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Explore tutorial experiments for Experiment Builder - prebuilt examples of individual bits of functionality that you can copy for your own experiments.

You can access the Gorilla Experiment Builder Tutorials Project directly, or read on for more information about each one.

Branching from a Questionnaire
Branch participants in the experiment tree based on a response in a questionnaire.

Counterbalance Node
Configure the Counterbalance Node when multiple spreadsheets are used within a single task.

Delay Node
Learn to use a Delay Node to add a break in your experiment.

Performance Branching
Branch participants to different pathways in the experiment based on performance in a task.

Quota Node
Learn how to use the Quota Node in the experiment tree to control the number of participants in each pathway of your experiment.

Switching between Tasks using the Switch Node
Use the Switch Node to allow participants to switch between tasks in the experiment tree.