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Tutorial: Product Taxes


This tutorial shows how to add Taxes to certain products in your shop. In this example, we will be adding a 10% tax to all products that contain alcohol.

First, we need to download the Products spreadsheet and add a column where we can define the items that should be taxed. Here, we have added a column called 'Alcohol', and added a 1 in this column for any products that contain alcohol. Once this spreadsheet has been uploaded, we can set up the condition. To do this, navigate to the Taxes condition, and click '+ Add Condition'.

First, we need to add a Name for the tax. This will be the name of the tax that is displayed in the shop. Then, we need to set the Amount of tax that should be applied to the products. We want a 10% tax, so we enter 10. You can choose to apply the tax as a fixed amount, rather than a percentage by ticking the box below. We tick the Show in the basket checkbox, so participants can see the amount of tax they have been charged.

In the Product Display we show participants the amount of alcohol tax added for each product by writing ${tax} Alcohol Tax. In the Price Display (Shop) setting we show participants the price of the product before tax by using the ${base_price} placeholder, and show the price of the product after tax in the Price Display (Basket) by using the ${total_price} placeholder. These price displays can all be formatted using HTML.

Finally, we set the Criteria that must be met for the tax to be applied. Here, we want any products where the column Alcohol is equal to the fixed value of 1 to be taxed. We also want to Match All products that meet this criteria.

You can see the taxes added to your shop by clicking Preview and selecting the Tax condition from the dropdown menu.

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