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Tutorial: Offering Swaps


This tutorial walks through how to offer certain products in your shop as Swaps. First, we create a new column in the Products spreadsheet and define which products we would like to offer as Swaps. In this example, we add a column called 'OfferSwap' and define any products that should be offered as a Swap by adding a 1 in this column.

Then, navigate to the Swaps condition to set up the Swaps. We set the Title Base and Title Swaps as text that will appear above the original product and the offered swap.

We also check the Match Category option so that the Swap will only be offered if it is in the same category as the chosen product. Here, the Category will be 'Snacks'. Next, we need to set the Criteria for the Swaps to meet. In this example, all products equal the fixed value of 1 in the OfferSwap column will be offered as Swaps. Finally, we set an Exclusion Criteria, so that all products equal the fixed value of 1 will not be offered an alternative product as a Swap. By ticking the Randomise Product Order option, the order that the products will be offered as Swaps will be randomised.

To see your Swap in action, click the Preview button and choose the Swap condition from the dropdown. Here, when the products we want to offer as Swaps are chosen, we are not offered a Swap according to our Exclusion Criteria. When other products of the same category are chosen, you are offered a random Swap according to the Swap Criteria.

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