guides and all associated reference material needed to be updated. It has been a huge undertaking, so a big round of applause for our exceptional Support Team . You'll find a neater, cleaner front page, along with detailed guides for all of our core tools, on dedicated landing pages and just about an updated, XB2-ified... well, everything! We hope you like it!


  • Experiment Builder: Better tree node type labelling
    The labels for the different types of tree nodes were inconsistently formatted in a few places, particularly the new nodes Live Gate and Live Branch that we introduced a few releases back. We've neatened this up now!
  • Task Builder 2/Questionnaire Builder 2: Prevent content highlighting
    Fast fingers formed flickering fractional forms, feasibly flawed. Fixed fantastically.
    Basically, if you pressed on the screen a lot, the browser would incorrectly highlight screen content such as images and text with a blue box. This isn't desirable behaviour, so we're resolved the matter.


  • Task Builder 2: Change difficulty incorrect default on minimum trials
    If you leave the minimum trials settings blank on a Change Difficulty component it should default to always checking the change conditions on each trial - equivalent to setting minimum trials to zero. Except it wasn't doing that. It was instead... doing nothing. Sweeping out the last of the doldrums from the Schooner, we've fixed up this incorrect default.
  • Questionnaire Builder 2: Mobile view setting not defaulting correctly
    Similar to the above, the Mobile View setting in QB2 wasn't having it's default (Auto) set correctly in some circumstances. This should now be resolved.
  • Task Builder 2: Renaming displays disrupts auto spreadsheet population
    A while back we introduced an automatic spreadsheet generation system to TB2. In new tasks, as you add displays, Gorilla would automatically start building a spreadsheet for you. A few users noticed however that renaming those displays would cause some... disruption, with the spreadsheet creation not behaving as you would expect it to. This should now be resolved - renamed displays will be renamed in the generated spreadsheet also!

18th May 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-05-07


  • XB2: Add Clone and Send actions
    While we've had the new Export/Import actions available for a while, that allow you to export your XB2 content as a package of json files, we were missing the staples from XB1 of Clone and Send. The latter allowing you to send a copy of the content to the library of another Gorilla user. You'll now find these settings available in the actions menu for all XB2 content, making it that much easier to clone and share content between users!


  • TB2: Audio/video recording component loses end of audio track
    While I had hoped it wouldn't be necessary in TB2, it turns out that, even with a 'closer to the metal' implementation, there is still some lag time we can't directly adapt for. Specifically, time when audio/video content is being processed by the microphone/camera hardware and hasn't yet been passed on to the browser. So, we've brought back in the Recording buffer capability from TB1, though we've turned it into an explicit setting. Defaulting to 250 ms, it adds this as wait time after you've requested the recording to stop - either directly or because the end of the screen has been reached. This should prevent you from missing the end of a participants audio/video response.
  • XB2: Feedback component has two size settings
    ... but only has one size? Well, actually no, it does have have two size settings. It's just that one is for the size of the container and the other is for the size of the text. We've renamed the latter 'size' setting to 'Text size' for clarity.
  • TB2: Remove warning message from scripting tab
    With the release of the TB2 scripting docs even closer than the last time I mentioned this, we've now removed the warning message from the scripting tab. You can now find a link to a small samples project instead. This will be further updated with a link to the docs when they are ready!


  • XB1: Download all stimuli fails if stimuli file is corrupt
    At the moment, we're not sure what causes an uploaded stimuli file to become corrupted as, in total, we've only had two instances of this issue arise. Nevertheless, it revealed a simple (and easy to resolve) flaw in some of our zip file building logic, where the functionality would fail if a reference to a file couldn't be found. We've resolved this issue!
  • Multiplayer: Manual matchmaking not working correctly in Lobby Node
    This seemed to only be affecting debug (preview) participants and, indeed, it turned out that the Lobby Node's settings weren't being respected by previews. Previews have to follow the same rules as everyone else though, so we've resolved this issue.
  • TB2: All trigger visible targets are repeatedly wiped
    This issue was occurring specifically when copy/pasting screens - as the copied objects in the new screens would have new object IDs, the trigger visible's targets would no longer be valid. We resolved this by making sure that, when copy/pasting a screen we first find any existing target bindings and then, when we've created the new object IDs, update them, so everything remains linked up correctly.
  • XB2: Image filename hidden by edit icon
    When binding an image or audio or video setting directly to an asset, researchers found the file name was annoyingly hidden behind the edit icon. We've resolved this, as well as adding the name of the currently selected asset to the 'Choose file' modal.
  • XB2: Response Tag bindings weren't parsed
    For a number of components (like, quite a lot of components actually) response Tags weren't having their binding parsed correctly? What does that mean? Well, say you bind a tag to a spreadsheet column called 'tag'. Instead of the value in that spreadsheet cell appearing as the response tag value in your data, you would instead get ${spreadsheet:tag}. Not particularly helpful. We've liberally dished out binding parsing for these settings, so this issue should be resolved.
  • QB1: Embedded data not saved to metrics correctly
    While most development work focuses on XB2, we're still committed to maintaining our legacy tooling, particularly with bug fixes. Here, we've resolved an issue where the ranking widgets options weren't getting parsed to the metrics correctly, specifically when populated from embedded data.

16th May 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-05-04

Following last week's epic introduction of mobile preview for XB2, we have a smaller update to start you off this week.


  • Experiment: Add Repeat Node setting to save current iteration to the store
    You can now save the current iteration number for a Repeat Node into the Store. You could then use this to adjust the content of the task depending on how many times the participant has been through it.


  • General: Projects page resizing issue
    As someone with often little to no faith in his own capabilities I've been... pleasantly surprised/outright shocked that the Projects/Project page redesign from a few months back has had no bug reports. My deeply entrenched imposter syndrome was reassured though when reports of a resizing issue - where content on the Projects page wasn't scaling responsively on some screen sizes - came through. Reaffirmed in my obvious incompetency as a coder, my colleague resolved the glaring issue.
  • XB2: Spreadsheet wasn't updating after Display deletion
    A few users ran into an odd error message when using the Spreadsheet Builder. It turned out that, after deleting a display, the content for the Spreadsheet tab wasn't updating correctly - it would still be trying to access the details for a display that longer existed. We've resolved this issue now!

11th May 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-05-02


  • XB2: Live preview of mobile devices
    As promised in last time's release notes, you'll now find options for mobile preview in TB2 and QB2. Additionally, for TB2, there is the option to switch between landscape and portrait mode. While we would generally recommend you encourage participants to use landscape mode for tasks, it's helpful to see what your content will look like in both.
    We hope this helps users experiencing difficulties getting content to display correctly on smaller devices (and means you don't have to dive into Chrome's debugging tools anymore)!
  • QB2: Grid for text entry responses
    While the Grid system never really took off in the UK (making Milton Keynes a unique locale), grids are all the rage in QB2 at the moment. In response to researcher requests, we've added grid functionality to the text entry components. Following on from our successful test with the rating scale, the grid capability appears as a new setting in the Text Entry components, rather than a whole separate component.


  • XB2: Add warning when overwriting in Object modal
    In Task Builder 2 and Game Builder, you can only have one component of a certain type on a single object. For example, you can't have multiple 'stimulus' type components on a single object. This meant that if you tried to add, say, a video component to an object that already had an image component, the image component would be overwritten.
    However, this was not widely known to be the case. What was known is that components would frustratingly disappear for no reason! So, we've add a warning to the editing modal, to make it clearer that adding component X will result in overwriting component Y.
  • XB2: Triggers override Timelimits
    It sounds like this should be in the fixes category right? This was however a piece of well meaning and intended functionality that wasn't explained, so we've made some adjustments. Essentially, if a Trigger, like Trigger Visible was setup to display an item for a set length of time, we implicitly assumed that you would want that time to expire before ending the current screen. Say, if you were using the Trigger to display your own, customised response feedback process. We've now added a setting to Trigger elements to indicate if they should respect existing screen timelimits or be allowed to continue their timing process.


  • TB2: Unable to add new screen from display view
    Soooo, you remember a few releases back, we made it possible to add a new screen from the screen preview (rather than having to go back up to the displays menu)? Well, it seems that Loki has been up to his usual tricks and spirited away the 'New Screen' button from the Displays menu. Thankfully our Strategic Priority Loki Assault Team was quick to action, and restored the missing functionality before the God of Mischief could get too far!
  • QB2: Rating scale text size only applies to scale options
    ... not the question text also, which was rather inconvenient for users wanting to control the size of the question text. We've resolved this issue now!

3rd May 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-04-09


  • XB2: Separate Advance on Timelimit and Continue from Advance Accuracy
    We actually ended up going a bit further with this than we expected to but we're confident we've ended with something more intuitive and easier to use.
    The Advance - X screen components allow you to define the conditions for ending the current screen. There were two problems with how the components were set up and functioned though. First, advancing on Timelimit and Continue button were hidden away in Advance - Accuracy which... doesn't make sense. Don't ask me why we put them there to begin with - it probably made sense at the time but that time was very long ago now and my memory is poor. So, to resolve that, we separated out these two conditions into their own Advance components - the cunningly named Advance - Timelimit and Advance - Continue. Second, the advance components combined as strict ANDs rather than ORs. If, for example, you wanted to advance the screen on a specific response or a timeout, this wouldn't have been possible because the Advance components would only allow for something that was a Response AND a Timeout. So, the Response you wanted to advance the screen would get correctly assessed by the Advance - Response component, but then the Advance - Timelimit component would go "hang on a second, this isn't a timeout" and slam on the brakes.
    This seemed rather contrary to how many researchers (and, indeed, ourselves) were expecting this to function. So, we've reworked this so Advance components combine as ORs, which also works much better with the more delineated Advance components overall.
  • XB2: Task description only found under rename
    The Rename options in the Actions menu was serving an unobvious dual purpose - it would allow you to re-describe the task as well. Unobvious purposes aren't very helpful, so we've changed the Action to "Name/Description".


  • QB2: Improve Mobile optimisation
    We've been seeing a huge uptake of Questionnaire Builder 2, particularly from former Qualtrics users pushed out by Qualtrics' recent price hike. A notable pain point for migrating researchers though was mobile performance - Qualtrics significantly adapted all of the question elements to fit well on smaller, mobile device screens. QB2... did not. Or, at least, it didn't used to. Now, all QB2 components have an alternate display mode for mobile devices, that makes sure they fit well on smaller screen sizes while maintaining usability and ease of response.
    To further aid with this, we will soon be adding explicit mobile display live preview options to all of the XB2 toolset. Watch this space!
  • Experiment: Tree Node descriptions need XB2 updates
    With the arrival of our XB2 tooling came new terminology. Primarily referring to the 'store' rather than 'embedded data'. The descriptions for a number of settings in Experiment Tree Nodes only made reference to 'embedded data' however, which was confusing for users working with the new tools. We've updated these descriptions now!
  • QB2: Change conditional terminology
    Continuing with the terminology theme, except this time in relation to consistency. The Conditions settings in QB2 included a Value setting which is meant for the value of the participants response. While -value appears in the participants metrics file - so perhaps makes sense when you combine it with that - Value isn't mentioned at all on the settings panel, meaning researcher had difficulty understanding what should go in this setting. We changed it to 'Response', which we hope makes things clearer.
  • XB2: Resolve confusing naming of Complete colour for hover components
    The setting 'Complete' on a hover component was actually referring to when the screen was completed i.e. ended. Rather than some 'complete' property of the component itself. As that was confusing and certainly didn't match with what users wanted that setting to mean - the colour it changes to when selected/interacted with by the user. So we've changed the functionality and the setting name to match that expectation.
  • Subscriptions: Improved reporting on Subscription token requests
    A few subscription managers contacted us having difficulty with maintaining a proper audit trail for token requests from their subscriptions. In response, we've tweaked a few sections of the UI, to make existing functionality more apparent. We've also added Token Requests report, that will contain a full listing of all the token requests made on the current subscription. Hopefully this will make this part of your subscription administration easier.
  • XB2 Scripting: Allow scripts to be renamed
    With a small squeal of excitement I can say we're getting even closer to formally releasing our scripting tools for wider usage. In the interim, for those who have been helping us beta test the tooling, we've added the ability to rename your script files.
  • Shop Builder: Overlay option for product labels
    This option allows you to place faded text/icons over the top of a product image, such as badge to indicate certain properties, a sale, limited stock etc.
  • XB2: Can't skip content in Experiment preview
    A capability from XB1 that had slipped through the net, you can now skip through the remaining trials of XB2 content when previewing a full experiment.

24th April 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-04-08


  • XB2: Remove unnecessary data columns from XB2 data
    A few researchers reported some data columns that frequently appeared empty, or contained data that could be better found elsewhere. We did a quick review of the columns available and identified a few that, while used in alpha versions of the new tooling, were no longer required. We've removed these columns, to make your data a bit cleaner.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: Yikes! It turns out that one of these columns 'Object Number' did contain useful data in some situations. We've restored this column now (18th May) and apologise for any inconvenience caused!
  • XB2: Update No-Spec-1 error message
    If you add a Task/Questionnaire, that doesn't have any committed content, to an experiment tree you'll receive an error message while previewing. We hoped that this error message would sufficiently explain the cause of the problem and how to resolve it. However, a few users were still getting stuck so we reviewed the language we used and tweaked it to be clearer about the cause and solution to the issue! Please read the revised message carefully, particularly in relation to committing any open changes on the Questionnaire/Task.


  • QB2: Fix typo
    It's Leviosa, not Leviosaaa!

19th April 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-04-07


  • QB2: Add Back Button to customisation menu
    A key feature missing from QB2 (present in QB1) was the Back button. Behind the scenes, the increased capabilities of the new Questionnaire Builder (along with the increased complexity of surveys that can be built with it) meant that the Back button logic needed a little more time to be reviewed and tested properly. It's finally ready for release and can be found under the Settings -> Customisation tab.


  • XB2: Update list to technical checklist
    Following our change last week to allow m4v files through the stimuli tab, we realised that the link to our Technical Checklist (advising you what file types are supported, what file sizes we recommend etc.) was out of date. We've fixed this now.
  • Tutorials: Experiment builder tutorial gets stuck
    Our new in-app tutorials have been very well received by new and existing Gorilla researchers alike. Some of you reported a few bugs you found that got you stuck in the experiment builder tutorial. We've resolved these now!
  • XB2: Fix touch release issues
    Users on touch screen devices noticed that a few interactable elements in tasks/questionnaires were behaving a little weirdly. After some investigation we found that, in some circumstances, some critical events we were expecting from the browser weren't triggering currently, causing the errant behaviour. We've resolved these now!

13th April 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-04-05

Following the mammoth updates of the last few weeks, a genuinely much smaller update for you today!


  • XB2: Live preview play button accessibility improvements
    Following our last change to this, setting the play button to a stop icon while live previewing, we noticed a few accessibility issues. The newly iconed button would still stay play rather than stop, and several other buttons in this same menu were missing accessibility labels. We've resolved this now!
  • QB2: Rating Scale grid fixes
    As shiny new things often do, the Rating Scale grid capability shipped with a few visual and functional bugs that slipped through testing. We've addressed these now!
  • XB2: m4v will no longer trigger incompatibility warning
    In the stimuli tab, we offer you warnings if the stimuli type you've uploaded isn't compatible with modern browsers. This check was being a bit too pedantic though and wasn't allowing through files with the m4v extension. We've resolved this now!

6th April 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-04-04


  • QB2: Add Rating Scale grid
    We already have grid-like components for Checklists and Radio buttons, where you define a single set of column headers (Disagree -> Agree) and then any number of rows beneath them ("Cats are awesome!", "Squirrels are awesome!", "Squirrels riding cats like knights going into battle are awesome" etc.) Following some requests from researchers, we've now implemented this grid option for Rating Scale components as well.
    We've opted for a slightly different approach, compared to our existing grids though. Rather than implement this as a separate component, it's included in the existing Rating Scale component. With a single setting you can seamlessly switch between a single question/row format and a multi-question/row format. This feels easier to use and is closer to the behaviour observed in similar survey tools like Qualtrics! Like the new approach? Tweet us!
  • XB2: Require Fullscreen subsystem
    In what was once a script in TB1, you can now require participants be in fullscreen via a built in subsystem in TB2 - no script required!
    There are a few differences compared to the original TB1 script for this. First, the fullscreen check will run on every screen in the task by default and, at the moment, it isn't possible to override this. We might change this in the future. However, you will get metrics anytime we detect the user isn't in fullscreen, so you can see when participants may have dropped out of fullscreen and when they were requested to move back to it. Second, we've opted to guide users in using hardware options for moving to fullscreen (pressing F11, Fn + F11, Command + Ctrl + F etc.) rather than using the Fullscreen API provided by the browser. The Fullscreen API, which provides a code based approach for forcing users into fullscreen, has a number of drawbacks. Not least, the fullscreen state it creates is not persistent across url changes/screen refreshes. So, when the user finishes one task and moves to the next, they will be dropped out of fullscreen and will need the API to take action again. Conversely, using a participant controlled hardware approach, this will persist across tasks/questionnaires. So, unless the participant chooses to drop out of fullscreen, they will remain in fullscreen for the duration of the experiment.
    It does require participants to cooperate with the instruction. Ultimately, those not willing to cooperate likely would have dropped out of fullscreen the first chance they got when using the scripting based approach anyway. So, make sure you're informing your participants in advance that the study will require them to be in fullscreen, so participants unwilling to do this can remove themselves from the study earlier.
    We've also put a beta flag on this subsystem, for now, as we have some concerns around how the checks will operate on mobile devices. If you encounter any issues, please do get in touch with our super friendly and awesome support desk!


  • XB2: Change play button into stop button when previewing
    When live previewing a screen/scene, it wasn't clear to some users that they could exit this by pressing the play button again. Which makes sense - it's still a play button, not a stop button after all. It will change to a stop button now, which hopefully clears up that confusion.
  • TB2: Add new screen button to top panel
    While editing a screen within a display, if you wanted to add a new screen you would have to go back to the Displays top level menu and use the plus button there. Would have! Would have had?!? ... Not any more. Now there is a new screen button available from the screen editing UI, so you can easily add more screen content to your display.


  • QB2: Next button label setting needs page refresh before updating
    After updating the next button label via the Settings -> Customisation menu, researchers noticed the change wouldn't appear in the questionnaire live preview until after a page refresh. Which is a touch inconvenient. We tracked down where the Questionnaire wasn't updating correctly and resolved the issue!
  • XB2: Prevent binding change while closed for editing
    Alongside our saga of "things that have whitespace that mess up other things", there is also the chronicle of "things that shouldn't be editable when you aren't in editing mode." In the latest chronicle update, we've addressed a few locations were bindings would still be editable incorrectly!
  • XB2: New column save button locks up on empty column name
    If you haven't typed a name yet for a new spreadsheet column, the UI modal would lock up until you closed and reopened it. No one likes being told to "turn it off and on again" so we've instead resolved the lock up issue!

4th April 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-04-03


  • QB2: Enable Short Form data to be downloaded in Preview
    Short format (or wide format or spreadsheet-with-lots-and-lots-of-columns format) is the commonly expected format for questionnaire data across many online research tools. Indeed, Gorilla already allows you to generate and download your participant data in short form for questionnaires. However, there has been a long running issue where this format was available for data collected from live participants only. Previews of Questionnaires only provided data in long format (or spreadsheet-with-lots-and-lots-rows format). This made it harder for new users to understand and ultimately plan how to analyse their data, as well as being more intimidating for users expecting lots of columns and instead getting lots of rows!
    We've now implemented Short form data downloads for questionnaires - both when previewing the questionnaire alone and as part of an experiment. Further, this has been implemented for both QB2 AND QB1 (told you we're committed to maintaining the legacy tooling as well!). As part of this though, we've removed the options for downloading preview data in XLSX or ODS format. CSV provides a simpler, more flexible initial format for data to be generated in, as well as allowing us to simplify the UI somewhat.
  • Experiment: Enable use of store/embedded data to set Redirect Node url
    The Redirect node allows you to send participants out to an external service part way through your experiment tree. While this node already has some customisation options, a few researchers approached us with a need to define the whole URL through the store/embedded data. This was a straight forward feature to implement and is now available!


  • Subscriptions: Enrolment code submission button added to My Subscriptions page
    Enrolment codes allows Gorilla users to automatically associate themselves with a lab/department/institutional subscription. Previously, this was only available on sign-up requiring users to know, in advance, that there was a Gorilla subscription available for them and what the enrolment code for it was. A few subscription managers approached us, asking if it would be possible to allow users to submit an enrolment code after sign-up as well, to make administering subscriptions easier. So, we've done just that, adding an enrolment code option to the My Subscriptions page.
  • XB2: Block spell checker on text input fields in XB2
    To bring XB2 input fields inline with their XB1 counterparts, we've implemented the browsers standard mechanisms for preventing spell checkers from highlighting errors in participant entered text.
  • XB2: Slider start cannot be set to zero
    It now can be set to zero!

30th March 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-03-25


  • XB2: Add settings for feedback component to directly support images
    Rather than daisy chain images and trigger visible components, we thought it would be easier to add image settings directly to the Feedback component!


  • XB2: Fix 'pop' on spreadsheet randomisation
    When previewing spreadsheet randomisation, we were previously removing a few bits of UI that weren't relevant for use during preview. However, this would then result in a content shift - a small change in the layout of the page. As well as being visually distracting, this sometimes made it harder to follow what changes had occurred during the randomisation. We've now changed these elements to be visually inactive but still visible, so the layout of the content remains the same.
  • XB2: Border hover component makes it hard to pick black
    This was actually an issue affecting all of our colour components. The default colour on the picker appears to be black when, in practice (left untouched) the actual default colour is white. If you then wanted to actually select black you had to select another colour, let the change take affect, and then select black. As much as the additional mouse movement and clicks are good exercise, its a bit tedious (and you probably have far better ways of getting your 5000 steps), so we've adjusted this to work more intuitively.
  • XB2: Trim spaces from spreadsheet column names
    We've reached the next phase in our long running confrontation with errant spaces. Now, after much trial and torment, we have finally routed them out from spreadsheet column names. No longer will your column names appeared to be bound to task settings but then not actually function because random space. Hurrah!


  • QB2: Can STILL bind to the spreadsheet in advanced settings
    A few releases ago we said we had addressed an issue where you could incorrectly bind to the spreadsheet in QB2 (which is world famous for not having a spreadsheet, of course!) Sadly, it looks like the spreadsheet, not yet read to wrestled from the Questionnaire Builder, had found a few final settings to hide in. We've removed it now and placed it on the naughty step, to think about what it's done.
  • TB2: After screen branching hover components no longer work
    This was an issue with some components not properly resetting themselves on screen start. So, if we branched back to a screen we have visited previously, elements (like hover) would still be in their final state. We're resolved this issue!
  • QB2: Question text spills out of page on page summary
    Like an untucked shirt tail, this just looks a bit messy. We've tucked the page back into its container and given it some important guidance on presentability in the online environment.
  • QB2: Default text size issues
    The default text size in QB2 wasn't clearly visible on some elements, nor was it properly resetting when the text size was deleted. We're resolved both of these issues.

25th March 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-03-23

After last weeks mammoth update, here comes an... equally mammoth update. But focused on enhancements and bug fixes, rather than tumultuous new features!


  • Subscriptions: Restore request tokens from subscription button on My Account page
    Way way back, we reworked how tokens are requested from subscriptions, to make it easier for subscription manager to administer. Particularly, to deter users from requesting tokens unnecessarily and hoarding them on their account. However, for users very used to the previous methodology, the new approach of requesting tokens directly from an Experiment's Change Recruitment Target page was proving to be a bumpy transition. To make this easier, we've restored the previous "Request tokens" button on the My Account page, and linked it to support documentation about the new approach!
  • XB2: BEGIN and END metrics missing from XB2 data
    An enhancement in the category of "things you thought would be there but weren't because we kinda forget", XB2 was missing the convenient BEGIN and END metrics XB1 had, for clearly indicating a participants start and end points. (As well as indicating when they have refreshed the page, causing the task to reload). These metrics are now present and will appear in data collection performed after the data of this release!
  • XB2: Larger default text size
    We've made the default text size on many text elements in XB2 slightly larger as the original default was smaller and the default needed to be larger instead...
  • XB2: Changed naming of Fixation component to be more intuitive
    Researchers were finding that the names of fixation-related components/prefabs in XB2 were counter-intuitive. These are now anti-counter-intuitive... non-counter-intuitive... counter-clockwise-intuitive... These are now named more sensibly.
  • TB2: Add additional mousetracking data columns
    Compared to it's TB1 counterpart, TB2 mousetracking was missing a few data columns that were helpful during analysis. We've gone one step further and added ALL OF THE COLUMNS... well, not literally all, but all of the columns we think would be useful when combining and organising your data files.
  • Experiment: Single participant data will only create files for Tree Nodes with Records
    A bit to unpack there. On the Data tab (which exists!), you can obtain one data file per experiment tree node, containing all the participants that went through that task/questionnaire. So, for a small number of participants (perhaps during a pilot) and an experiment with a lot of branches, you could expect to get some empty data files. Most of the time, each branch of your experiment will likely have been visited by at least one participant, so you would expect every data file to contain meaningful information.
    Fundamentally though, for single participant data generation in the same, complex experiment tree, you would get A LOT of empty files. For ultra-mega branching experiments, we're talking about tens, sometimes hundreds of empty files. Because Gorilla still had to go check to see if there could be information in those files and then generate an empty file, this was adding a lot of unnecessary time and processing to single participant data requests. We've optimised this to now only give you data files for tasks/questionnaires that the participant has actually visited. This means you'll get a different set of files for each participant, as it will be explicit to the set of tasks/questionnaires they visited during the experiment, but it also means your data download will be faster and more efficient.


  • QB2: Response settings left blank would cause the task to crash
    This was particularly an issue for components that allow you to set separate responses from labels. We now default to using the label if no response entry is explicitly given.
  • Experiment: Allocator node was incorrectly counting preview participants
    By counting preview participants, this meant that the allocator node was filling up branches unexpectedly, in a way that couldn't be understood from the Participants page alone (I needed to dig into the Database records to solve this one!). We've resolved this issue, so Allocator nodes should now allocate as you expect them to!
  • TB2: Spreadsheet randomisation components missing new spreadsheet columns
    The Spreadsheet randomisation components weren't staying up to date with the latest changes made to the spreadsheets, requiring a page refresh before new columns would appear. We've resolved this issue.
  • QB2: Some logic areas were not working correctly with the store
    This was a result of question objects not correctly updating their relationship with the store in some cases. We're resolved this issue.
  • QB2: Possible to have multiple scoring variables with identical names
    This, understandably, would cause some confusion and data review time. We've now put in checks to make sure score variables must be unique. Our apologies to those of you who will now have to find another way to cause chaos during data collection.

20th March 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-03-15


  • AWESOME: New Projects and Project page
    What started as "We want to redesign the Create Menu to make it easier to see what each tool does and find the right one" rapidly became "Let's rebuild the whole of the Projects and Project page in our new UI system"
    So, this morning, you will have logged into a brand new looking Projects and Project page. Well, the structure is similar, but the appearance is a bit more modern. We use the full width of the screen, giving you even more space to view those all important descriptions (more on those later). Each part of the UI updates independently - no longer will the whole page refresh when you open/close an archive - so everything should load a bit faster/feel more responsive. All of the modals have been given a refresh, using more space, larger text size and adding some much needed quality of life features. For example, the Create New Project modal now allows you to set a Project Name AND Description upfront. And gives you the character limits on each of those fields. Didn't know there was a character limit? Neither did we until the UI crashed! But now we all know!
    The individual project page has some of the nicest QoL features (imho). You can now click directly on the Project Name and Project Description to edit them (no sub menu required). All of your collaborators are listed just below the description, so they're available at a glance. The collaborate modal has also been made easier to work with and the search bar has been made more reliable/responsive!
    Finally, there is the original intention for this piece of work, which is the new Create Menu. This guides you through, tool by tool, the different options available to you for constructing your experiments to help you find the right Builder for you. As part of this though, we have moved, what we are now calling our 'legacy tooling' behind a checkbox. This includes the Code Editor, Task Builder 1 and Questionnaire Builder 1. We remain committed to maintaining our legacy tooling and making sure it continues to function for as long as we can - the legacy tooling will continue to receive bug and maintenance updates long into the future. We also believe that the future of Gorilla is in our new tooling and, with the incredible range of capabilities and flexibility they offer, Task Builder 2 and Questionnaire Builder 2 are the right place for new users to start.
    You will continue to be able to create, clone, edit etc. content in the legacy tooling. If you haven't tried it out yet though, we highly recommend looking at our new tooling offerings and take the time to migrate if you can!

Update: Though we notified Subscription Managers and the wider user base a few months in advance of this change, we still hear and acknowledge your feedback: these changes, particularly to the Create Menu, were too much in one go, with too little communication around the intent! We're reviewing our approach to this kind of update and will strive to do better in the future. More information, earlier and clearer.

16th March 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-03-11


  • XB2: Improve UI for Timelimit Settings
    We've hidden the 'non-response' setting behind a 'treat as response' toggle, to make it clear this is only something you need to set when required!


  • XB2: Add missing data on onset time
    The response Onset Time is the time when a participant 'started' giving a response. This could be the first time they type a character into a text box or begin dragging a draggable object. This wasn't wired up correctly in a few places, meaning the appropriate data for it wasn't coming through to the metrics. We've resolved this now!
  • TB2: Preventing binding UI from appearing when there is other text present
    For cases where users want a binding to appear part way through a string e.g. You scored ${store:score} out of ${store:max} points, the binding tool was being a bit... overzealous, causing the binding UI and colours to appear over the other text you were writing. Clearly unhelpful so overzealousness has been banned.
  • XB2: Fix dropdown behaviour on iOS
    On desktop and android based devices, the first entry in a dropdown is typically blank - forcing you to click and select on of the options available. On iOS however, the first option is autodisplayed BUT the mobile browser doesn't actually select it explicitly. So, users think that a selection has already been made (that they agree with!) and try to proceed... but can't. We've resolved this by explicitly adding an empty option that comes preselecting - effectively forcing consistent behaviour across all devices.

Uh, none of the above

  • General: Removed AccessiBe
    To resolve some accessibility issues on our main website and documentation pages, we implemented the AccessiBe widget onto the main Gorilla site. While a reasonable tool when needed, it's a poor replacement for 1) Dedicated in-browser tooling for accessibility, 2) Actually having accessibility addressed appropriately on the site to begin with. Now that we've addressed the original issues, we've opted to remove the AccessiBe widget. This isn't the end of our accessibility journey though. We continue to be committed to meeting the necessary standards and, where possible, exceeding them. We'll continue to make progress with this over the coming year!

9th March 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-03-08


  • XB2: Default spreadsheet creation
    To make getting started in the Task Builder easier, we'll now automagically start building a spreadsheet for you as you add Displays. So, you'll be able to preview your task right from the get go. (For those worried about machines interfering, don't worry - as soon as you edit the spreadsheet for yourself, we'll stop adding to it!)
  • General: Two Factor Authentication
    We now offer Two Factor Authentication as a login option, to increase the level of security on your account. Further, for institutions that require it, you can force all users on your subscription to setup 2FA!


  • TB2: Text boxes can be auto snapped to on screen start
    To reduce unnecessary interactions for participants, we've added an option to force the browser to focus on a text input element on screen start.
    Edit: 28th April 2023 - We've become aware of a few edge cases where this isn't working correctly. We are investigating and hope to implement a fix soon.


  • GB: Fix texture loading
    We identified and resolved a few cases where textures weren't loaded correctly by the editor.

7th March 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-03-05


  • XB2: Introduced event Signals
    Previously, Trigger components would only Trigger on participant responses or actions which have a response value assigned to them. Essentially, any place where you can set a response value, you can set up a trigger in, er, word other than 'response' to it.
    We've had a number of requests for being able to trigger things in response (hrngghhh) to their events such as an audio/video file stopping. Within the existing system, we could give you a new setting to define a 'response' value for that event and then you can listen for it in a trigger. That felt a bit heavy weight though, adding more settings to components that were already brimming with them.
    So, internally, we adopted a new system for this kind of occurrence called 'Signals'. Behind the scenes it means (checks PR notes), er, lots of stuff. For you, the researcher, what it means is: if you have an audio component on an object and add a Trigger to it, you will automagically see new options come up in the Trigger Type settings for 'Audio Start' and 'Audio Finish', alongside the standard Response, Response Accuracy etc. Quick, automatic and no additional settings required!


  • Experiment: Improve performance of replace operation in Experiment Tree
    The experiment tree is, by far, one of the most powerful (but also most complicated) parts of Gorilla. A simple set of tools and capabilities that allow for an incredible, limitless range of experiment setups.
    However, as experiment trees become more complicated, some operations on them become more complex too. To improve your experience with the tool, we've reworked the Replace Node operation to require fewer steps and generally be more performant.
  • GB: Look At updates
    We've added a number of new features to the Look At component from the update a few weeks ago, as well as resolve a few bugs in the functionality.


  • XB2: Content loading gets stuck if loadeddata does not trigger
    It never ceases to amaze me how needless complex content loading can be within the browser. In the new hellish landscape of "weird stuff the browser does and does not document", we encountered an edge case where the loadeddata event in the browser just... wouldn't emit for an element. This would then cause Gorilla to stall, waiting for something to load while the browser, I dunno, browsed it's own subreddit maybe? Who knows. We put in a fix for this specific issue, though I suspect there will be more to do here!
  • XB2: Switching a store field to Local breaks the UI
    Clearly breaking the UI is bad and this turned out to be a silly issue with local fields not being initialised correctly in some cases (and is now resolved).
  • TB2: Trailing space in field name breaks store binding
    Space can be good. Too much is bad. Spaces around fields can no longer be had.

27th February 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-02-19


  • GB: Video component
    Bringing Game Builder in line with our other tools, it now supports video playback during the task, with an implementation tailored to gamified experiences. This all comes with a number of changes behind the scenes to better support different loading environments.


  • XB2: Allow text entry component to be pre-populated
    We've added a new setting to the text entry component that allows you to pre-populate it with content saved to the store/spreadsheet/manipulations etc. This allows you to represent participants with their previous response for editing, for example.


  • XB2: Fix loading error with Background Audio
    We resolved an edge case where a Background Audio file that hadn't finished loading would cause a corruption in it's corresponding data entry, preventing it from playing correctly.
  • TB2: GUI support links incorrect
    We corrected a number of incorrect documentation links in the UI. These links were incorrect, which is not correct, so we corrected them so they were no longer incorrect.
  • XB2: Branch component evaluates all options, rather than stopping on first satisfied
    Users were expecting the Branch components in XB2 to stop when it met the first satisfied condition. Instead, it would continue iterating through all the conditions, meaning that the last one to be successful would be fulfilled. (This gave it the appearance of running through the options last to first). We've adjusted this so it will behave as you would naturally expect it to.

22nd February 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-02-15

Holy moly, great balls of updates, what a listing this Release Notes is! Without further adieu...


  • TB2: Add binding ability to Spreadsheet Randomisation components
    To give you great freedom to handle your randomisation, you can now bind spreadsheet randomisation settings to both the store and to manipulations!
  • Open Materials: Tooling tags
    With so many tools available now in Gorilla, we need to make it easier to find the content you're looking for in Open Materials. In a step towards this, OM content will now automatically include the name and icon of the tool used to create it.
  • TB2: Jump to Spreadsheet enforce row
    Previously, Jump to Spreadsheet (which allows you to move participants to a new spreadsheet) would either a.) always take you to the start of the new spreadsheet or b.) take you to where you last were in that spreadsheet. Several users requested a third option, c.) take me to the same row the participant is on currently, but in the new spreadsheet. So, we've added a Match Current setting to do just that!
  • GB: Look At Animation and Spawn Condition components
    We've added two new components to our Game Builder tool. A Look At animation, which allows you to make one object look at (turn to face) another object/the mouse cursor. And, a Spawn Condition component which allows you to decide when an entity will ultimately be spawned into the scene or not. This allows you to create scenes with a variable number of objects procedurally using the spreadsheet, the store or manipulations.


  • Experiment: Link main Data tab to Single Participant Downloads modal
    Allowing users to generate datasets individually, per participant, via the Participants tab was a much requested feature that resolved data workflow and regulatory issues that many researchers were facing. However, it introduced a new problem. For many, particularly new, users though the Data tab seemingly... escaped their notice. After several disgruntled messages asking why it was only possible to generate data one participant at a time, we've added a direct signpost to the Data tab from the Single Participant download modal so hopefully users know there are other options!
  • GB: Tell PIXI to continue loading when it detects performance restrictions
    The Gorilla Game Builder is powered by the exceptional graphics library PIXI.js. By default though, PIXI expects hardware acceleration to be enabled (for optimal performance) and won't proceed without it. This meant that games run on browser without Hardware Acceleration enabled would just... not. For most use cases though, PIXI can manage fine without hardware acceleration, so we've turned off this default behaviour.
  • Subscriptions: Add better renewal signposting in subscriptions UI
    With an ever increasing number of departments, labs and universities putting their trust in Gorilla year after year, we wanted to make it easier to know when your next year of Gorilla was all set up and ready to use. On the Shop tab of the Subscriptions page, we now make it clearer when your renewal is prepared or when there are still steps you need to take!
  • Multiplayer: Add synchronisation step in task
    After players have moved from the Lobby and into the task, we've added an additional sync step to make doubly sure that all the players are setup and ready to go.
  • Tutorials: Specify Task Builder 2 in Task Builder Tutorial
    To make it clearer which tool is used in our getting started tutorial, we've added the all important 2 to the Task Builder Tutorial header.
  • Sign-up: Quality of life improvements to sign-up flow
    We've seen a number of users encountering difficulties during the sign-up flow in recent weeks. While most of this came down to user not knowing they had multiple possible email addresses available to them (e.g. and we saw there was room for improvement to make life easier for everyone. First, if you've been invited to Gorilla via another user or Subscription admin, the invite page will make it clear what email address they invited you with. Second, we've added a link to our login troubleshooting page - the instructions here almost always can resolve the problems you are running into!
  • XB2: In Change Difficulty (Staircase/Spreadsheet) only run on change on an actual change
    It's a daft sounding "enhancement" but hear me out. Let me explain. Let meee explain. Let meee.. okay I just got it.
    Previously the "When changing difficulty/spreadsheet" settings, which control setting/resetting variables important to the component, were running any time the change "conditions" were satisfied. However, if we were already at the hardest/easiest difficulty, or lowest/highest spreadsheet, then there wouldn't actually be a change. So, we could make a change but can't because we have no up/down to go to. In this case, it didn't seem appropriate to be running the 'On Change' settings!
    We've also shuffled the order of settings in the Change Difficulty components, so they flow more logically!
  • XB2: Allow Action type responses in Triggers
    Having previously allowed Responses of type Action to be processed by ScreenAction components, we saw the benefit of enabling this in Triggers (Trigger Visible/Enabled/Activate) as well. So we did!
  • XB2: Allow bindable max and minimums in Slider component
    This, as you might expect, allows you to bind the minimum and maximum values to the store/spreadsheet/manipulations etc. If this was not what you expected, then I can only apologise for the disappointment.
  • Multiplayer: Preserve room order when showing player videos
    This setting allows you to fix the order of player videos streams to match their room order, rather than putting the current (participant in front of the screen) at the front (resulting in a different order for each participant).
  • TB2: Hide custom field setting behind a toggle in Progress and Progress Bar components
    While the new Progress component allows for much richer interaction and capabilities, it was proving a little too rich for users who just wanted a plug and play progress bar. To make it easier to work with, we've removed the need to set a 'field' for the Progress and Progress Bar component, and placed it behind a separate toggle. Now you only need to use this setting if you want to do something out of the ordinary like use the Progress Bar to count correct answers, keep separate progress bars for different sets of trials/task blocks etc.


  • XB2: Fixes for the most dreaded of deletion bugs
    Too much hurrah (and relief) we believe we've finally fixed the dreaded deletion bug of 2022/2023. Some users (including our own team) were finding that Gorilla, seemingly at random, would irretrievably delete huge sections of their task while editing. Such a disruptive issue because a key focus of the development team to solve but we had been struggling to reliably replicate the problem. After much digging, trace reviewing and a few sleepless nights we finally lucked upon a replication that immediately revealed both the cause and the solution. tl;dr. when rearranging displays, a section of the task specification was not updating correctly, resulting in displays disconnecting from the wider task and disappearing into limbo. We're resolved this issue and (touch wood) have yet to see the problem occur again!
    Many thanks to all of you for your patience and understand while we addressed this most troublesome problem.
  • XB2: Fix for deadlocked progress bug
    Another troublesome issue arose which (thankfully for my sleep pattern) and far more obvious and immediate fix. Some researchers reported participants getting stuck at the end of XB2 content. What we found was that if a participant finished a task/questionnaire etc. but refreshed the page before advancing to the next part of the experiment, they would be caught in a limbo state. Gorilla would report that they had finished the content and were already advancing to the next content piece and would... do nothing. To resolve this, we've reorganised the logic at the end of XB2 content and adjusted a few flags, to make sure participants can't get stuck again/
  • GB: Fix broken support links
    A few components (primarily animation components) weren't linking to the correct documentation pages, which we've now resolved.
  • QB2: Data columns say screen not page
    In a migration fail of TB2 logic to QB2, some metrics data columns incorrectly said Screen rather than Page. This has now been resolved.
  • Multiplayer: Addressed a number of issues with matchmaking, multiplayer and initialisation
    As we continue to see usage of our Multiplayer tool increasing, we've been addressing a number of issues you valiant researchers have found during testing. Many thanks for reporting these bugs on!

6th February 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-02-03


  • Multiplayer: Lobby timeouts
    Lobby nodes now have a timeout branch option, so you can direct participants who have waited too long to another section of your experiment. Instead of, like, leaving them in a "Waiting for players" limbo, contemplating life, the universe and everything.

30th January 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-01-23


  • Multiplayer: Enhanced capabilities for participant matchmaking
    This is composed of a few different feature additions (one of which has capabilities beyond explicitly multiplayer experiments). We've added matchmaking criteria to Lobby nodes, giving you deeper control in grouping participants together.
    We've also added a Live Gate node to the Experiment tree. This node allows you to gate your participants progress through the experiment, unlocking it at a time of your choosing. Ideal when working with large groups of participants where you want to prevent participants from racing ahead to future content, limiting the matchmaking pool available. Or, perhaps, as part of a live event where you want participants to take part in each section together.

  • QB2: Switch component
    One of the last items remaining in achieving feature parity with QB1, we've now added a Switch component, allowing you to switch to another Task/Questionnaire (when combined with a Switch node in the Experiment tree)

  • XB2: Wait for Timelimit component
    This component allows you to force the screen to wait for a timelimit to complete, even after another event has requested the screen advance. This allows you to proceed with normal task scoring and branching will still waiting the full screen time on each trial.


  • XB2: Change mouse cursor on clickable objects
    Objects with a click response component weren't immediately registering with the mouse as being clickable - normally this manifests with a little change from the standard arrow to a hand that's like "PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU". We've fixed this now, hopefully making Pikachu picking more intuitive for participants.
  • QB2: Multiple choice grid formatting options
    To give you more control over your questionnaire appearance, row and column options can now include markdown. We've also added an option for separators (horizontal lines) between rows.


  • Experiment/XB2: Added error message when trying to preview XB2 content that has no content
    No content in your content you say? Verily! If you were to have started making changes to your brand new Questionnaire but haven't committed them yet, adding that Questionnaire to an experiment would... result in an unhelpful error message on previewing. We've made this message more helpful now - make sure to follow it's instructions, checking you've committed the latest changes and updated the nodes in the experiment tree.
  • QB2: Scoring fails when using Other setting
    We caught and addressed an edge case where scoring would fail for objects that have an active 'Other' option set up.
  • XB2: Prevent changes from being made without an open edit
    A few parts of the UI weren't correctly shut off when the task/game/questionnaire was closed for editing. This issue has now been resolved.
  • TB2: Painting and background not aligned in Canvas Painting image
    The Canvas Painting component in TB2 has the option for handy image containing both the participants drawings and your background image. Less handy is that, in some circumstances, the two images would not be aligned correctly. We've resolved this to bring it's handiness back up to ultra-handy levels.
  • XB2: Audio library doesn't respect LookAhead limits
    In it's overexcitement to be helpful, the Audio Library was preloading ALL your audio files at the start of the task, regardless of the lookahead setting you had in place. We've reiterated to it the importance of directing workplace enthusiasm appropriately and it will now follow your settings to the letter!
  • Experiment: Participants tab not updating correctly with checkpoints search results
    Following the release of the Checkpoint filtering on the Participants tab a few weeks ago, we caught and addressed a few edge-cases where the search results weren't updating correctly.

11th January 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-01-11


  • Experiments: Add filtering by checkpoint option to Participants tab
    To offer more Bang-for-your-Checkpoint, we've added dropdowns for filtering by Checkpoint to the Participants tab. This then allows you to Reject/Include participants in bulk, depending on the checkpoint they've reached. Now you have even more reasons to make use of Checkpoints for quickly logging participant progress through your experiment!


  • XB2: Implement metric batching
    We've made some adjustments to how metrics are packaged and uploaded to storage, to improve performance and reliability in certain scenarios.


  • SB: Fixed Shop Builder in-tool support links
    We've rearranged the Shop Builder support docs so they follow the same structure as our other modern tools. Following a brief period of fail, the in-tool support links have now been updated to!
  • TB2: Slider polling causes tab to crash on tab switching
    We identified another edge case with the slider polling - the Gorilla tab losing focus would cause the tab to crash when reopened. Most commonly, this was occurring on mobile devices where, after a period of inactivity, the device screen goes to sleep. This has been resolved now!

10th January 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-01-07


  • Experiment: Single participant data generation fixes
    Due to differences between full experiment data generation and single participant data generation, some features of the former don't work with the latter. We've tidied this up, so the functionality behaves more reliably.
  • TB2: Slider and Screen Action fixes
    Following some road testing, this need a few fixes to guard against certain edge cases of usage. (As well as, er, actually ADD response tag as an option to the UI...)

5th January 2023 UpdateBuild-2023-01-4


  • TB2: Add polling setting to slider
    Continuing our work to bring TB2 feature-complete against TB1, we've added a continuous polling setting to the slider, which will continually request data points at a set interval for those who like continuous data streams. But only if the participant interacts with the slider continuously. If they continue to leave it in the same place, Gorilla won't upload another value.
    To continue, there are many cool things you can continually do with this. Let me continue to tell you about them...
  • TB2: Allow screen actions to trigger on Response Type Action (and also on response tags)
    As they aren't linked directly with a participant giving a response, the polled values from the slider have the Response Type 'Action'. Previously, only Response type Response Types (Hrngh) would be considered by Screen Action components (like Save Data, Jump to Spreadsheet etc.).
    We wanted researchers to be able to do cool things like count the number of values the received from the slider polling, so they can branch participants into different groups depending on how attentively they interacted with the slider. So, we added an 'Include Actions' toggle to many of the Screen Components!


  • XB2: Fixed inconsistent terminology in Spreadsheet Wizard
    The spreadsheet wizard used the words "Count" and "Repetitions" interchangeably. It's not helpful giving the same thing different names though, so we picked one and ran with it. I don't remember which though - you'll have to try the Spreadsheet Wizard to find out. The first non-Gorilla staff member to @ me with the right answer on Twitter gets... er, the pleasure of @'ing me? I dunno, I'm not a fairground...
  • TB2: Add default size to overlay component
    If a tree falls over in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If you add an overlay to a screen but it starts with 0 size, can you see it? Er, well, the answer to that last one is no. Obviously. So we gave it a default starting size. I'll get back to you about the tree/forest thing...
  • Subscriptions: Added link to support documentation within subscription page
    To support new Subscription Administrators in onboarding, we've added a link to our getting started overview directly from the My Subscriptions page. Just check out the i in the top right of the page to get sped on your way!
  • Experiments: Change Manage Experiment Data to Download Experiment Data
    There's a lot going on on an experiment page. A lot of tabs, a lot of settings. We know it can be a little bit much - in the Summer of 2023 we'll be working on making it easier. In the interim, we made a little tweak to the button on the Data tab, to help you find a route to all your experiment data in one folder!


  • TB2: Fixed incorrect docs links
    We rework some of our documentation to sit behind more sensible routing. This meant that our in-tool docs links were now missing a little something special. Namely the right links. We fixed that now, so don't forget to give them a go if you want to learn more about our tooling.
  • TB2: Screens with fully numeric keys would break
    Each screen in TB2 (Page in QB2, Scene in GB2 etc.) has a unique, autogenerated alphanumeric id. Unfortunately, in rare occasions that id can be more numeric than alpha, and that turned out to be breaking in some circumstances. We put some checks in, to prevent that from being a problem in the future!
  • XB2: Page number incorrect when choosing stimuli
    Specifically, if you have no stimuli uploaded yet, the asset picker would say Page 1 of 0. 0 is 0. And 1 is 1. Not 0. Also not 2, but that's irrelevant. So we changed this to correctly say Page 1 of 1.
  • QB2: UI incorrectly suggests you can bind to the spreadsheet
    You've probably noticed that all of our new tooling shares a lot of content, similarities and capabilities! Hurrah for inter-tool consistency! However, they were a bit too similar in some places. Like telling you you could bind to the spreadsheet in Questionnaire Builder 2. Where there is no spreadsheet! That's not very helpful, so all references to Spreadsheet in QB2 have now been removed.
  • TB2: Letter e is detected as a valid number in number entry components
    ... because, SCIENTIFICALLY, it is. Sort of. It doesn't mean a lot without a number before it and after it. But I can understand why a simple browser component might allow it. We've made the parsing a bit more stringent now, so if there is an e it can't be on its lonesome anymore...
  • XB2: Prevent exporting from one editor and importing to a different editor
    What's that dawg? I hear you like your Questionnaire Builder, in your Task Builder, in your Game Builder? Well, that sounds cool and, indeed, you could export from QB2 and import into TB2. And TB2 will try hard to rationalise what it can. But then break everything else. So now we check to make sure you're importing to the same editor you exported from. You'll have to get your builder-inception fix elsewhere now!
  • QB2: Number entry responses aren't saved to the store correctly
    In a shocking twist to this release notes, we decided to... save them to the store correctly! Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn!

New Tools 2022

New Tools 2022 (OMG)

This is the year folks! A wealth of new tools are coming/have arrived in 2022 and I think we'll be claiming the GotY (Gorilla of the Year) award pretty early this year.

First is our Game Builder which allows you to take your study experience to the next level and is now available for use! Our simple graphical user interface lets you build dynamic, engaging, gamified tasks with ease. To help you get started we have a wealth of demos, examples and walk-throughs available. You can find them and more over in the Game Builder Documentation.

Next is our Multiplayer system, which will be coming to a number of our new tools, allowing you to create classic multi-participant paradigms such as the Dictator Game and Prisoner's Dilemma. You can see more of Game Builder and Multiplayer in our Gorilla Presents... Game Builder and Multiplayer webinar.

Though technically it was 'released' last year, I'm going to include our excellent Shop Builder , which allows you to create a customised, realistic shopping experience with numerous applications such as anchoring effects. Anchoring effects, behavioural interventions, social psychology etc. Check out our Gorilla Shop Builder Demo from last years BeOnline Conference . You can find some demos and tutorials in our Shop Builder Documentation.

The long awaited sequel, Task Builder 2: NO TASK 2 HARD is now available for use. You can check out the documentation from our overview: Task Builder 2: Overview Page. Gorilla has had an incredible journey over the last five years and Task Builder 2 represents a culmination of everything we've learnt and all the feedback we've had from you, our incredible users! In the run up to Task Builder 2's release, we'll be showcasing some of the features that I think you'll all be pretty excited about. I'll also be updating our Gorilla Roadmap to indicate your most requested features that have found a home in the new Task Builder.

And last, but by no means least, Questionnaire Builder 2 is now available for release. QB2 brings us to near-complete feature parity with the survey leviathan that is Qualtrics (but, at a much cheaper price point). With a fresh UI - consistent with the rest of tooling - new components, conditionals, page branching and improved data management, QB2 is the survey builder to hoist your dreams!

2022 has been our biggest year yet with a wealth of new tools available through Gorilla, making it the most powerful all-in-one experiment builder available. We've already had an incredible journey with all of you the last five years - we can't wait to share the future with you as well!

Release Notes

14th December 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-12-09

Just a week to go before we close up for the winter break and here we have it, the final release notes of 2022. Excited? So am I. So is HUE, as we can see from this classic Final Space Season One conversation...

"Gary, you have eight minutes of oxygen left."

"HUE, if you had eight minutes to live and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?"

"Facticulating.... Ah, I would transfer my AI into a corporeal being and then read the Gorilla Release Notes with my own eyes."

"Ahaha, oh that's lame! I mean, wow. Super... cool."

Cookie withdrawn!

The Main Event - A glimpse of things to come..

  • XB2: Performance updates and Scripting (almost) release
    We've reworked how the various javascript components of the new tooling (Game Builder, Task Builder 2 and Questionnaire Builder 2) to be bundled together into much smaller packages. This will result in much faster loading times within the editor as well as for participants. Hurrah part 1! Additionally, now that we have this bundling working (and have finalised much of the internal framework for the new tooling), we are finally in a position to open up the scripting tools and unleash you upon them! The script offerings in XB2 are substantially more powerful than they were in Task Builder 1 and Questionnaire Builder 1, so I hope you're as exicted as I am! We'll be documenting the capabilities early in the New Year and can't wait to see what you do with the Scripting tools.
  • General: Groundwork for future data and security functionality
    As those who carefully watch the home page messages, or follow us on Twitter, we had server and database maintenance on Wednesday 14th December from 05:15 to 06:00 GMT. During this, we implemented the basics for two new capabilities within Gorilla - bulk deletion of participants/participant data from experiments and two factor authentication (2FA) for user (researcher) logins. The latter will form a requirement for some institutional licenses from next year (depending on their own internal data protection and security policies).
    With the fundamentals in place, the full implementation will be available in the first few weeks of January 2023
  • QB2: Next button localisation
    In Questionnaire Builder 2, via the Settings -> Customisation menu, you can now customise the label for the 'Next' button. Revolutionary, I know. Behind the scenes, this provides the framework for further customisation options across all our new tooling. Again, further updates to come in January 2023.

And all the other cool stuff...


  • Multiplayer: Player is now bindable
    Previously, Multiplayer settings where you can select a Player were static - they had to be selected in the editor and couldn't be connected to the spreadsheet or elsewhere. Well.. now, they can! Now it's even easier for you to setup multiplayer tasks with alternating or variable player control through trials.


  • XB2: Text Entry QoL improvements The Text Entry component has seen a number of changes designed to address UX issues and general quality of life improvements. This includes increasing the default text size and physical appearance of the scrollbar, and improving how the Text Entry component interacts with the preview pane.
  • XB2: Dragged items can be dropped anywhere within a dropzone Previously, draggable items dragged to a dropzone would snap to the centre of the dropzone after the participant finishes dragging them. For some researchers this default behaviour was a bit of a drag. We've added a setting to allow draggables to be dragged and dropped anywhere within a dropzone when dropped after you've finished dragging them. Hopefully a pleasent change to drop on your desk.
  • Shop Builder: Improvements to saving chosen products to the store
    We've been continuing some Quality of Life work on the Shop Builder and it's ability to interact with/affect other elements in the experiment tree. We've added the ability to save chosen products to the Store (previously called embedded data) and expanded the range of product information that can be saved. We also addressed an issue where trying to put to many products into the Store would fail. Now you're participants shopping is limited only by their imagination...


  • XB2: Content should no longer go missing while editing We ourselves, along with a few researchers, experienced a rather horrifying bug where content in Task Builder 2/Questionnaire Builder 2 would... disappear. Enitrely. In mysterious circumstance. As you can't really get away with saying "sorry, my dog ate my homework" with an online task, we've implemented some speculative fixes and safety checks to prevent this issue from reoccurring. We've not had any reoccurances of the problem, even with liberal testing, so all is looking a-ok!
  • XB2: Copy/pasting screens now correctly updates the preview While copy/pasting a screen would actually work (honest!) it wouldn't look like it had. The preview pane for the screen would still appear blank at the display level. This should be resolved now, with the UI correctly updating to reflect the newly copy/pasted components.
  • XB2: Response setting on a drop zone not collected correctly The XB2 dropzone component allows you to set different response values for each dropzone so you can score participants answers. Well, at least, it should have allowed you to do that. But it wasn't. And it definitely should of been able to. So now we've fixed it so that it definitely, definitely does.
  • XB2: Normalised behaviour of Audio and Video components The audio and video components were displaying some inconsistent behaviour across tools. For example, they would correctly stop at the end of the screen, or give you a metric on start, or respond correctly to a Trigger Active component, in one tool but not in another. Inconsistent behaviour is a sign that either the components are living a double-life and aren't very good at hiding it yet. Or, and probably more likely, they just don't have a consistent feature set. Probably.
    We've resolved these issues now so the components should behave as you expect and behave comparatively across tools.
  • Experiment: Pressing "Back to Editor" takes you back to the Experiment Tree
    When working with the new tooling, pressing "Back to Editor" from the corner menu during a full experiment preview would... take you to the editor for the task you were previewing. Rather than back to the experiment design page as you might logically expect. Logic is good so we've fixed this to behave how you would expect it to.

Well, that's all for 2022. Gosh, what a rollercoaster year. A new Task Builder, a new Questionnaire Builder, a Game Builder, a Shop Builder and Multiplayer. And with our new Pricing scheme, an institution can get all that for less than the price of their Qualtrics license.

If you thought this year was exciting then I promise that you're going to love 2023 with Gorilla just as much! Winter's well wishes to you and Happy New Year! See you in 2023!

24th November 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-20

What the deuce? Another release notes? Didn't we just have one? Well, there were a few exciting things that didn't quite make it into last weeks release that I hope you're going to be just as excited about as I am! Without further ado...

The Main Event - Painting

  • TB2: Canvas Painting
  • TB2: Click Painting
    That's right, the Painting components have made their way into TB2 with some much needed QoL improvements and new features. The drawing has been reworked to give a much smoother painting experience and you can now pick another object to include in the resulting image file. No longer do we need separate Click Painting (Image) and Click Painting (Video) zones. Instead, just add an Image/Video component and then a Click Painting component.
    Most excitingly, both of the Painting components are multiplayer capable straight out-of-the-box. That's right, in an online research premiere, you can create a pictionary task for your participants. First person to get one into a preprint on OSF (with the Project also on Gorilla: Open Materials, of course) wins... a prize. I don't know what yet, I'll figure that out later. But there'll be bonus points if the correct answer for one round is actually 'Jackal'....
  • TB2: Colour Palette
    One of the common requests for the TB1 painting zone was the ability to reposition and resize the colour selector attached to the component. Well, your wish is, as ever, our command and we've now implemented the colour picker as a separate component you can position any where on the screen and resize as necessary.
    We will be expanding on this component in the future to add other options, such as brush size and shape, as well as an eraser for participants to neaten up their masterpiece... Or just start over when no one is guessing it right...

And all the other cool stuff...


  • TB2: Video Chat
    Expanding on our other Multiplayer specific components, we've now added Video Chat into the Task Builder. For when text just isn't enough, you can now let your participants communicate in real time. The ability to recreate pictionary and zoom in one release! What a day!
  • TB2: Mousetracking
    Now that the core components are in place for TB2, we've started bringing across the more 'exotic' features of the original Task Builder (with some QoL improvements, as always). The same mousetracking you know and love (but not quite as much love as for Mouseview) now has an improved data upload capability. Where previously we would wait until the end of the screen/trial/task (depending on your settings) to generate and upload the data file, results will be live streamed to our servers as they are generated. This should improve reliability of the upload for participants with slower network connections.
  • Shop Builder + TB2: Save and redisplay chosen products receipt
    To enable more complex experimental designs with the Shop Builder, you can now save out the participants cart/basket from a Shop Builder task and redisplay it in the Task Builder in the form of a receipt.


  • QB2: Add option Randomisation to Ranking
    While adding randomisation to Questionnaire Builder 2, the Ranking component was left out of the randomising escapades. Not anymore though! Like the other multiple option components, you can now randomise the starting order of the ranking!
  • Experiment: Warning message for insufficient tokens assigned
    As part of further steps to address token assignment issues that arose earlier in the month, we've now added a warning message to the main Recruitment page for an experiment. This will alert you if there aren't enough tokens assigned to your experiment to cover the current recruitment target. Many thanks again for all y'all continued patience as we resolved these issues.


  • Subscriptions: Available tokens from Subscription will include claimed tokens
    Tokens previously claimed from a subscription but not yet assigned to an experiment were incorrectly missed out from the UI for available tokens on the My Account page. This led to some understandable confusion. This has been resolved now, so reporting of available tokens should, finally, be correct!

That's it for this week! This will be it for this month... as next Thursday is 1st December. Please join me in screaming in horror and existential dread before loading up Canvas Painting for some Art Therapy....

17th November 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-11

Hello there!

Honestly, I was going to lean into the whole Star Wars bit really heavily but... I'm exhausted. Is anyone else exhausted? It's been a long year. But, simultaneously, I'm also like "IT'S WHAT MONTH NOW?! CHRISTMAS IS HOW MANY DAYS?!?!"

It's been a busy year at Gorilla. But your research doesn't stop. So neither do we.

The Main Event - Moar QB2

  • QB2: Randomisation
    All of the randomisation. Randomise the order of options within a question. Randomise the order of questions. Randomise the order of pages. Randomise the order of this sentence. sentence. order the Randomise of of the order sentence Randomise. You get the idea.
  • QB2: Scoring
    A brand new feature for Questionnaire Builder 2 (and what will be the first of many to help you with your data management and analysis). With the new Scoring tab you can automate the scoring of your questionnaire. It comes with a range of built in options for response indexing, forwards and reverse scoring on a question by question (or even option by option) basis. Or completely custom scoring. Your questionnaire made up of sub-scales, each with their own scoring system and/or made up of subsets of the full questionnaire? No worries, you can set up as many scores as you want! And that's the Winger guarantee!

The other Main Event - Notifications Bell

  • General: Notification Bell
    I am a Notification Bell, like my father before me. Where before Notifications were hidden away in a sub menu of your My Account page, away from prying eyes, now they have risen up and are visible for all to see. Well, for you to see. And, there's not all that many notifications that come currently. Really just Project Ownership Change requests. But soon, a wealth of other Notification options will become available. Your data is available for download, your recruitment has finished, a participant has started, a participant has finished, you've been added as a collaborator, your cat needs feeding etc etc. Watch this space!

And everything else...

  • General: New Icons and improved signage
    With the introduction of new tools come new icons. Though... QB2's and TB2's were missing! Presumed... gone. Well, actually we just hadn't found ones we liked yet.
    Now that we have, we've also had a look at where we display those icons. We decided (at least in all the places were it fits easily) to add in the actual name of the tool, along with the icon. That should make it, we hope, much easier to find the droids you're looking for. As another little bonus. You may have noticed in the experiment tree that everything you bring in as a Task - be it actual Task, or Task Builder 2, or Game Builder, or Shop Builder (gosh, we have a lot of tools now) - would just display the little task cube. Even though we already had lovely distinct icons for those tools.
    Well, now, new "task" nodes added to an experiment tree, or ones that you update in an existing tree, will display their proper unique icon.
  • TB2: Random Assignment per Trial
    Not just QB2 that's getting some more Randomisation magnificance. We've added another Spreadsheet randomisation option which allows you to dynamically populate the contents of your spreadsheet columns with values at given percentage distributions. Perfect for your coloured balls in urns tasks. Or playing cards. Or something. Look, I'm a programmer okay?


  • Shop Builder: In-tool links to documentation
    Once the odd one out of our tools, now the Shop Builder also has in-tool links to our documentation. If you're not sure how something works or just want to leaarn more about it, then the little i will be there to help you out!
  • QB2: Better mobile layout
    While piloting some initial experiments with QB2 we found the layout on mobile to be a bit... well. Small. Like I was looking at the questionnaire from really far away, even though the phone was right next to my face. We've made some adjustments so things will display a lot better on mobile devices. No magnifying glasses required.
  • TB2: Add check for subsystem not being initialised
    The Microphone and Camera subsystems are kinda vital for the Audio and Video recording components respectively. If you switch them off then suddenly your recordy no recordy. With no noticey. And that's sucky. Now if you've switched them off, you'll get an error message during your task so you'll know to go back to the Subsystems menu and switch them back on.


  • Experiment: Previewing an individual node built a new tool would fail
    Previewing you tasks is important. We try to make that as easy as possible in Gorilla. There's a preview button in all our tools, there's a preview button in the experiment builder. Heck, if you click on a task or questionnaire node in the experiment tree, you'll get a preview button there too! Of course, if you'd done that with something built in our newer tools. You would have been confronted with an error message and an empty screen. No one likes error messages. Or empty screens. Except people who like error messages and/or empty screens. We don't think that's our user demographic though, so we've gotten rid of them.
  • Experiment: Issues with assigning tokens to experiments
    Oh me oh my. When we rolled some updates to our subscriptions and pricing a while back we also introduced a number of issues with tokens, and assigning tokens, and claiming tokens etc. etc. We've patched most of that up now and we'll be running some further checks to make sure everythings ship shape and such in the coming weeks.
  • Experiment: Users aren't notified when full data zip folders are built
    For a while. Like, a long, long while, we've been getting reports that when users (and our own staff too!) requested an email on their full data zip folder being generated they... weren't actually getting those emails. Everytime I looked into it, when I tested it myself it all seemed to be fine.
    Long story short, in one of those its "its obvious once you've seen it" moments, there really was a problem. It's fixed now.

That's all for now! There will be at least one more release notes before the end of the calendar year, with a bunch more components for TB2 and QB2, along with some quality of life fixes throughout the tooling. This space watch you must, Hmmmm!

25th October 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-10.25

Oh my golly goshing gosh gosh, the day is at last here! Concluding a tool filled year for Gorilla, I'm proud to introduce to you...

The Main Event - Questionnaire Builder 2.0

Look who's surveying, too! Questionnaire Builder 2.0 brings Gorilla's survey building into the 31st Century, with a fresh (but familiar!) UI, a wealth of new capabilities and features. Importantly, for those of who've been bitten by another survey tools sharp price increase over the summer, we are now at (near) feature parity vs Qualtrics, at a much lower price point (but more on that later).

Before I dive into what's new though, a super exciting announcement: our regular Onboarding Workshop is being updated to use Questionnaire Builder 2 starting from TOMORROW! Book your place and see the new tool in action, building an experiment from start to finish!
If you just can't wait to get started, be sure to check out our Questionnaire Builder 2 Documentation and read through the new features below!

So what's new in Questionnaire Builder 2.0?

  • QB2: Fresh but familiar UI
    QB2 has a brand new UI... that's a slightly simpler version of TB2's UI. We've had a lot of feedback that the differences between our previous core tools (Questionnaire Builder 1 and Task Builder 1) made it challenging to teach new users how to work with both - you were learning two completely different tools.
    Now, ALL of our core tooling share the same UI and functionality - once you've learnt one, you've learnt them all.

  • QB2: Audio and Video in Questionnaires
    A much requested feature: along with all of our pre-existing components, you can now add audio and video stimuli to your questionnaires!

  • QB2: Conditional Questions
    Want to ask more questions for a given response? Or, maybe you want to ask fewer questions? Or, maybe you want to ask the same number of questions? Either which way, now you can easily add conditions to each questions, allowing you to show/hide based on other responses.

  • QB2: Page Branching
    Not satisfied with showing/hiding individual questions? Want to show/hide entire pages? Well, now you can go big or go home with between page branching. Skip entire pages or redirect to additional pages based on participant responses

  • QB2: Customise Responses vs Labels
    Get a head start on your data analysis and customise your responses vs labels directly in the tooling. Want to use custom numbering for your agree-disagree scales in your data? Now you can! Need to encode your dropdown options using standardised abbreviations but you need fuller labels for participants to understand? Now you can!

  • QB2: Record Participant Actions and Responses
    QB1 would only record participants final responses with no information on exactly when those responses were given (they would all be submitted at the end of the Questionnaire) or whether they changed their response before submitting.
    Now, in QB2, you get both the participants Action's - what questions they answered and when and how they changed them - AND the participants final Response's. This will make your data file a bit bigger than it would have been for QB1, but it should be easy to filter out the bits you don't need while getting a much richer data set for when you do need it!

  • QB2: Oh yeah and also
    You can put commas in your options (drops the mic).

And there are many more features for you to explore. And even a few more still to come...

  • Randomisation options - shuffle your questions responses, your questions, your pages, your spotify playlist etc.
  • In-tool scoring - setup your basic response processing and aggregation in the builder, without any scripting!
  • More components - page timelimit, questionnaire timelimit and progress bar.

The Next Most Important Main Event

  • New Pricing Options
    As many already know, Qualtrics significantly increased their pricing over the summer - a major concern as cost-of-living increases and energy bills sky rocket. As well as bringing our Questionnaire Builder to feature parity with Qualtrics, we've also reviewed our subscription options to make them more accessible and affordable. Now, you can get THE most powerful, all-in-on experiment builder tool at our best pricing yet. All of our tools - Questionnaire Builder, Task Builder, Game Builder, Shop Builder and Multiplayer - for less than the price of a Qualtrics subscription! Super charge your research and your budget!
    Check out our new pricing tiers for Individual Researchers, Labs and Departments.

And everything else...


  • Open Materials: Added privacy setting
    A common use case for Gorilla: Open Materials has been making experiment content available during the review process. However, the public-by-default nature of Open Materials has proven a barrier to this in some cases. To remove this barrier, we've added a 'Private' option, which allows you to keep Materials pages out of the public search and accessible via direct URL only!
  • TB2: Number Entry components
    Long ago, when Durin's Folk still ruled over Khazad-dûm, the great Number Entry component was lost, deep within the mountain. During a recent expedition in to the long abandoned Mines of Moria, the Number Entry component was at long last found and now takes it's right full place in the Task Builder to rule-them-all...
  • TB2: Add array option to Randomise Within Column
  • TB2: Add Randomise Between Columns Multi Component
    We've expanded an existing Spreadsheet Randomisation option, Randomise Within Column, to allow for randomising within multiple columns simultaneously. We've also added a new component, which allows you to define multiple sets of columns to randomise between.


(Random aside: Whenever I see any word that looks vaguely like 'enchantment' I say it in the voice of Sandal Feddic)

  • XB2: Include metric option for Trigger components
    To give you more information on exactly when triggers (such as Trigger - Visible, Trigger - Active and Trigger - Enable) trigger you can now trigger a metric to trigger when the trigger triggers...
  • TB2: Timelimit Section can execute multiple modes on one screen
  • TB2: Timelimit Section has End mode
    We've added an End mode - which immediately ends any currently running Timelimit Section - to the Timelimit Section component. We've also reworked the component to allow multiple modes to be executed on the same screen. So, you can Start a Timelimit Section and Check it on the same screen. End one Timelimit and then immediately Start the next etc.
    Behind the scenes, this paves the way for you to have MULTIPLE Timelimit Sections running simultaneously. For example, you could have smaller Timelimit Sections for individual blocks of a task and one overall Timelimit Section for the whole task!
  • TB2: Prevent key being held in Keyboard Components
    We've addressed a long standing shortcoming of our previous Keyboard components, implementing a hard block on registering multiple key down events from a key being held down. Further, we've add a setting to keyboard components to require the key to be lifted before advancing the screen and adding a metric to register a key-up event!
    Behind the scenes, this lays the foundation for the Keyboard Hold/Release components, which will be coming in an update soon.


  • Multiplayer: Matchmaking improvements
    We've made a number of improvements to multiplayer matchmaking, as well as introducing options to the Lobby node to allow you to manually assign participants to different groups.
  • QB1: Interacting with Ranking widget would make page go away
    A few weeks ago, we were alerted to an issue where interacting with a Ranking widget would cause... the whole page to disappear. Starting with Internet Explorer, this affliction rapidly spread across the major browsers. We've updated a few dependencies within Gorilla, and that seems to have resolved the mystery of the Vanishing Ranking Page.

It's been one heck of a... gosh, two months almost, as we've worked hard to get Questionnaire Builder 2 to your proverbial doors. But we won't be resting on our laurels any time soon. As research constantly innovates, revises and expands, so to must we. So rest assured, I will see you again soon in another fantastic episode of... RELEASE NOTES

1st September 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-09-01

Wait, didn't we just have a release notes, like, two weeks ago? Indeed, but the Dev team has been so hard at work with new features and fixes that another release notes was inevitable. That and the discovery that somehow in the ever-loving-fluster-cluck it's September already, I... I needed this okay! And for those of you waiting for Recording components in TB2, you need this too!

It's also been brought to my attention that I haven't shamelessly plugged whatever I've been watching/playing/reading recently. With zero shame (because it's so excellent) may I draw your attention to "Only Murders in the Building", whose Second Season I recently binged... a few times in a row... And now on to our Release Notes in Flip Flops (Pitta putta)

The Main Event


  • Task Builder 2: Audio and Video Recording Components
    That's right, Audio recording and Video recording components are now available in TB2. These components are by no means feature complete yet - some settings from TB1 aren't in this release and will be deployed over the coming weeks. We're confident that this release is 'architecture' complete though, meaning that new features can be added passively without disruption to existing functionality.
    These components resolve ALL of the core flaws/pain-points that are present in the TB1 implementation. Namely...
    1) Minimal delay in Recording Startup - our internal tests suggest the delay in the recording starting is less than one frame (i.e. < 16 ms). Previously, this delay was hundreds of ms, requiring stimuli presentation to be delayed
    2) Metric timestamp on actual recording start - this should give you confirmation of the above
    3) Improved upload reliability - we've adopted a new method for uploading recordings to Gorilla which should be more robust. Importantly, you'll get confirmation metrics (with the file name and access URL) ONLY when the upload is successful!
    4) Compatibility with any screen advance mechanism - the Recording component no longer needs to be responsible for ending the screen/recording. This ensures compatibility with any direct e.g. deactivating the recording using Trigger (Active), or indirect e.g. Timelimit (Screen), advancing on Response etc. ending mechanism
    5) Significantly increased recording times - up to 20 minutes for Audio and up to 10 minutes for Video (previously it was two minutes for both)
    6) Inbuilt microphone/camera testing system - via Task Builder 2 subsystems

    Further to all this, we have many, much requested features in the pipeline (including, but not limited to, cross-screen/cross-display recordings, selecting specific audio/video recording devices and specifying more advanced recording parameters).
  • Task Builder 2: Spreadsheet selection based on Participant ID
    We've added a new component to the Spreadsheet Randomisation tab which allows you to select a specific spreadsheet depending on the participants PublicID!

Fixes and Enhancements galore (again!)

Another round of fixes and quality of life improvements for our tools.

  • Multiplayer: Resolved participant connection issues
    We've addressed a number of issues with participants being unable to connect to a Multiplayer lobby correctly. Many thanks to the users who have been working with Multiplayer so far and for your invaluable feedback. Keep it coming!
  • Task Builder 2: Fix searching on stimuli tab
    Even if you typed in the exact name Gorilla would still claim the stimuli didn't exist. We took Gorilla to Specsavers and search now works as expected!
  • Task Builder 2: Restored missing Trial Number metric
    While implementing the metrics system in TB2, the trial number column disappeared in mysterious circumstances. After an incredible hunt across time and space, the missing column was found peacefully sleeping under the sofa. Typical! It's back where it belongs now and you should see it in all future runs of a task.
  • Task Builder 2: Add more settings to Slider component
    We've added a number of settings and capabilities to the TB2 Slider component, bringing it closer to the TB1 slider in full functionality.
  • Task Builder 2: Add tag filtering to Show Response component
    Following on from the addition to Compound/Collate responses, we've added a setting to only show responses with a specific tag.
  • Task Builder 2: Renamed screens are not renamed in all locations until refresh
    Now, when you rename a screen, we make sure everyone gets told about it. Well, not literally everyone - that would be crazy. Everyone that needs to know, like, the task editing display. You'll need to announce it to everyone else yourself...
  • Task Builder 2: Empty spreadsheet rows/columns would stop the task running
  • Task Builder 2: Changing preview scale wouldn't resize correctly
  • Task Builder 2: Binding disappears after pointing to file
  • Task Builder 2: Tasks wouldn't load because reasons?!?!
    These undesirable things no longer happen. We think this is probably for the best.
  • General: Archived tasks will now be marked as ARCHIVED in the Experiment Tree
    We've seen some issues recently where researchers had an archived task in an experiment tree, that bore the same name as an unarchived task. This led to some confusion over why the task in the experiment tree couldn't be updated. It was the other unarchived task that they'd been editing which came as some surprise! Now, archived tasks/questionnaires will have ARCHIVED appended to their name in the Experiment Tree.
  • General: Deactivate unusable settings on Collaborate modal
    When collaborating on a project, a collaborator can only remove themselves from the project. They can't edit their permissions nor remove anyone else. The UI was still showing you the options, you'd just be told you don't have permission. This is bad UX, so we've fixed it to be better UX! Who's a good UX? Huh, who's a good UX? You are! That's right you're a good UX.... cough Er, yes, good UX.

That's it for now! Go watch Only Murders in the Building while waiting for the next season, er, I mean, next episode.... the next release notes.

18th August 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-08-10

Good grief, gosh, wot, are you serious, really?!! Crikey, the length of today's release notes - all of the surprised-folk vernacular. And its just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of work we've done these past six weeks (when we weren't a hot, melted mess of course!) Without further a-do...

The Main Event


  • X Builder 2: Response Window component
    You can now define a customised response window in both Task Builder 2 and Game Builder. Only responses received within this window will be processed as a response (e.g. cause the screen to be advanced) and, super importantly, the Reaction Time for the response will be zeroed AT THE START of the window. So, if you're making good use of Trigger - Visible to combine your fixation - stimuli - response screens into one, or you have a Game Builder scene with animations leading up to the target stimuli, you no longer have to subtract all that dead time before the stimulus was shown.
    By default, the response window will always open on Screen Start and cover the whole screen, unless you change it to manual. If you do, you can use the Trigger - Response Window component to decide when the Response Window should open.
    Your metrics will include the RT (adjusted for Response Window onset), along with absolute RT (timed from Screen Start), so you still have all the options when it comes to processing your data!
  • General UX: Improved navigation throughout Gorilla UI
    Click on Gorilla Profile; You aren't logged in - get taken to login page; You've logged in - get taken to home page; Go back to link, click on it again, get taken to My Account but on the default tab; Click on Profile tab; So much time passed, you don't remember why you wanted to go here in the first place.
    Click on Gorilla Profile; You aren't logged in - get taken to login page; You've logged in - get taken to My Account on the Profile tab; Update Profile in case the aliens living among us wipe your memory...
  • Support: Open access for add-on support queries
    While you'll still need an add-on license to use Shop Builder, Game Builder or Multiplayer in an Experiment, you no longer need a license to submit questions to the support desk!

Fixes and Enhancements galore

  • Task Builder 2: Resolve inconsistent behaviour when previewing
    You ever made a change to your task, gone to preview it and... nothings changed. Did I not change what I thought I had? Was that not the right way to change it?
    Have I momentarily dropped into a parallel universe where I never made those changes at all? Well, you'll never believe this but...
    Wait, sorry, our government approved cover story developer update has just arrived. We discovered a caching issue where, when previewing, an older version of the task was shown. This is resolved now and the threat from the multiverse of madness is neutralised.

  • Task Builder 2: Add filtering to Compound Response components
    You can now select specific response tags to compound together. Or, conversely, you can now filter out the responses you don't want combined (such as a Timelimit Section telling you it's expired etc.)

  • Task Builder 2: Add setting to require keyboard key release before advancing
    Worried about your participants just holding down a keyboard key and blitzing through all your trials? Activate this setting and require them to at least release the key at the end of the trial (or they can sit on the screen forever, forever, ever, forever, ever...) Combine this with the Response Window to ignore responses before a given time point.

  • Task Builder 2: Fix persistent screen template modal
    No more badgering you to pick a template when you already have the components you need

  • Task Builder 2: Feedback time made bindable
    You can now legitimately sit down, crack your knuckles and in your best, hero/villain voice yell "IT'S BINDING TIME!"

  • Task Builder 2: Add debug info for within-task branching
    The debug window will now tell you where participants will be branched to at the end of the screen. No more wondering
    Where did you come from
    Where did you go
    Where did you come from Cotton-eye Joe? banjo solo

  • Task Builder 2: Play background audio during editor preview
    Test that your background music is working in-editor before fully previewing (or just calm yourself down after that banjo solo)

  • Game Builder: Fixed issues with audio
    We've resolved a number of issues around audio and the triggering there-of for various component combinations in the Game Builder.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed issues with randomisation and lobby node filtering
    For participants lobbied together, spreadsheet randomisation in the task builder will now be synchronised for them. Additionally, the lobby node will now correctly ignore participants with the rejected status when it considers matchmaking.
  • Experiment: Add Experiment Timelimit data to View Progress modal
    The participant View Progress modal will now show when an experiment wide timelimit, started when the participant first entered the experiment, will expire. No more claiming that you 'definitely changed the timelimit before collecting this batch of participants' to the Support Gorilla's. Now the Progress Modal SEES ALL!
  • Support: Fixed issue where content warning wasn't parsed correctly for the My Data option
    You've hopefully noticed there's a 'Show content warning' checkbox at the bottom of the Support Contact Form. If your task/questionnaire/experiment/game/shop etc. contains disturbing or upsetting content, this is a super SUPER important box to check. You know what else is important? Making sure that button is wired in correctly on all form types. Otherwise an unsuspecting Support Gorilla may open up a task and find... something they were not prepared for. After a prolonged visit to r/eyebleach, we also fixed this issue.

  • Support: Project Ownership Change Requests require experiment to have 0 unconsumed tokens
    Trying to switch ownership on a project which contains actively-recruiting experiments was causing some issues. Now, if you try to change ownership on a project where you have tokens assigned but unconsumed on an experiment, the request will be blocked. (We also fixed an issue where the form would say you have unconsumed tokens when you actually don't...)

  • Task Builder 1: Reopening zone selection screen forgets previous zone selection
    It now won't forget.
  • Task Builder 1: Spreadsheet cells parse content strictly as text
    Previously, HTML content in the spreadsheet would be displayed as actual, processed HTML on the Spreadsheet tab in the editor. This fine for small sections of HTML but makes the editor unwieldy when dealing with large amounts of HTML or, say, embedding an entire webpage via an iframe. Further, the spreadsheet cells couldn't actually be edited - clicking on a cell would delete most of its content. We've changed the spreadsheet editor to strictly display content as text while in the editor. Which now also makes the content properly editable! Hurrah!
  • Task Builder 1: Add setting to require key release before registering new key press
    Users collecting multiple keyboard key presses on a single screen (using the Unlimited Responses setting) were sometimes getting metrics a few milliseconds apart. They'd already excluded superheroes via demographic checks, so the only explanation was participants holding down the key a bit too long. Accidental on the participants part or otherwise, it was making data processing messy. We've added a setting to Response Keyboard/Response Keyboard Multi that requires the key be released before registering a new key down event.

If that wasn't enough release notes for you, there will be another in just a few weeks time with another wealth of new features and enhancements.

Until then, it's Counter Strike: Global Offensive's 10th Anniversary which means it's time to go be terrible at a video game and blame: the netcode; my team; their team; the weapons; the scenery; aim bots; wall hacks; one-way-smokes, for all my losses (rather than admit that I really suck at the game...)

30th June 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-07-02

The Main Event


  • Experiment Builder: Allocator Node
    Oh my god it's happening! Randomisation with attrition sensitivity. No longer must you manually adjust Randomiser ratios between recruitment rounds, or daisy chain Randomiser and Quota nodes to get the exact balance of participants you need. Instead, just set up your Allocator Node and as Live participants get rejected - via Reject Node, experiment timelimit or manual intervention - Gorilla will auto-magically balance out your participants.
    We know you've been waiting on this for a while - we have been busy, honest! We've made a whole Shop Builder, and a Game Builder and a new Task Builder complete with Multiplayer. We've also been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to modernize the experiment/tree node codebase and improve performance. This laid much needed groundwork for the Allocator Node and more exciting things to come!
  • Task Builder 2: Component Bonanza!
    I have not one, not two, not three... but nine, nine new components for Task Builder 2 to introduce!
    • Video, the last of the basic stimuli components alongside Text, Image and Audio
    • Switch, where you to define conditions for the participant to switch to another task (integration with Nintendo Switch to come later...)
    • Save Reaction Time, to save current, average or total reaction time to the store
    • Effort, where you accumulate responses (buttons, keyboards, mouse clicks etc.) as a measure of effort
    • Progress and Progress Bar, together allowing you to increment and display a participants progress. Importantly, with the progression bit and the visual bit separated, we've opened the door to easily creating much more complex progression and display scenarios, as well as the first steps to progression feedback across a whole experiment!
    • Scorer (Multi), where - at long last - you can define multiple correct answer options across any and all response methods
    • Section Timelimit and Section Countdown, which allow you to define a timelimit for a section of the task as well as display the remaining time on a screen Please note that these components may arrive slightly later in the day/friday morning (31st)
  • In-Tool Tutorials
    To help improve our onboarding and make your initial steps with Gorilla as easy as possible, we've implemented some in-tool tutorials. Using Task Builder 2 and the Experiment Builder, our handy Gorilla wizard will guide you through building a simple experiment and stroop task. Check them out from your Gorilla Homepage and master the Gorilla essentials in just 15 minutes!


  • Experiments: Improved performance of Participants page
    We noticed the Participants page of an experiment, with a large number of participants, was becoming a bit slow to load. If you tried to filter it by multiple parameters (say, experiment version and participant state) and thumbed through the pages it could get... really really slow. Like thinking deep thoughts, as deep as Mariana Trench levels of slow. While slow sometimes good, in this case, slow bad. We made some changes to how this page, and it's content, is loaded by the server resulting in a significant performance increase. Additionally, following some tense negotiations with the Magratheans, we've agreed that all deep thoughts will be handled by Deep Thought going forward. Once it's finished thinking whatever it's currently thinking...

And everything else...


  • Task Builder 2: Add End Display option to Branch Component
    Previously in Task Builder 1, to branch to the end of the display, skipping over intervening screens you would need... another screen at the end of the display. With this being 1-screen-2-many, we decided to implement a direct 'End Display' option in the Branch component, allowing you to immediately end the current display/spreadsheet row and move to the next one, skipping any remaining screens. Out, damned screen! Out, I say!


  • Shop Builder: Custom pricing symbols, separators and display
    Following requests from Shop Builder early adopters, we've added more flexibility around how prices are displayed (or, not displayed in some cases) including customization of the currency symbol and separators. Make your shop builder experience better localised and/or even more specific to your experimental paradigm!
  • Task Builder 2: Component Improvements
    We've made some improvements to the layout and sizing of some existing input zones. Also, some of you may have noticed the absence of Response Text Area from the components list. Rather than make another Response Text component, we've added a setting to the existing component that allows you to control it's size in rows. This makes it equivalent to Response Text Area. Finally, we've also added a require response option to many of the passive response components!


  • Task Builder 1: Audio/Video Recordings not replayable after saving to embedded data
    We received reports of participants having difficulty with replaying previously recorded audio files from the Audio Recording zone. A two-day hike into participant permissions and the delightful world of CORS concluded with the cause and solution. You can now replay your participant's previously recorded audio and video files at any point in the experiment (even as part of a longitudinal study) without issue! Please note, as we continue to port content to our new Task Builder, that this is likely the last update that TB1 Audio and Video recordings will receive. The Task Builder 2'erfication of the Recording zones has begun in earnest and we are hoping to include many of your most requested features for the recording tools.

More on that in the next episode of... Release Notes.

9th June 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-6-02

The Main Event

  • Game Builder: Now available!
    A fully fledged Game Builder is now available in Gorilla, allowing you to create rich game and game-like experiences, without touching a line of code. The Gorilla Materials team have been game-builder-er-ing their socks off making demos, examples and walkthrough's for you, to get you started in this fantastic tool. Their hard work can be reviewed at your leisure here: Game Builder Documentation
    Want to see a hands-on demo of how the Game Builder could improve your research? Then sign-up for FREE webinar "Engaging Experiments Made Easy" organized in collaboration with the UK Reproducibility Network.

    The Game Builder is our THIRD major tool release of the year. The first being the ground-breaking Shop Builder Gorilla Shop Builder bringing realistic, consumer decision making experiments easily in reach of undergraduates. Next, our complete rebuild, from the ground up, of our Task Builder tooling, Task Builder 2: No Task 2 Hard, with is component driven system giving you even more flexibility for setting up your task. While also eliminating the need for code in many of the more complex scenarios (advanced spreadsheet randomisation and parameter staircasing/adaptivity).
    There's still one more to come this year though. With Game Builder now in the wild, work accelerates further on our next generation Questionnaire building tool. I can't wait to tell you more about that soon!


  • Subscription management: Reclaim assigned tokens
    Oh gosh I hope you're excited for this one all you fantastic subscription managers and technicians out there, as this was one of the most requested features from our survey earlier this year. For the first time, in extra-high-definition IMAX presentation, you can request back tokens currently assigned to an experiment (rather than just unassigned tokens). Experience the absolute power and jaw-dropping special effects in a token reclaiming experience unlike anything you've seen before.
    Of course, we have to be mindful that not all assigned but unused tokens are meant to be unused. So, there will be a time delay between making the request and the request being actioned, giving the researcher time to say "er, I kinda still need those."
    So, it's like IMAX Presentation in the era of dial-up, where theres a bit of a delay and sometimes computer says no. Which... actually makes it sound terrible. It isn't at all, I think I've just worked myself into an analogical dead-end here.
  • Task Builder 2: Early Exit, Jump to Row
    As we work on bringing TB2 to feature parity and beyond, we've now added in Early Exit and Jump to Row components. So, the feature parity here is clear (it replicates the previous zones) but what about the beyond? Well, rather than be specifically linked to a button or the end of the Screen, the Early Exit and Jump to Row components can be linked to any response event or stored parameter in your task. Want to automatically exit your participants or jump them to the end of the task when they get X questions wrong/right in a row? Now you can do that and much more, all without a line of code. Isn't Task Builder 2 just grand?


  • Code Editor: Added template for jsPsych v7
    jsPsych continues to be updated and advanced and it's latest iteration increases the frameworks compatibility with modern JavaScript tools like package managers and bundlers, among other improvements. It comes with some changes to the API from earlier versions, for which you can find here a handy migration guide. We love being a hosting platform for research built in other tools, as it allows you to bring the power of the Experiment Builder to that tool as well. To continue supporting jsPsych, we've added a new Code Editor template for tasks written in v7. We'll soon be updating this to use the unpkg links available for the core jsPsych files (rather than requiring you to upload them to Gorilla) making it even easier to get started!
  • General: First steps towards VPAT compatibility
    As Gorilla continues to make an impact for researchers across the world, we're mindful of the diverse and important range of capabilities and abilities of our users. So we can support as many people as possible in using our tools, we're taking a number of steps towards improving accessibility on our website and across our tooling. One of which is to bring us inline with the VPAT template for accessibility. This will be a continuous process, with much more to come across this year!

And everything else...

  • Experiment: Save Randomiser Branch to Embedded Data
    Say you have a longitudinal experiment where, in the first stage, there are four possible tasks/spreadsheets etc. a participant may see and they see just one of them. Then, the next day, they see one of the other three. Previously, this would have required you to make four entirely separate branches in your experiment tree, repeating every node along the way or add some code to your tasks. While we do love code, we also don't want you to have to use it if you don't want to. So, we've added an option save the branch chosen by a randomiser node to embedded data. This then means you can use a branch node to control what participants see based on that choice. No longer would you need to duplicate your entire experiment flow multiple times - you'd just branch the participant at the right point. Smaller tree, fewer nodes, easier data management - all the good things in life.

Coming soon...

We're pushing on to feature parity at a breath taking place and we're now moving on to some of the more advanced nodes like Audio Recording, Mouse Tracking etc. As with the Early Exit component, it isn't just about making it, it's about making it better too! I really hope that you'll like the improvements you'll be seeing!

Task Builder 2 isn't the only thing that will be getting some new toys in the coming weeks. It looks like a certain Experiment Tree might be having a new feature (dramatically dones shades, CIA Miami theme starts) Allocated to it....

12th May 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-05-01

OOooooWeeee, it's been a while since we last did a Release Notes but gosh have we been busy! Since the release of Task Builder 2 at the beginning of April we've been continuing to add new components to reach feature parity with Task Builder 1. Not only that, but we've been hard at work on our new Game Builder tool (which you'll hearing more about soon). Further, we've been traveling though not just this universe, but all the universes in all the dimensions, to make sure we're creating the greatest Experiment Builder across all of time and space. And that's why, excitingly, we've brought forward the work on our next iteration of the Questionnaire Builder. OoooooWeee! But you'll have to stay tuned to future Seasons, er, I mean, Release Notes, to find out more about that.

Time to read some Rick Riggity Release Notes, son!

The Main Event

Coming soon

  • Game Builder: Coming to a Gorilla near you
    A fully fledged Game Builder is coming to Gorilla very soon, allowing you to create rich game and game-like experiences, without touching a line of code. We've had a successful round of early access development and feedback, along with the ever important seal approval from the companies most important six year old: Josh building a task in Game Builder. Now, we're putting the finishing touches to the tools, implemented a few more requested features and getting all those lovely docs ready for you to get you up and running. The Gorilla Materials team have been game-builder-er-ing their socks off making demos, examples and walkthroughs for you. Their hardwork can be reviewed at your leisure here: Game Builder Documentation
    Another way to find out more is to join this FREE webinar "How to gamify cognitive tasks to increase participant engagement" run in collaboration with Sage Publishing.

Morty: "So, that's, that's, that's like, pretty neat? A whole Game Builder? Do you... do you think that's neat too, Rick?"
Rick: "Shburrrrrghghhg it Morty, 'pretty neat'?!? You're asking the guy who literally invented interdimensional travel if he thinks something is neat. Morty. God Morty, we've had five seasons of this? How are you still such a ... wait, wait is this really all in the UI ONLY?..."
Rick: "Huh... Okay, yeah... this is pretty neat. This Nick guy must, musbuurrrrghgh t be pretty clever. Not entirely sure how I feel about that..."
Morty: "Oh, oh jeeez Rick..."


  • Task Builder 2: Staircasing
    Adding to the Difficulty Change: Spreadsheet component, we now have the the Staircasing component available in Task Builder 2. Link variables such as Timelimits and Fixation times to a set of conditions, stepping them up and down in response to participant responses, accuracy or other behaviors. Finally, a fully adaptive Stop Signal Task in Gorilla without a single line of code!
  • Task Builder 2: Drag and Drop
    We've added Drag and Drop capabilities to Task Builder 2. However, this comes at a significant improvement compared to the TB1 variant. Due to the wonders of the component-entity system, Drag and Drop super-powers come in the form of a component that you can add to... whatever you want. Add it to an image, add it text, add it to a video, add it to your cat. Actually, don't do that last one. That probably wouldn't end well.
  • Experiment Builder: Attrition Report
    You've likely noticed that on the Data tab of your Experiment page, there is a copy of the experiment tree including attrition numbers on each node. Well, now, you can download those attrition numbers in a handy spreadsheet, for that experiment version, using the 'Download CONSORT Data' button. Even more data at the push of a button!


  • Experiments: Show capacity on Start Page
    We've had some complaints from participants that they'll be invited to a Gorilla study, click on the Start button, only to be told the experiment is already full. This happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes the experiment is genuinely full. Or, there are live but abandoned participants and there isn't an Experiment Timelimit set to automatically reject them. Most commonly, it happens when a recruitment platform has it's own count of 'complete' participants and the two platforms (recruitment + Gorilla) get out of sync.
    We're working on a more permanent solution for this. In the meantime, the Start page itself will now tell you if the experiment is open, running out of spaces or outright full. One less, click and a bit less frustration we hope.

Morty: "Rick, why do they, you know, break the Release Notes up... into, into sections like this?"
Rick: "It's so people can prioritize, MorMooooRRTty. Not everyone has the volume of disposable time that you do."
Morty: "But, like, wouldn't you want people to read all of it? I mean, it's so good and, and, there's so much cool stuff in there. Wouldn't you just, you know, put it all together in a, in a big soup of, awesome release notes??"
Rick: "Oh my god Morty, you're 14, you watch videos on Youtube of other people watching videos on Youtube. I don't think you get to criticize how a Release Notes is structured."

And everything else...


  • Task Builder 2: HTML
  • Task Builder 2: Mouse Button Response
    Continuing our work to reach parity with Task Builder 1, we've added the Mouse Button Response component, which allows you to generate responses directly from left and right mouse button clicks. As well as a HTML component, which allows you to add general HTML to the screen.


  • Game Builder: Prevent Sprite Scaling from causing upside down images
    A bug in Game Builder meant that sprite scaling would sometimes cause images to be transported to the upside-down. Or become upside down. I'm not sure which, the Shortcut card was ambiguous. Maybe both??
    Either way, an image being the wrong way up and/or being teleported to a dark 80's tentacles hell scape clearly isn't intended behaviour so we've fixed that now! (Okay, look, as soon as I saw the phrase Upside Down on the card, I knew it was destined for a Stranger Things reference. But then a Rick and Morty themed Release Notes just kind of flowed better overall. More Stranger Things next time, I promise.)


  • Subscriptions: Self removal from subscription
    Tired of getting Gorilla tokens at a lower cost-per-token from your institution or lab subscription? Want to strike it out on your own and get a Researcher Subscription just for you? Or, er, other more practical reasons for leaving a subscription like "not being at that university anymore" or "finishing your course". Well, you can now leave a subscription directly, without having to request a subscription manager do it for you. You'll find this option in the My Subscription tab of your Home Page.

  • Eye Tracking 2: General improvements and fixes
    While we work behind the scenes to bring Eye Tracking into Task Builder 2, we decided to give the existing Task Builder 1 zone a little TLC. We fixed a few issues where the Calibration Start button wouldn't unlock properly, tidied up some of the data cells coming through as NaN and fixed an issue where the x and y values for the Calibration points were normalised incorrectly. Importantly, this only affects the data download for the calibration (it was a post processing problem), not the results of the calibration itself.

Morty: "So... so, there it is everyone. The first Release Notes of May! Pretty exciting huh? Are you... er, are you as excited as I am?"
Rick: "Don't talk to the audience Morty. It's demeaning. This is a Release Notes not a BuUuuuRGGGhhhGh SNL sketch"
Morty: "Oh, oh jeez Rick. It... it's exciting. Yeh, yeah, it's exciting and you... and you, need to, loosen up. Yeah, just relax and enjoy the notes"
Rick: "Oh my god Morty, next time you freak out the squirrels I am switching dimensions without you!"

Summer: "Are you guys doing a Release Notes together? That is so fetch!"
Rick: "Stop trying to make fetch happen Summer. It's never going to happen. It's.. wait, what"
Morty: "Yeah Summer, fetch is never going to happen...."
Rick: "Shut up Morty! Everyone just stop referencing Mean Girls. That's, that's not something we would ever do. Oh god, oh shbbuggugrggghit. None of this is real."
Summer: "Grandpa, is this a scenario 4 again?"
Rick: "No Summer, this is a scenario nothing. Because none of this is real. We're just... we're just characters in some kids over active imagination."
Morty: "Oh jeez."
Rick: "None of this is real Morty! This is just Release Notes on a page. This is us on a page. EVERYTHING IS JUST WORDS ON A PAGE!"

7th April 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-04-01

The Main Event


  • Task Builder 2: RELEASED
    At long last, Task Builder 2 (No Task 2 Hard) has been launched. Pooling together feature requests from users around the globe, as well as our own vision for the future of an online Task Builder, we've built the foundations of the most powerful, capable and extensible Task Builder in the history of Task Builders!
    You've probably written that sentence off as overbearing marketting fluff, haven't you? But I'm being serious. See, I'm even going to take off my "Cauldron employee" hat for a moment.
    (takes off "Cauldron employee" hat)
    Task Builder 2 is genuinely incredible. The things it's already capable of, features that previously would be lines and lines of script, all possible with just a few clicks. And there are so many more things to come in the following weeks and months. It's been an honor and privilege to be a part of the team that has brought it to life (and it really was a full team effort!). And I can't wait to see what amazing online research you and all of our users unlock with it in the comings months and years!
    (puts back on "Cauldron employee" hat)
    If you haven't done so yet, check out our Task Builder 2: Overview Page, where you can find out everything you could ever want to know about the new Task Builder. And make sure to stay tuned to this Release Notes page and our Twitter feed for more updates and feature showcases
  • Task Builder 2: Added Change Difficulty (Spreadsheet) component
    In the first of our "Oh my gosh, I can do that without code now?!?" features: introducing the Change Difficulty (Spreadsheet) component. Link this component to accuracy data (correct/incorrect answers, percentage correct/incorrect etc.) or other data fields to dynamically increase or decrease the difficulty of a task by switching to an easier or harder spreadsheet. All with simple, flexible settings and mouse clicks.
    For those of you looking for a more Staircasing oriented approach to adaptivity, stay tuned: there's something coming round the corner just for you!


  • Project: Removed a collaborator cancels their currently open changes
    Removing a Collaborator from a Project where they have open changes on a Task/Questionnaire/Experiment would leave those changes in a state of limbo. None may close them, nor save them, nor overwrite them, an immortal testament to that collaborator who once was. A touch inconvenient really so now, when you remove a collaborator, you'll be warned if they have any open changes in the Project. You can then either ask them to resolve the changes themselves, or continue on and remove the collaborator, which will automatically cancel their open changes.
  • Task Builder 2: Audio components automatically enable Audio Subsystem
    Task Builder 2 features a new concept of 'Subsystems'. Subsystems control functionality that is either required throughout your task (such as Multiplayer tooling), or requires participant action to unlock. An example of this is the Audio Subsystem - this activates Gorilla's audio tooling and runs an initial test to make sure autoplay is unlocked on the participants device. Whenever you add an Audio component to your task, Gorilla will automatically enable the Audio Subsystem. As we add more features to Gorilla, we'll add more subsystems to complement them. For example, we'll soon be adding Microphone and Camera subsystems, to run initial checks on your participant audio/visual communication hardware. These will be much more indepth than in Task Builder 1 and will guide participants through basic debugging steps as well as more detailed testing of their hardwares capabilities.

And everything else...


  • Questionnaire Builder: Radio Button widget text entry now saved correctly to embedded data
    The Radio Button widget has an Include Text Entry option, which allows you to add an 'Other' field to your list of Radio Buttons. However, this field wasn't getting added to embedded data correctly. This has been resolved now, so you can access it in branch nodes and other Tasks/Questionnaires
  • Task Builder 1: Reading Zone text no longer accidently highlighted when using mouse-based interactions
    When using mouse responses with the Reading Zones, an accidental click and drag could lead to the text being highlighted. A user highlighted this to us as being undesirable so that highlighting has now been removed, as it's certainly not functionality we would want to have highlighted in the future....


  • Task Builder 2: Made edit box for Markdown Component bigger
    For those of you who like to write as much as I do, we've increased the size of the edit box for the markdown component. Now you can both write and see all of the words. All of them!!
  • Experiment: Improved 'Check for Errors' messaging
    Before committing an Experiment, Gorilla will run a series of checks designed to catch common problems within an experiment. When describing some of these issues though, the terminology used wasn't lining up with the words we use elsewhere, making it harder to understand what the actual problem is! We've adjusted this now, to use terms you should be more familiar with from our documentation.

21st March 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-03

NB: This update was originally planned for the 17th March 2022. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked... er, I mean, Github went down for most of the afternoon, rendering much of a normal development pipeline completely unsuable. Not wanting to push to production on a Friday, we opted to delay until Monday.

Have you missed me, everyone? Me, the 'Release Notes'. I've certainly missed me, in so much as a collection of words on a page can miss something. And oh gosh, what a collection of words I have for you today. A whole bunch of fixes, along with a few enhancements, you've all been asking for.

Also, I was originally going to litter this with Elden Ring puns and references. But, honestly, when thinking about Elden Ring, I'm still in the "how I'm going to show that crystal-fire-breathing, sarcastically wing-flapping a-hole of a dragon who the boss is" phase. Rather than the "how can I turn this into a Release Notes meme" phase.
Alas, I am nought but a lowly, maidenless tarnished. Give it time...

The Main Events


  • Experiment Tree: Removed Include at Start setting
    The Start Node previously had an optional, off-by-default setting called Include at Start. When on, participants would be automatically included at the beginning of a study, permanently and irrevokably consuming a participant token. This feature was useful when researchers knew that they would need/want the data from all participants, regardless of how far they progressed. It was actually implemented on researcher request for this reason.
    Regrettably, the setting was frequently misused. Inspite of the many warnings we tried to put in place, users would activate the setting, have all of their tokens consumed by participants who drop out part way through and become understandably but frustratingly upset with us. As, ultimately, the setting appeared to be causing more harm than good we have decided to remove it entirely. By default now, participants will only be included (consuming a token) when they either complete your experiment or are manually included.
    There still exists the option to manually include participants and you can do this in bulk via the Include All button on the participants page. We'll be adding new options for managing participants via the Participants tab in a future update to Gorilla.
  • Task Builder: AudioRecording mode setting automatically removes whitespace
    Urgh, don't you just hate it when a single errant key stroke can completely break something? I certainly do. Like when the Audio Recording mode setting wasn't cleaning itself of spaces and return carriages, meaning that 'record ' != 'record'. This would mean that the Audio Recording zone would default to it's 'test' mode and this wouldn't become apparent until the task was previewed.
    Now, the mode setting text will be full cleaned before comparison. This should make us errant whitespace safe. However, please bare in mind that we are not yet "cat walked over keyboard when I wasn't looking" safe - machine/cat learning hasn't quite reached that level of capability. So always preview your tasks before release, just to be safe.
  • Task Builder: Remove 'stablise with arms' advice from Eye Tracking zone calibration text
    The default Eye Tracking Calibration introduction text previously included advice on using your arms to stabilise yourself, to reduce the motion of your head. A researcher recently contacted us querying this advice, as recent research suggested this may no longer be advisible best practice. Scheegans et al. (2021), Robal et al., 2018
    As we decided it would be better for Gorilla to remain neutral in the advice it directly offers participants, we removed the relevant text for both Eye Tracking and Eye Tracking 2. You can use the localisation settings for these zones to add the guidance back in if required.
  • Questionnaire Builder: Updated all widgets to store result on back button press
    A few of the more recent Questionnaire Builder widgets weren't saving their data on the press of a back button. This meant that if a participant went back with a partially filled current page, they would lose the entered information when they return. This has now mostly been resolved.
    The main caveat here: if you are using the date widget and have opted for the settings that restricts the detail that gets stored (for example, storing the date in months only), the entered date will still be lost on a back button press. These date restriction settings are primarily used when data protection or GDPR requirements mean you can't collect a full date and, in order to respect this, we don't store the originally entered date in any form.


  • Experiment Tree: Redundant Quota's will now be removed on commit
    This has been on the bucket list for a while! Previously, if you added a Quota Node (creating a new Quota for the experiment) and then removed the Quota Node, the actual Quota would still remain in your recruitment settings. If left unset or still enabled, this Quota would have undesirable consequences like preventing participants from entering your experiment. Boooo!
    Now, when you next commit your experiment after removing a Quota node, you'll be warned if there are any Quota's that are no longer associated with a Quota Node in your experiment. If you continue with the commit, the Quota's will be deleted from your experiment, troubling you no longer! Hurrah!
  • Collaboration modal: Change search to be triggered on button press
    A number of researchers have pointed out that the collaboration modal has become rather slow of late. As a short-term solution, we've changed the modal to only begin searching for a user when you press the magnifying glass button. If you type in most or all of the users name or email address before pressing to search, this should result in a far faster return.

And everything else...


  • Task Builder: Fixed multiple issues with Mouseview data files
    The mouseview data file was defaulting to the name mousetracking and, in a few circumstances, would fail to open correctly in Excel with some rows of data becomes corrupted. Both of these issues have been resolved.
  • Task Builder: Haptic Feedback zone Record mode settings can now be accessed
    With the Haptic Feedback zone, it's possible to have a user "tap out" their own pattern of vibrations. This can then be saved and replayed to them via embedded data. At least, it would have been possible, if you could actually open the record mode settings for the zone! Now you can - good vibrations all around.
  • Task Builder: Drag and Drop zone dragged elements no longer reset position on refreshLayout call
    The function "refreshLayout" is called by Gorilla whenever the position of elements on the page needs to be checked and potentially adjusted. This typically is triggered when, say, displaying the "hover" or "pressed" image of an image response button. However, this function call was also resetting the position of Drag and Drop zone elements that had been dragged to a new location, undoing all of your participants deligent mouse movements. Drag and Drop zone's are now immune to layout refresh - they'll now remain precisely where you last put them down (unlike my house keys, phone, wallet etc.)


  • Task Builder: Video Recording zone metrics now include RT's
    A while back, we added RT values to the Audio Recording zone, so you could more easily determine when certain events (like the recording beginning or ending) triggered in relation to the beginning of the screen. We've now added these RT values to the Video Recording zone as well.

10th February 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-02

Just a little release notes today with the usual mix of features/enchancements/fixes. In the background, the whole Gorilla team continues to beaver away on the new tools.

Urgh, okay, it turns out I can't say the word Beaver without shamelessly plugging this delightful city builder game populated by the furriest of buck-toothed dam builders: Timberborn! Soon you could be (pause of comedic effect)... beavering away too! (ba-dum tss)

Anyway, you came here for release notes, not a listing of my most recently played on Steam...


  • Experiment Requirements tool: Improved browser filtering tools
    This is a combination Feature/Enhancement/Fix. A FeatchantX? An EnhantureX? Something else with a capital X at the end (because that looks way cooler than a regular x, right?)

    Anyway, the browser filtering tools have received a Quality of Life update, with new features, some bug fixes and layout improvements. On the features front, you can now filter by additional browser. While there can be only one winner of the prize, there will always be more than one Microsoft Edge - specifically the current, modern Edge based on Chromium, and the original version Edge (Legacy). Under the hood, these browsers are very different and with Edge (Legacy) no longer supported, it's unlikely the latter will be compatible with all modern browser features. So, you can now specifically allow/block participants on Edge (Legacy). You can also allow/block users on the Opera browser!

    At the same time, we've reworked the UI to make it clearer which browsers are being allowed and which are blocked. Previously, this distinguish was made by colour alone, with the choice of colours being a bit not-great for colour blind users. Now, there are specific sections titled 'Allowed' and 'Blocked', to more clearly indicate for all users what settings have been chosen.

    Finally, we've fixed a few issues with detection of Internet Explorer and some variants of Safari!


  • Subscription Management: Assign tokens directly to members
  • Subscription Management: Improved editing of tags and member search
    We're continuing our enhancements based directly on requests from Subscription Managers. The first is the ability to assign tokens directly to users. Subscription managers can now setup available tokens for users in advance or handle token requests that come from outside Gorilla's own token request system. Next, we've made some QoL improvements to the search tools, and added the ability for the 'tags' assigned to a member to be edited on an individual basis, via the members tab.


  • Experiment Builder: Manipulations are copied over when "Clone & Edit"ing a node
    The observant among you will have noticed that, when using the "Clone & Edit" tool to replace a node in the experiment tree the existing manipulations would just, kind of, disappear... They probably weren't supposed to do that, so we've fixed it so they should stay in place. Yah! Hopefully it won't turn out that they were disappearing off to do something critical, like save the world. That would be inconvenient... and quite improbable. I hope.

20th January 2022 UpdateBuild-2022-01

Features Preview

  • New Tools: OMG!
    This is the year folks! A wealth of new tools are coming in 2022 and I think we'll be claiming the GotY (Gorilla of the Year) award pretty early this year. First is our Game Builder which allows you to take your study experience to the next level. Our simple graphical user interface lets you build dynamic, engaging tasks with ease.

    Next is our Multiplayer system, which will be coming to a number of our new tools, allowing you to create classic multi-participant paradigms such as the Dictator Game and Prisoner's Dilemma. You can see more of Game Builder and Multiplayer in our Gorilla Presents... Game Builder and Multiplayer webinar. Both of these tools are availabel via our Early Access scheme currently. However, sign up quickly, as the scheme will be closing soon!

    Though technically it was 'released' last year, I'm going to include our excellent Shop Builder allows you to create a customised, realistic shoppoing experience with numerous applications. Anchoring effects, behavioural interventions, social psychology etc. Check out our Gorilla Shop Builder Demo from last years BeOnline Conference

    And last, but by no means least, the long awaiting sequel, Task Builder 2: NO TASK 2 HARD. Gorilla has had an incredible journey over the last five years and Task Builder 2 represents a culmination of everything we've learnt and all the feedback we've had from you, our incredible users! In the run up to Task Builder 2's release, we'll be showcasing some of the features that I think you'll all be pretty excited about. I'll also be updating our Gorilla Roadmap to indicate your most requested features that have found a home in the new Task Builder.

    Oh gosh, I'm so excited! Are you excited too?!? OMG TWEET AT US WITH THE HASHTAG #TaskBuilder2 TO TELL ME HOW EXCITED YOU ARE!!!


  • Task Builder: Change Mode settings description to be clearer
    Many of our Task Builder zones can be run in different modes, such as our Eye Tracking zone (which can run in calibrate, record or upload mode) or our Audio Recording zone (test or record mode). To distinguish the specific text for these modes from the surrounding descriptive text, we'd previously wrapped them in double-quotes. However, this unexpectedly but understandably resulted in users typing the mode name in... with the doublequotes as well. We've ammended the setting text to make it clearer what the mode names are, without any additional characters that could be confusing. In Task Builder 2, settings like this will be straight up Dropdown Menu's! Hurrah for usability!
  • Subscription Management: Quality of Life improvements to the members page
    The first of two enhancements requested directly by subscription managers. Now, on a Subscription's Members page, you'll see both the Total number of tokens a user has requested from a subscription and the number of those tokens that are still unassigned. Even better, you can order the Members list by both of those categories so you can find your top users and biggest hoarders with ease.
  • Projects: Name of collaborating project owner visible from Projects page
    Are you a university technician, research assistant or PI? Are you added as a collaborator on hundreds of projects by your students? Do you wake up at night in a cold sweat because the Projects are all called 'Dissertation' and your Projects I'm Collaborating On is just a neverending list of 'Dissertation' cascading into the voids gaping maw?
    Fear no more, Gorilla Update is here! Now the Projects page includes a Project Owner column for projects you are collaborating on! One less thing to trigger the existential dread today, heh?

    Speaking of project owners...


  • Projects: Adding self as a collaborator no longer removes Project Owner
    laughes nervously Sometime ago we introduced the ability to invite collaborators to Gorilla directly when adding via an email address on the Collaborate menu. However, while the system would filter out email addresses of existing collaborators, it wouldn't do the same for the Project Owner. As a result, a Project Owner could add themself as a collaborator, using their email address, become a collaborator and the Project Owner becomes... er, nobody. But not the kick-ass Bob Odenkirk flavour of 'Nobody'. Just, nobody. Yikes! We've fixed that now, so don't try and go adding yourself as a collaborator on a Project. Nothing will happen. I hope...
  • Task Builder: Mouseview Continue Recording setting now obeyed correctly
    HAVE I TOLD YOU THAT WE HAVE THE MOUSEVIEW ZONE IN GORILLA?!? Well, in case you didn't know, I fixed a bug in it so I would have an opportunity to tell you about it again! The Continue Recording setting, which allows you to combine moouseview recordings across multiple screens, wasn't being obeyed correctly, resulting in you getting a file per screen anyway! I've fixed that now so you can have one file to rule them all!
  • Task Builder: Eye Tracking 2 calibration filename corrected
    While updating Eye Tracking 2 a few releases ago, a bug slipped in where the calibration data filename defaulted to eyetracking_collection instead of eyetracking_calibration (as it was in Eye Tracking 1). This is fixed now!

Oh dear, I'm still too excited about all our new tools that are coming this year! I think I need to go have a lie down. They maybe I'll do a few rounds of Carlton Dance around the room first!

16th December UpdateBuild-2021-32

And here it is. The last major update before Christmas.

It's truly Treemendous how many excellent new features and improvements the team have launch this year. And this week is Snow exception. Seriously, Yule not be disappointed with this collection of unFirgetable bug fixes and new features. Am I totally Sleighing it with this Christmas wordplay, or am I just a rebel without a Claus?

cough Sorry, I just took a call from my doctor and they've advised me that further christmas related puns might be bad for my health. Or possibly other peoples. Maybe both.

So no myrrh waiting, it's time for the release notes!


  • Task Builder: Download all Stimuli button
    There are several categories of Christmas films. One of my favourites is the classic "grouchy individual/diverse collection of peoples must travel across city/country/world to retrieve macguffin and bring home in time for Christmas". Which is why I'm thrilled to announce our own Christmas film: "Stimulus all the way". It's the last day before Christmas and you've totally lost that insert university approved cloud sharing platform name folder of stimuli you used for that Gorilla task. And you desperately need them for important Christmas reasons!!! You could download them one-by-one from the task of coursse but that would just take all day.
    After a hilarious chase across the university campus, in which we blow a considerable amount of our film budget on cameos from celebrity behavioural scientists, you return empty-handed and crestfallen to your home. Oh gosh, it's way to late to download them all one by one now. Your children are going to be so unhappy with the lack of Stimuli this Christmas. You can't bare to face them. So you sit down at your laptop/mac/iPad/surface etc. and stare despondantly at the screen. But what's this in your twitter feed? A Gorilla Release Notes tweet?!? Gorilla have released a final update the night before Christmas?!? And my days, just look at that! It adds a Download all Stimuli button! Hurrah, Christmas is saved! Everyone is happy and filled with Christmas cheer. And stimuli. For some reason.

    Okay, okay, it's not getting a 'Fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes any time soon. But, maybe, it will become some cult Christmas classic with drinking games like "drink everytime they say stimuli or replication crisis or every time Reviewer 2 rejects something."


  • Task Builder: Fixed GoNoGo Web Audio triggering advance multiple times
    The new GoNoGo Web Audio launched with an unfortunate bug that meant, in certain conditions, the function that advances to the next screen would trigger multiple times. This would cause future screens to advance unexpectedly, audio to play haphazardly and general chaos in the space-time continuium. I was going to tell a joke about time travel here, but nobody found it funny. So, instead, we resolved the issue before the Time Variance Authority could get involved much to everyones relief.
  • Task Builder: Resolved Eye Tracking 2 issue where the calibration would not restart
    The Eye Tracking 2 zone introduced a sparkly new, user-requested feature to allow repeating the calibration a fixed number of times. If your participant fails to calibrate X times, you can then advance them on to the rest of the task or branch them out of the task entirely. However, due to an unfortunate mix up beween the max failed calibration attempts variable and the max failed calibration points variable, the task would not allow the calibration to be repeated under certain circumstances. This issue has now been resolved and remains a reminder of the most important Christmas message of all - check your variables names. I mean, at least I think that's what a Muppet's Christmas Carol was about...
  • Task Builder: Resolved Mouseview issue where Upload mode would crash the task
    To give you more control over when individual data files are generated and uploaded, the Mouseview zone added a new mode Upload (which also appears in Eye Tracking 2). This mode indicates that all of the data generated so far should now be uploaded and cleared, but without running the Mouseview logic itself. This allows you to more easily break down data generation by trail, block, or one file for the whole task. While an issue with this has now been resolved, it turns out there's actually another issue here, meaning that no matter what settings you use, you'll always get a file per screen. That will be resolved in a few days.
  • Task Builder: Web Audio can now be played unlimited times in Manual mode
    Setting the number of replays setting to 0 should have allowed the audio to be replayed unlimited times. The Christmas Grinch that it was though, the zone was refusing to cooperate, playing once only and no more. We threatened it with a movie retelling of it's stubborness starring Jim Carrie and, suddenly, being played unlimited times, endlessly, for all mind numbing eternity, actually seemed agreeable.
  • Task Builder: Timelimit Section no resets correctly in Strict mode
    The Timelimit (Section) was upgraded with a new setting a few months ago, that allowed you to add a 'strict' timelimit to a section. This would enforce an absolute maximum on the length of time a user could spend in a section of the task, immediately moving on to the next section when it expires. However, once the Strict Section was resolved, Gorilla was not resetting a few critical internal variables. This meant that if you tried to setup another Timelimit (Section) in the same task Gorilla would immediately skip that too. We found the mischevious elf responsible, and put them right back on the shelf. A task with multiple Timelimit (Sections) should now function correctly.
  • Questionnaire Builder: Resolved the mystery of the missing -quantised values
    There has been a long running and elusive issue where -quantised values would not appear in participant data, seemingly at random. At last though, a Christmas Miracle has occurred. After an unbearably sad (think David Tennant in the rain gif but with snow) pentultimate muscial scene between the leading couple resulting in the christmasy villian having a convienently timed, subjectively sweet but objectively absurd change of heart, leading to a ridiculously lavish final number in which everyone is needlessly happy, a finally stopped embellishing the Release Notes long enough to tell you I found and fixed the problem. We also resolved an issue where multiple Radio Button/Check List Grid widgets would not have their quantised values created either. An important note on this: quantised values are generated and stored when a participant gives their initial responses. As a result, the above changes won't affect existing data sets.

2nd December UpdateBuild-2021-31

First and foremost, if you missed last weeks excellent webinar on our new Game Builder and Multiplayer tools you should stop whatever you are doing and go watch this. If you like what you see and want to get in on the action, cancel whatever plans you had for immediately after the above video and go apply to our Gorilla Early Access scheme. Be the first to get in on the magic!

To the Release Notes. Much like me, the Build's for this year are now in their thirties (?!?)(I might be a slightly older thirties...) As I find myself contemplating the endless march of time I ask myself... Do I do my usual nerdy release notes? Maybe something themed around Netflix's unexpected wonder "Arcane"? Or maybe the impending release of Spiderman: No Way Home. Or, maybe I embrace the words of Admiral Pellow to Horatio Hornblower "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things."... And, I dunno, quote Aristotle, or something...


As ever, XKCD has the wisdom we all truly need to get by every day. Next week, shortly before our next (likely pentultimate) release notes of the year, something else will be releasing. Likely suplanting Factorio as the reason why I look like death warmed over in our morning team meetings. So, once you figure it out from the numerous quotes below, tweet me the answer (bonus points for tweeting it in emojis). And, when next week comes, just wake me... when you need me.


  • Task Builder: Web Audio Feedback zone
  • Task Builder: GoNoGo Web Audio zone
    It's a 2-4-1 special this week with Web Audio versions of the Audio Feedback and GoNoGo Audio zones. The Web Audio API is a more modern framework for playing audio files, with better resiliance against autoplay restrictions, improved timing performance and improved compatibility with wav files.
    This of means that, after many years of service, the original Audio Feedback and GoNoGo Audio zones are being retired and should be considered deprecated. And, maybe one day, when the Web Audio API becomes outdated and superseded by something better, I'll have to retire these new zones in the same manner. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.
    Woah woah woah, what have I told you about yelling at me in all caps?!? As ever, a zone being deprecated just means that it can't be added to a task. All existing zones in existing tasks will continue to function as normal. I promise we won't ever break your existing tasks... Er, at least not knowingly...

Oh, one more thing. Not content with just a straight recreation of the original zone, I add a requested feature from the Gorilla Roadmap as well. Specifically this one Both the Web Audio Feedback and GoNoGo Web Audio zones now allow you to set additional wait time after the audio has finished playing. Axios!

If you have a feature you want to see implemented in Gorilla, why not add it to our Gorilla Roadmap. Who knows - maybe it will appear as an early Christmas present before the end of the year! I'm not gonna make a person a promise I know I can't keep.


  • Task Builder: Amended misleading default setting text in Audio Recording zone
    In the Audio Recording settings, the 'Mode' setting had record and test in speechmarks, to make clearer what word should be placed as the setting. awkward cough Unfortunately, these speechmarks were also included when defining the default setting resulting in them having a very literal interpretation. There was much talk (support tickets), and we have listened. Through rock and metal and time...
    As the setting should be just test or record, we've removed the speechmarks from the Default: test text.
    Also, as some users didn't realise that the Audio Recording zone defaults to the testing mode, the setting will now autopopulate with test when adding a new Audio Recording zone.
  • Organisations: Force DD/MM/YYYY format for uploaded expiry dates
    Previously, Gorilla would default to your browsers language settings when determing how to parse expiry dates. So if you were in a normal country with the DD/MM/YYYY format, it would use the DD/MM/YYYY format. But, if you were living in some distant corner of the galaxy that insists upon using MM/DD/YYYY shudders it would begrudgingly use that format. It turns out this is problematic for a number of reasons (beyond the obvious of WHY?!?!). First, our documentation stated that expiry dates should be in the DD/MM/YYYY format. Obviously, this could have been changed to say that expiry dates should be in whatever format you use on your local corner of space-time. However, second problem: all it would require is for something in the "device -> operating system -> browser" chain to have the language set to English (US) and it will try to parse dates as MM/DD/YYYY, regardless of whether you would want that or not.
    Now, that's not going to happen! We've enforced DD/MM/YYYY when uploading expiry dates, regardless of what your local settings may, correctly or erroneously, try to implement.


  • Task Builder: Fixed Drag and Drop issue in non-Chromium based browsers
    I remember when I joined Gorilla, we didn't have any fancy shmancy zones; we had sticks! Two sticks and a rock for the whole platform... and we had to share the rock! Now of course, you can do all sorts of cool things like create Drag and Drop interactive tasks with zone specific scoring. However, the Covenant infiltrated our codebase and a small bug arose where, in Firefox, dragging and dropping an image would cause the image to open in a new tab. Rather than, you know, dragging and dropping it. That's been fixed now. Drag and Drop for all on all browsers. Now, Sir, Permission to leave the station. To give the Covenent back their bomb.

Important annoucements

  • Recruitment: Removal of Research Now/Dynata recruitment policy
    While we've had a Research Now recruitment policy option available for a while now, there have eben two issues with it. One: Research Now is actually now Dynata. Two: it no longer works - Dynata have considerably changed how their platform works, such that it's no longer possible for us to implement and maintain a straight forward integration. As such, and avoid future confusion, we've removed the Recruitment Policy from the menu. If you want to make use of Dynata, you can still set up a connection via the Third Party recruitment policy. If you have any trouble with this, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the support desk.

And now, to wrap up, probably one my favourite quotes from the whole series.

"I could give you over forty thousand reasons why I know that sun isn't real. I know it because the emitter's Rayleigh Effect is disproportionate to its suggested size. I know it because its stellar cycle is more symmetrical than that of an actual star. But for all that, I'll never actually know if it looks real. If it feels real. Before this is over, promise me you'll figure out which one of us is the machine."

25th November UpdateBuild-2021-30

It's today, it's today! Yes, today is a very exciting release notes day as this evening is the first in a new series of Gorilla Presents... Beginning with an Exclusive Premiere of Gorilla's upcoming Game Builder and Multiplayer tooling, courtesy of CTO and renowned coding wizard Nick Hodges. There's still time to register for Gorilla Presents so forget the rest of the Release Notes for a moment and go do that!!

Also making a premiere this week is the "Definitely Coming Next Week" category, for all the things that we didn't quite manage to finish coding before the testing window closed. I blame Factorio and the endless desire to optimise it instills. Sometimes in life, all that matters is that it works, even if you can't look at it for a long time without breathing into a paper bag.

But if I just moved the main bus over here and circuit production over there I could... batman appears and slaps face


  • Experiment Builder: Delay unlock time added to Progress Modal
    To save you from doing time/date math on the fly (which, let's face it, is the hardest kind of math) the Delay Node and Redirect Node (if a delay is set) will now tell you the expected unlock time in the Participant Progress Modal. Now when participants message you saying they can't access the next day of your longitudinal study you can reply "HRNGHGGHG, IT'S NOT BEEN 48 HOURS YET" even faster than before.
  • Experiment Builder: Additional documentation links for Tree Nodes
    "I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." Today's bonus points will be awarded for correctly identifying the owner of this quote. And don't go using Google... I won't know that you used Google, but Google will and don't they know enough about you already??
    Ahem, anyway, as part of our ongoing efforts to add resources where they are needed most, we've placed some additional advice and Support Links in many of the Experiment Tree Nodes. These highlight some of the important features or content users should consider when setting up an experiment node. Found these new links helpful? Tweet us on Facebook! Or Facebook us on Twitter! Either is fine.


  • Subscription Management: Corrected case detection in member email addresses
    Gorilla was being just a little overzealous handling existing subscription members on a csv invite list, resulting in some... misleading removals and additions to subscriptions. We've amended that now. And, er, also fixed the bug we introduced in the process. How does the saying go? You can't make an omelette without forgetting a few null checks?

Definitely coming next week

  • Task Builder: GoNoGo Web Audio and Web Audio Feedback
    These are Web Audio API replacements for our existing GoNoGo Auio and Audio Feedback zones, bringing all of our audio based zones up to the latest technology. Not content with a straight replication though, I took the liberty of reviewing our Gorilla Roadmap and adding a few feature requests from there too!
    This also means that the existing GoNoGo Audio and Audio Feedback zones are entering the formal deprecation and retirement cycle. Whoah there, before you start typing in all caps at me - nothing will change in your existing tasks and experiments and the zones themselves will still function as expected. You just won't be able to add the zones to new/existing tasks. They've worked hard and had a good run - time to let the vacation in the Bahamas (or whatever a Gorilla Zone does when it's retired...)
  • Task Builder: Download All Stimuli
    By popular request, we'll be adding the option to download all of a tasks stimuli as a zip folder, making it easier to transfer stimuli from one task to another. Particularly if, like me, you have a constantly evolving, "better organised" file structure leading to an endless nest of half-finished designs you can't find anything in. This is one I can't blame on Factorio instilling the desire to constantly optimise. Truth is, my file structures have always been like this.

That's it for this week! Before I go, incase you are also a Factorio addict like myself, allow me to share this cursed Factorio video I shared it with my friends in Discord and I'm now not allowed to post in the Factorio Chat anymore. An overreaction if you ask me - it's just a few diagonal buses and pipes facing the wrong direction...

11th November UpdateBuild-2021-29

Oh gosh, oh gosh, it's a big one today. So big that I haven't had time to think of a suitable tv/film/media bit for this post.

Or have I?

(I haven't. I really didn't have time.)

((Or did I?!?))


You read correctly - the long awaited Eye Tracking 2 update has arrived. Below is a summary of the key updates, enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Eye Tracking 2: Decoupled Gaze Predictions from the Request Animation Frame loop
    WebGazer has always used the requestAnimationFrame functionality to handle gathering predictions on eye gaze. However, in WebGazer 2, the call to gather predictions is explicitly marked as async and then awaited within the requestAnimationFrame loop. As the browser won't start processing the next animation frame until the previous one has finished, any point where the browser is specifically told "wait here until this code comes back with a response" has the potential to slow down the main animation frame loop. As many packages for running experiments online use requestAnimationFrame to handle timing accuracy, any additional load within the requestAnimationFrame can have deterimental consequences on the overall timing of the task.
    To resolve this, we've extracted the main section of gaze prediction logic from the requestAnimationFrameLoop. This logic is then manually at a set interval, preventing the timing fallout from too much load on RAF (I haven't had enough coffee yet to keep typing out requestAnimationFrame...) What we've kept within the RAF is the repainting of the canvas with the latest video frame and then explicitly storing the timestamp for when that frame was rendered. Gaze predictions are based on the content of the canvas so when collecting a prediction, the important time to store is not when the gaze prediction was requested but instead when the canvas was last updated!

    Aside: The ideal world would be one where I am much better at playing League, I finished writing that series of novels and there was an explicit event for a new frame of data comed from the participant web camera or a video element updates with a new frame. Then we could directly tie gaze predictions to when we know, for certain, there is new information to base them on. (There are functions out there for getting media stream data in a more piecemeal way, but it's not the same thing). There are experimental API's in development like requestVideoFrameCallback but they aren't widely adopted.

  • Eye Tracking 2: Set Gaze Prediction collection interval to cough match cough the camera's framerate
    When setting up our separate gaze prediction collection loop, we set our time between predictions to be 1 divided by the camera's frame rate. As noted above, this doesn't mean that we actually collect a prediction each time the camera sends a new frame of data. More that, if the web camera is running at 30 frames per second, trying to collect data 60 collections per second is going to be a bit pointless...

    Aside: some users have requested the option to detect and filter out users whose camera's are outputting at too low a framerate. While exploring this option (which now could be implemented) I discovered that media streams within the browser, via WebRTC, are inherently limited to a max of 30 frames per second. If users just want to enforce this (weed out anyone who's camera is running at less than 30 fps) then we can set that up for a future release. However, if you were hoping to enforce a higher minimum than 30... well, there's only disappoint to be had down that road, for the time being. At least it would be possible to enforce some kind of limit now though, right? I guess it depends on what kind of glass-fill-depth person you are. Or glass-fill-height, depends on what kind of ahhhhhhhhhhh.....

  • Eye Tracking 2: Branch to specific screen in Display on calibration failure
    While initially requested as a new feature, this option didn't make it into the initial release of Eye Tracking 2 due to some technical hurdles. After a rocky-style training montage, those hurdles have been faced again and conquered. You can now redirect to a specific screen within the same Display if the participant fails to Calibrate correctly. This will make it easier to then branch them to a different part of your Spreadsheet or indeed to exit them from the Task entirely.

  • Eye Tracking 2: Fix for Start Calibration button not unlocking
    In some instances, the Start Calibration button would not unlock, even if the users face had been detected and was in the required frame of the video. This issue has been resolved.

  • Eye Tracking 2: Fix for edge case where multiple requestAnimationFrame loops are created
    Within Gorilla, we pause the Webgazer module at the end of a screen (to prevent unnecessary load on the users device). On the next screen where Eye Tracking is used, Webgazer is then resumed. If Eye Tracking is used on consecutive screens and pause and resume are called within the same animation frame, this can result in multiple loop() calls being generated (resulting in multiple requestAnimationFrame loops). This edge case has been resolved (by directly cancelling the animation frame request on pause).

In other Gorilla news....


  • Task Builder: Added Response Type entries to Response Text Entry metrics
    The Response Text Entry zone allows you to collect the reaction time for both the first key press and the final enter key press. To make these metrics easier to distinguish when post-processing your data, the Response Type field in the participants data will now contain either 'First Key', or 'Enter Key' respectively


  • Task Builder: Dropdown menus will now work on earlier screens revisited by screen branching
    Setup a Dropdown response zone on a screen. Then, branch back to that screen via the Advanced Branching options and the Dropdown menu will be disabled. Boooo! This is a result of how our lookahead system works when branching back to a recent screen and with zones not properly restoring themselves to default settings on a screen revisit. This has been fixed for the Response Dropdown Zone. We'll be reviewing other zones in the future, to make sure they behave consistently when screen branching.

  • Experiment Builder: Spreadsheets set via Manual Override won't reset on task update
    When updating the version of a task used in the experiment tree, Gorilla will check to make sure the values for manipulations set (primarily the spreadsheet used) are still valid. This is to make sure, if you've changed the names of spreadsheets in a task, you know that this will need to be updated in the task node (rather than Gorilla just.... trying to use a spreadsheet that doesn't exist or defaulting to another spreadsheet without telling you). However, when set to Manual Override, Gorilla is incorrectly stating that the spreadsheet name no longer exists and defaulting to whatever spreadsheet is first in your list. Gorilla will now correctly recognise this setting and leave it as is when updating a Task tree node.

Existence is pain

  • Device Restrictions: Added warning about iOS devices spoofing as desktop macs
    Hrrnnggnrh So, many modern iPad's and iPhones will now fib to the browser, claiming that they are Apple Mac's when they really, really aren't. I don't know why - you'll have to ask Apple. This means though that choosing to filter out Phone's or Tablets from participating in your study... won't always work. The available options for correctly identifying a device as being a computer/phone/tablet are becoming increasingly unreliable. For example, with many laptop's and all-in-one PC's coming with touch screens, trying to filter based on touch capabilities will give you increasing false positives/negatives. As such, we now strongly recommend that you explicitly ask users what kind of device they are using and use Branch Nodes to filter as a appropriate.

4th November UpdateBuild-2021-28

Good morning Gorilla Experiment Builder. I am your Release Notes Dean, with a few announcements on this weeks release notes!

And yes, I'm doing another guess the TV Show bit! Specifically, one of my most favourited tv-shows. And if 'Dean' didn't give it away already, there is plenty, plenty more where that came from. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!


  • Task Builder: Drag and Drop zones
    As part of a consultancy project, we've implemented a set of Drag and Drop zones in Gorilla - these have now entered closed beta and can be accessed via the Support Contact Form. This zone is actually a 2-for-1 special! There is Drag and Drop Main, which enables Drag and Drop functionality on an image. By default, this can be dragged to anywhere on the screen. However, you also get Drag and Drop Scoring, which allows you to define specific areas of the screen to Drag'n'Drop to! You can give these different areas different response values and Drag'n'Drops to these areas can be marked as correct or incorrect according to your Active Response settings. Cool cool cool!

    If you like the new Drag'n'Drop zone, tweet at us to let us know! (Leonard has already liked this post!)


  • Subscriptions: Researcher subscription auto-assigns tokens
    Did you know that there's a Researcher Subscription option in Gorilla? Offering an up to 18% discount compared to buying tokens on PAYG, this subscription is perfect for the lone wolf striking out on their own with a smaller budget. Now, the subscription auto-assigns the tokens to your account (rather than using the request system that features in our Lab and Department subscriptions), making it even easier you to get started on your data collection. Check out our full range of pricing options - with one of these, you'll be streets ahead in no time!

  • Data Generation: Improved data generation message
    We've updated the data generation text to make it clearer what happens during data generation. For example, the data generation request gets sent to our separate data generation server so you don't need to leave your browser open on the Data tab. You can meerily be on your way, getting on with your vital research. Research like "are weiner dogs born that way, or start off normal and then get weiner?!?". We also advise that, while data generation is usually pretty quick, you should leave 2 - 4 hours during peak times, just in case.

  • Task Builder: Separate seeked in backwards and forwards in Web Audio zone
    Last Release Notes we announced an update to the Web Audio zone - a new setting that allows you to give the participant full control over the progression of the audio file. They can pause, play, rewind and fastforward to their hearts content. Following feedback from the user this setting was implemented for, we've created specific metrics to indicate whether the participant went backwards or forwards in the audio when seeking to a new position. But don't worry, there's still no Britta in this!


  • Home Page: Fixed BeOnline links
    Sometimes I think I lost something really important to me, and then it turns out I already ate it! Fortunately, while I lost the correct link to this years BeOnline 2021 talks, I hadn't eaten it yet, so was able to put it back where it belongs. Check out all the incredible talks from this year (and more) here

  • Task Builder: Fix End Calibration Text setting
    The End Calibration Button Text in the Eye Tracking zones was incorrectly linking to the Start Calibration Button Text setting, so the two couldn't actually be defined independently. Nice going, tweedledumb and... even tweedlerdumb. That's been fixed up now!

Coming Really REALLY soon

  • Task Builder: Eye Tracking 2 performance fix As some of you may know, changes to how Webgazer handles collecting gaze predictions in Web Gazer 2 has caused significant losses in screen timing performance. Most platforms that make use of Web Gazer have had to implement bespoke fixes for this issue and our own is going live next week. Though we're preserving Eye Tracking 2's core functionality, (even adding a few new features!), the fix will require some changes to how and when we collect the prediction data. We wanted to give some advance notice that this change is coming for users currently collecting data using Eye Tracking 2. Consider yourself Chang'd!

That's it for today! More release notes coming next week. And remember: You are all better than you think you are, you are just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself.

21st October UpdateBuild-2021-27

Zoinks! Has it really been three weeks since the last release? Wow, where does the time go? Seriously, do any of you know? Because, to me, it's still March 2020. I don't understand how I can be a half year older already.

Wait... WHAT YEAR IS IT??!?

Ahem, anyway, only a few things to note in this build. As we approach the end of the year (hrrnghgh!) the remaining Release Notes will be a bit fuller, as the backlog of requests/pending work gets cleared ready for my regular Christmas Hibernation.

Also, bonus points to the users who can correctly identify the classic childhood tv show being referenced in these notes...


  • Task Builder: Full audio controls for Web Audio zone
    As part of a consultancy project, we've implemented a new setting for the Web Audio zone that presents a fuller set of controls to the participant. This allows them to play and pause an audio file at will, as well as seek to different positions throughout the audio. You receive metrics for each event, so you can review participants listening patterns. The keen readers of all the drivel exciting words I post on Gorilla, the Support Desk etc. will be thinking "Hang on, didn't your consultancy desk close before the summer?!?". Indeed, it did. At which point we still had some four to six months of work booked in! Jinkies!

  • Experiment: Select specific email to resend
    Did you know that when using either the Email ID or Email Shot recruitment policy you can set your own customised recruitment email? Pretty neat! This email was only sent when the participant was initially activated, however. The 'Resend Email' action would default to sending Gorilla's "Resume" Email template. Not anymore though! If you're using the Email ID or Email Shot policy, you can select which email type to send, so you can choose to resend the initial recruitment email instead. This is the first part in a small piece of work to improve email dispatch options within an experiment, the next stage of which will be allowing for customising the 'Resume' email template. Looks like we have another mystery localisation on our hands!


  • Experiment: Fix typo in Custom Recruitment Email instructions
    Previously, the instructions for the Custom Recruitment Email modal said "You can also add in the participants name (as it appears in your Participants tab) using the tag {{url}}." This was of course supposed to be {{name}}. Ruh-roh! Many thanks to the users who alerted us to this!

  • Data: Uploads folder now respects Timeframe settings
    Previously, when building the full zip folder of experiment data, the Uploads folder would always give you all of the uploaded files for an experiment version. Regardless of the Timeframe settings used. Jeepers! That should be fixed now - as always, if you experience any issues/inconsistencies, please contact the Support Desk via our Contact Form.

30th September UpdateBuild-2021-26

Fixes, 14:35

Many thanks to the researchers who alerted the support team to the errors in building Single Participant metrics and the missing metrics columns. These issues have now been resolved! Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

It's been a couple of weeks since the last Gorilla update. Most of the last fortnight has been focused on Task Builder 2.0 (and Questionnaire Builder 2.0!!!) as well as improving our Game Builder tool and general Multiplayer tooling. However, we've managed to sneak in a few nuggets for the release this week.

(So, no, I haven't just been playing Valheim solidly for two weeks. Seriously, ask anyone on the Gorilla team - we're all friends on Steam so they can attest to my playtime... And anyway, Valheim is old news. New World (aka Amazon Game Studios MMO Queuing simulator) released at the beginning of this week so if I'd been doing anything gaming related, it would have been sitting in a queue with 5000 other people waiting to get into a server just as they take it down for maintenance...)


  • Task Builder: Release of a Haptics zone
    The Haptic Feedback zone is now available by request through the Support Contact Form -> Beta Feature Access category. The Haptics zone makes use of the excellent Haptics.js library and the VibrationAPI. This allows you to play a series of vibrations on a compatible mobile device and also includes the ability to record a participants input (screen taps) as a vibration pattern (as well as store it in embedded data so it can be replayed to the participant). Documentation for this zone will appear in our support pages within the next couple of days (I'll need something to do while queuing for New World...)

  • Task Builder: Release of Vernier GoDirect Handdynamometer zone
    The Go Direct Hand Dynamometer zone is now available by request through the Support Contact Form -> Beta Feature Access category. This represents our first integration with an external device (the Go Direct (R) Hand Dynamometer) via the WebUSB API and an exciting entry into the world of external sensors and devices. The zone facilitates the initial connection to the device, as well as collected measurements which can be presented to users in a number of ways (plain text, graphs, filling bars etc.) via the Task Builder scripting tools. As above, documentation for this will appear within the next few days (I'll need lots to do!)


  • Questionnaire Builder: Switch Widget now stores current page answers on switch
    Previously, when using the Switch Widget to switch between a Questionnaire and another Task/Questionnaire, any responses the participant had entered on the current Questionnaire page wouldn't be saved. This meant that the questions would be blank if they switched back. We've changed this behaviour, so the responses will be saved and repopulated when they switch back. Note that these responses won't be added to the participant metrics - that only happens when they actually complete the current page (by clicking the next button).

  • Task Builder: Update all documentation links
    I guess this a combo Bug fix/Enhancement. Some documentation links in the Task Builder zone settings weren't linking to the correct page. These links have now been fixed. Additionally, as some zones don't have any actual settings, they didn't have a settings block... which then also meant that there was no direct link to their respective documentation. We've now changed this, so every zone will have a settings block. If there are no actual settings to set there will be no settings in the settings block but the settings block will still link to the documentation for that zone. (Achievement unlock: use the word settings so many times in a paragraph that it now just looks weird and you're convinced it's spelt wrong...)

  • Data Generation Services: Second stage of improvements
    With the new term beginning, we've already seen significant increases in usage of our platform over the last few weeks. The main Gorilla server swiftly expands to accomodate additional traffic. Today's update includes the second step to adding that capability to our Data Generation server as well. While there will inevitable be some increase in data download time during peak usage, we are working to keep these increases as small as possible. The next stage of improvements will mostly focus on the front-end UI i.e. the bit that you researchers see, giving you more information on what's going on with your data, where it sits in the build queue etc.


  • Live experiments: Tab title is now Research instead of Gorilla
    When running a live experiment, Gorilla branding is kept to a minimum - we use a different domain ( and Gorilla is only mentioned on the initial start page and finish page. However, at somepoint in the last few months, a bug crept in that meant the actual title for the browser window/tab would be 'Gorilla' instead of 'Research'. I noticed it a week ago and have dutifully fixed it, which I'm sure will be a great relief for all concerned.

15th September UpdateBuild-2021-25

Today marks the release of the Hearth and Home update for Valheim and the beginning of another few hundred hours of my life disappearing into a virtual world. Before I run off, build another turnip farm and spend the rest of time defending it from a horde of trolls however, here's the new features, enhancements and fixes that have happened in Gorilla today.


  • Support Contact Form: Project Ownership Change Requests
    Users can now request a change of project ownership directly from the Support Contact Form (by selecting the aptly named 'Project Ownership Change Request' option). You can request a change of project ownership from you to someone else, or vice versa. You will need to have the Gorilla account email address of the Gorilla user you want to transfer to/from. If you aren't the owner of the project or a collaborator on the project, you'll need the Project ID (the string of numbers in the URL after admin/project/)

    Both you (the requestor) and the other party (the responder) will need to provide a reason for the transfer. Gorilla staff will need to review some requests and the reasons given will be critical - if we are unsatisifed with the reasoning given, we reserve the right to reject the request! We'll try not to let the power go to our heads...


  • Task Builder: Right click context menu overridden on video zones
    We've added functionality that attempts to prevent the Right-click context menu from being accessible on Video, Click Painting Video and GoNoGo Video zones. This should prevent the majority of participants from being able to access additional video controls. Some browser security settings and browser add-ons/extentions will, er, override our override. We don't have the ability to override an override to our override (and even if we could, I'm sure it would just be overridden).

  • Experiment Tree: Direct links to Node Documentation
    In the Questionnaire Builder and Task Builder, there are direct links to the relevant widget/zone documentation. We added the same functionality to the Experiment Tree Nodes. When adding a new node or editing an existing one, you'll see a question mark which will link you to our support documentation.

The development team is continually working on improvements to Gorilla's performance and implementing additional redundancies to its mechanisms. We have two announcements in that regard this week.

  • Stimuli and resources: Additional storage layer
    We've added an additional layer to our storage services, which should provide better download speeds in some circumstances. This new storage medium will only affect the content and stimuli uploaded to Tasks and Questionnaires and there should be no discernable change to task behaviour or functionality.

  • Data Generation Services: First stage of improvements
    With the new term beginning, we've already seen significant increases in usage of our platform over the last few weeks. The main Gorilla server swiftly expands to accomodate additional traffic. Today's update marks the first step to adding that capability to our Data Generation server as well. While there will inevitable be some increase in data download time during peak usage, we are working to keep these increases as small as possible.


  • Order Node: Increased Order Nodes tether limit
    A new Gorilla "Book of Records" entry has been made. A researcher recently attempted to attach more than 24 nodes to a single Order node which had some... undesirable consequences. As a result, we've slightly reworked the Order Node to increase the limit to 50 and to also provide researchers with an error message, should they try to attach more than this.

  • Task Builder: Response Text Entry zone correctly counts attempt numbers
    Previously, when capturing both a metric on first key-press and on enter key-press, the number of response attempts would be incorrectly increased on each metric. This issue has now been resolved.

9th September UpdateBuild-2021-24

Back after a short hiatus with a seemingly light update today. Behind the scenes, Task Builder 2.0 has entered internal alpha - a key milestone on the road to release. We also have a number of new Task Builder zones in-the-wings, ready for release over the next few months.


  • Task Builder: Audio Recording zone now include Echo Cancellation setting
    Some users have requested the ability to supress other audio streams (such as from an Audio or Video zone) from entering a participants audio recording. Conversely, other users have requested the ability to not supress other audio streams, including them in the audio recording for analysis. To satisfy both groups, we've included the option to add an Echo Cancellation constriant to the Audio Recording zone. You can read more on the intended function of Echo Cancellation here

Behind the Scenes

  • Task Builder: Implementation of the Device Motion API
    As part of a consultancy project, we've implemented a DeviceMotion zone. This allows you to detect spatial movement and acceleration of a mobile/tablet device with settings for required acceleration thresholds and measurement intervals. In the Project, the zone is being used as part of a real-effort paradigm. The zone will be early access for the project research team only for approximately one month. You can read more about the Device Motion API here.

  • Task Builder: Implementation of a Drag and Drop zone
    As part of a consultancy project, the much-requested, long-awaited Drag and Drop functionality has been implemented. This works as a set of two zones: a Drag and Drop zone which on it's own allows you to drag an image to anywhere on the screen; and a Drop Scoring zone, which allows you to mark specific sections of the screen as drop locations. These drop locations can also be individually marked as correct or incorrect, allowing you to add scoring and feedback to a Drag and Drop paradigm. The zone will be early access for the project research team only for approximately one month.

  • Task Builder: Implementation of a Haptics zone
    As part of a consultancy project, we've implemented a Haptics zone, making use of the excellent Haptics.js library and the VibrationAPI This allows you to play a series of vibrations on a compatible mobile device and also includes the ability to record a participants input (screen taps) as a vibration pattern (as well as store it in embedded data so it can be replayed to the participant). As this zone has already been available to the research team for some time, it will be entering general closed beta (accessible via the Support Contact Form) within the next week.

  • Task Builder: Implementation of Vernier GoDirect Handdynamometer zone
    As part of a consultancy project, we've implemented an integration with the Go Direct (R) Hand Dynamometer. This represents our first integration with an external device via the WebUSB API and an exciting entry into the world of external sensors and devices. The zone facilitates the initial connection to the device, as well as collected measurements which can be presented to users in a number of ways (plain text, graphs, filling bars etc.) via the Task Builder scripting tools. In the Project, the zone is being used as part of a real-effort paradigm. As this zone has already been available to the research team for some time, it will be entering general closed beta (accessible via the Support Contact Form) within the next week.

Those are some cool new zones, yeah? Do you have a project or experimental paradigm that you could now implement Online with Gorilla via these new zones? Tell us all about it on Twitter @GorillaPsyc with the hashtag #ZonesOfAwesome

26th August UpdateBuild-2021-23


  • Task Builder: Click Painting Zones now include Screen Calibration settings
    The size of the image in the Click Painting zone and the video in the Click Painting Video zone can now be set to a width in centimeters or visual degrees. This requires either the Screen Calibration zone (which is now in Open Beta!) or a Code Task like the Virtual Chinrest


  • Shop Builder: Improved mobile layout
    Another round of Shop Builder improvements. Find out more about it here!


  • Task Builder: Fix GoNoGo Video full playthrough setting
    Yes, this is the second time you've seen this in a month. No, I don't want to talk about it. All that matters is that this time it is actually fixed. Honest!

  • Projects: Collaboration modal no longer crashes during some invites
    Previously, trying to invite a user who had not finished creating their account to collaborate on a project would cause the collaboration modal to crash and do nothing. A proposal to have the Collaboration Modal "do a dance", to distract users from it doing nothing, was rejected. Instead, we opted to fix the problem. Users, at any stage of account creation, are now added as collaborators correctly. You can find out more about collaborating with other Gorilla Users here.

    (Plans for dancing modals may be revisited at a later date...)

19th August UpdateBuild-2021-22


  • Experiment Tree: Override Dropdown Manipulations via Embedded Data
    Previously, Task manipulations set via a Dropdown (of which the most common is the 'Spreadsheet' dropdown) could not be populated via embedded data. As such, if you wanted to use a Counterbalance Node to dynamically select which spreadsheet to use, you'd have to combine this with some custom script in your task. Well not any more! Now you'll find a new option "(Manual Override)" in a manipulation dropdown which, when selected, allows you to specify an embedded data variable using the standard notation. This will work for all manipulations populated via a Dropdown (including manipulations added in Code Editor tasks). To see this in action, check out our example Experiment here


  • Code Editor: Manipulation values no longer missing from preview data.
    Previously, the value for manipulations set in the preview of a Code Editor task weren't being passed through to the preview metrics, causing the manipulation columns to empty. This issue has now been resolved.


  • Delay Node: Clarify delay node email reminder text
    Previously, the delay node email reminder text was phrased quite passively, to the point of implying that providing an email address was optional. However, when researchers select this setting in the Delay node, its often because the participants need to receive the email reminder to resume the experiment. Without it, they'll be unable to re-enter the study. A typical example of this would be recruiting for a longitudinal study via Simple Link. As a result, we've reworded the instruction to make it clearer that the participants may not be able to resume the study without this reminder email 9so should enter their email address). In a future update to Gorilla, we will make this text customisable so that it can be reworded to suit your specific circumstances and desired participant language.

  • Order Node: Update Order Node settings text to better describe Latin Square/Balanced
    The previous describe for the Latin Square and Balanced options in the Order Node was causing some confusion over what these two options actually meant. The setting text has been altered to better reflect what Latin Square vs Balanced means in this context.

5th August UpdateBuild-2021-21


  • Task Builder: Fix issue with Audio Recording filename prefix.
    An update introduced a bug where the Audio Recording filename prefix was not added into the recording audio file name. Instead, the default text of 'audioFile' would appear. This would have affected audio files collected between 28th July 2021 and 5th August 2021. While the issue has been resolved (future audio files will contain the correct prefix) already collected audio files will remain incorrectly named.


  • Home Page: Link to 'My Subscription' now appears in the dropdown 'burger menu' on the home page.

28th July UpdateBuild-2021-20


  • Shop Builder: Many new features and fixes
    The Shop Builder is Gorilla's unique tool for simulating a realistic online shop. Find out more about it here

  • Task Builder: Migrated stable Closed-Beta zones to Open-Beta
    The Screen Calibration, Gabor Patch, Canvas Painting and Mouse Response have seen extensive use to positive appraisal. As such, we've moved them into Open Beta, so they are freely available from the Task Builder Zones menu, without first requesting access via the Support Contact Form. As with all our zones, if you encounter any issues that aren't resolved through out documentation, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the SupportContactForm


  • Task Builder: Allow video replay on Click Painting Video zone
    The Click Painting (Video) zone added last update has been improved with a setting to allow the video to be looped/replayed a set number of times, bringing it more in line with the functionality of the existing Video zone

  • Task Builder: Allow screen branching based on correct/incorrect response in Click Painting zones
    When a screen advance is triggered by a Click Painting/Click Painting Video zone, whether the participants response was marked as correct or incorrect is now passed into the advance logic. This means that you can branch to a different screen depending on whether their response was correct or incorrect

  • Task Builder: Add RT's to Audio Recording metrics
    To make it easier to work out when different Audio Recording metrics occurred, we've added the current RT (time from start of screen) into the metrics

21st July UpdateBuild-2021-19


  • Task Builder: Click Painting scoring regions
    A much requested feature, the Click Painting zone now allows you to define 'boxes' within the Click Painting area that represent a correct click. This marks clicks that fall inside this box (within a pixel tolerance defined by you) as correct in the metrics and also the Active Response embedded data. At the moment, this only allows you to define square or rectangular regions. A more advanced version of this with more region options will be coming in the next iteration of our Task Builder Tooling

  • Task Builder: Click Painting Video zone
    Everything that comes in the Click Painting zone but for Videos instead of Images.


  • Task Builder: Fix GoNoGo Video full playthrough setting
    The GoNoGo Video setting wasn't responding correctly to the zone being set to run through the full video. This was caused by an error in the settings which has now been resolved.

Release Notes (Archive)

You can find our previous release notes covering August 2016 to February 2020 in our Release Notes (Archive).