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Tutorial: Discounts


This tutorial shows how to add Discounts to products in your shop. First, we create a new column in the Products spreadsheet and define which products we would like to discount. In this example, we add a column called 'Discounts', with a 10 for products we would like to discount by 10%, and 20 for products we would like to apply a 20% discount to.

Then, navigate to the Discounts tab to set up the condition. In this example, we apply two different discounts. The Name of the first discount is 'Standard Discount', where we apply a 10% discount. We use some HTML formatting to display the original price and the discounted price in the Product Display and the Shop & Basket Price Display. In this example, the original price will be displayed in red with a strike through it, and the new discounted price is displayed in black to the left. The 10% discount is applied to all products where the Disount column is equal to the fixed value of 10.

The second discount ('Super Discount') is set up in the same way, but instead matches all products where where the Disount column is equal to the fixed value of 20. To see the Disount in action, click Preview and select the Discount condition from the dropdown. In the preview, you can see the amount of each discount applied to each product, as well as the HTML formatted price display.

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