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Tutorial: Randomisation


This tutorial will demonstrate to achieve different types of randomisation within Questionnaire Builder 2.

Randomise Page Order: The pages of the Questionnaire can be randomised by using the Randomise Page Order toggle underneath the pages of the Questionnaire. In this example, we have used the Exclude setting so that Page 1 is not included in the randomisation. This way, Page 1, which includes the instructions, is always presented first and Page 2 and 3 are randomised.

Randomise Question Order: On Page 2, the order of the questions are randomised by using the Randomise Questions toggle in the Screen Tab. Here, the Exclude setting is used so that the Instructions Text object is not included in the randomisation. Therefore, only the 'favourite' and 'pet' questions are randomised on the page.

Randomise Option Order: The Multiple Choice response options have been randomised in the questions on Page 2 by using the Randomise Order toggle in the object settings. This randomises the order response options are presented in these questions.

The randomised question and option order can be previewed on each page by using the Play button in the Live Preview. Each time you press Play, a different randomised order will be shown, similarly to when participants will take part in your questionnaire.

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