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Tutorial: Delay Node


This tutorial demonstrates how to add and configure a Delay Node within an experiment tree. This is particularly useful for longitudinal/multi-part studies.

Once you have added a Delay Node to your experiment, you will need to position the node within the tree at the point where you would like to force your participants to take a break from the experiment. In this tutorial, the delay is positioned between the Questionnaire and the Task. Participants will complete the Questionnaire, then will be asked to enter their email address. After a delay of 1 minute has expired, participants will be able to continue with the experiment, and will return to finish the final task in the experiment.

When the Delay Node is clicked on, the configuration settings are revealed. Here, you can customise the Title and Message displayed to the participants when they reach the Delay Node. This is a good opportunity to explain to participants how long they will need to wait before they can access the experiment again. Then, you need to set how long the participants should be delayed for, in Days, Hours, or Minutes.

Finally, you will need to choose whether to Send an Email Reminder, and show the Reminder Form to participants. Whether you enable these settings depends on a couple of things:

  1. If you have ethical clearance to collect this data from your participants.
  2. The Recruitment Policy you choose to recruit your participants using. For example, if you are using Simple Link recruitment you must select these options, otherwise participants will have no way to return to your experiment.

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