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Tutorial: HTML Content Block


This tutorial demonstrates how to add an HTML Content Block which contatins product descriptions to your shop.

In this example, a new 'Description' column has been added to the Product spreadsheet. In this column, a description has been added for each of the products. To display these descriptions in the shop, we need to add a Content condition.

From the Block Type dropdown, we select HTML, you can learn more about HTML in our HTML formatting guide. In the HTML we retrieve the content from the spreadsheet by using double curly brackets {{}} with product. followed by the name of the spreadsheet column. Here, this is {{product.Description}}. We have also added some additional HTML formatting. Finally, we have decided to Append this Content to the Product Page - Under Button.

To see this condition in action, preview the shop and select the Content Block condition from the dropdown. You can then see the product descriptions on each of the product pages.

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