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Explore tutorial tasks for Shop Builder - prebuilt examples of individual bits of functionality that you can copy for your own tasks.

You can access the Shop Builder Tutorials Project directly, or read on for more info about each one.

Adding Labels
Add labels to certain products in your shop.

Basket Distribution
Show participants how the products added to the basket are distributed across set conditions.

Basket Rating
Display a rating of products participants have added to their basket.

Discount specific products in your shop.

Diplaying Receipt
Save purchased items from the shop and display them as a recipt in a later task.

HTML Content Block
Add a content block to your product pages.

Landing Page Products
Change the inital products that are shown on the Landing Page of your shop.

Offering Swaps
Offer an alternative product as a swap when certain products are added to the basket.

Product Taxes
Add taxes to certain products in your shop.