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Tutorial: Basket Rating


This tutorial shows how to present a Basket Rating of products that have been added to the basket. This rating will appear in the basket panel of the shop. First, we need to create the images we want to use for the ratings, and upload them to the Assets tab. Here we have 5 different star ratings. Then, we create a new column in the Products spreadsheet and define which products we would like to include in the rating. In this example, we add a column called 'Rating', and we give each product a rating from 1 to 5.

To set up the condition, we navigate to the Basket Rating tab and add a new condition. We set the Scoring Field to the 'Rating' column of the Products spreadsheet, and to normalise the rating we divide the total score by the total number of items. Then, we add 5 different ratings, one for each star rating and Name these, for example '5 star rating!', '4 star rating!' etc. We also set the Background and Text Colours using the Hex colour codes. For each rating, we choose the Image we would like to present for each rating from Assets uploaded. We also define the Range criteria for each of the ratings. For example, the 5 star rating criteria will be displayed when the score is greater than or equal to 5 with no max. The 4 star rating will displayed when the score is greater than or equal to 4 and less than 5, and so on for the 3, 2 and 1 star ratings.

Now, when we preview the shop and select the Basket Rating condition from the dropdown, we can see the Basket Rating appear as we add products to the basket.

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