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Tutorial: Branching from a Questionnaire


This tutorial demonstrates how to branch participants in the experiment tree based on a response given in a questionnaire by using a Branch Node. In this tutorial, we want to branch participants based on whether they prefer dogs or cats.

In the Questionnaire, we have a question that asks participants which they prefer. For this question, we choose to Save the response to the Store. This means that the value within the store is accessible at the experiment-tree level, and we can use this within the Branch Node. To do this, we used the Save to Store toggle within the Multiple Choice object. Then we choose to save the Response to a field in the Store called ‘choice’.

Then, in the experiment, we add a Branch Node after the Questionnaire. In the Branch Node, we create two Groups: one for cats and another for dogs. Then, we set the Property to match the name of the field in the Store where the response is saved. In this case, it is 'choice'. Then, we choose the appropriate Rule from the dropdown and set the Value that we want to use to satisfy the rule. Here, we want the Value to equals Cats in the cat group, and Dogs in the dog group. It is important for the Values to exactly match the Responses in the Questionnaire. You must also select one of these branches to be the Default. Participants who do not match any rules in the Branch Node will be assigned to the default branch.

Finally, we need to connect the branches to the appropriate nodes in the experiment tree. Here, we want the cat branch connected to the 'Cat choice' questionnaire, and the dog branch connected to the 'Dog choice' questionnaire.

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