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Legacy Tools

This page contains our legacy tooling - tools that have been deprecated and replaced with newer, better options.

Currently, the legacy tooling consists of Questionnaire Builder 1 (replaced by Questionnaire Builder 2) and Task Builder 1 (replaced by Task Builder 2)

We have no plans to remove access to our Legacy tooling. You will still be able to create, edit and clone content in our legacy tooling. We will also still provide maintenance releases for legacy tools for as long as is technically feasible. Everything that currently works will continue work. This is part of our commitment to Open Science and reproducibility - working to make sure the content you've created remains functional and accessible for years to come. However, we won't be adding any new features or capabilities to our legacy tools. This is part of our commitment to provide you with the most capable and cutting edge tools available for research - our focus will be shifting to our current tooling for new feature development.

We are also planning to create a migration tool for moving content over from the legacy tools to the new tools, once our new tools are at 100% feature parity with our old tools.