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Tutorial: Counterbalance Node


This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Counterbalance Node in an experiment. In this example, we have two different sets of stimuli we want to present to different participants.

In this tutorial, we have a Markdown Text component that is bound to the spreadsheet column 'Text'. Then, we have uploaded multiple spreadsheets: spreadsheet1 and spreadsheet2. In each of the spreadsheets, the content within the Text column differs.

In the experiment tree, we have added the Counterbalance Node before our Task Node. We must give our Counterbalance Node a Name. Here, we name our Counterbalance Node 'overridespreadsheet'. Then, we add the name of the spreadsheets from the task within the Values field of the Node: spreadsheet1,spreadsheet2. This informs the Node of which spreadsheets need to be counterbalanced across participants. The names of the spreadsheets must be separated with a comma.

In the Task Node, we need to tell the Task to use the spreadsheet assigned via the Counterbalance Node. To do this, we select Manual Override from the spreadsheet dropdown. Then, we use the syntax $${CounterbalanceConfigurationName} in the text box. In this case, this syntax is $${overridespreadsheet} to match the Name of our Counterbalance Node.

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