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Tutorial: Adding Labels


This tutorial demonstrates how to add image Labels to certain products in your shop. First, we need to create the labels we want to use, and upload them to the Assets tab. Then, we create a new column in the Products spreadsheet and define which products we would like to display the Label on. In this example, we add a column called 'Healthy', with a 1 for products where we would like to show the Label.

Next, we add the Labels' condition. We select the large and small image that we would like to be displayed for the Labels. These are the images we have uploaded to the Assets tab. The large Label will be displayed next to the Product image, the small Label will be displayed when this product is added to the basket. Then, we need to set the Criteria which need to be met for the Label to be displayed. Here, we want to show the Labels on any products where the column Healthy is equal to the fixed value of 1, and we want to Match All products that meet this criteria.

Now, when we preview the shop and select the Labels' condition from the dropdown menu, we can see the Labels displayed on these product pages and when these products are added to the basket.

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