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We've recently updated our tools, and have given our Support pages a bit of a makeover too! It should be easier to find what you're looking for now, but if you have any comments get in touch with us and let us know.

Getting Started

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Gorilla's Tooling

Questionnaire Builder 2

Build rich, varied questionnaires and surveys with likert scales, dropdowns, and text input, and enhance them with skip and display logic, branching, scoring and much more.

Go to our Questionnaire Builder 2 guides

Task Builder 2

Build stimulus-response, accuracy, and reaction-time tasks using a wide range of stimuli and response options.

Go to our Task Builder 2 guides

Experiment Builder

Deploy your questionnaires, tasks, games, or shops to participants and introduce any randomisation, counterbalancing, and additional complexity you need.

Go to our Experiment Builder guides

Game Builder

Build gamified tasks using animations and particle effects.

Go to our Game Builder guides


Enhance your Task Builder 2 creations by allowing them to be played by multiple participants simultaneously and interactively.

Go to our Multiplayer guides

Shop Builder

Build a simulated online shop to investigate consumer and purchasing behaviour, complete with your own products, nudges, discounts, and more.

Go to our Shop Builder guides

Looking for Questionnaire Builder 1, Task Builder 1, or the Code Editor? Have a look at our Legacy Tools page.

General Guides

Launching Your Study

Thread your tasks / questionnaires into an experiment tree
Implement randomisation, counterbalancing, branching, and more
Pilot your study
Send a link to participants
Access your data

Go to the Launching Your Study guides

Troubleshooting and Technical Info

Languages and localisation
Advanced formatting of text, images etc
Debugging and troubleshooting
Advice for audio and video

Go to the Troubleshooting and Technical Info guides

Data Analysis, Publishing, and Open Science

Understand and process your data
Publish your work and cite Gorilla
Share your materials in the spirit of Open Science

Go to the Data Analysis, Publishing, and Open Science guides

Pricing, Subscriptions, and Services

Pricing FAQ
Subscription FAQ
Guide for Subscription Administrators (labs and departments)
Teaching tools

Go to the Pricing, Subscriptions, and Services guides

Gorilla Reference

Release notes and announcements
Gorilla FAQs
Check the live status and historical uptime of Gorilla
Request new features on our roadmap

Go to the Gorilla Reference guides

Ethics and Due Diligence

Information for Internal Review Boards / Ethics committees
Data protection and security
Company information
Terms and conditions

Go to the Ethics and Due Diligence guide

Educational Resources

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