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This guide will show you how to cite Gorilla in your papers and how to use our logos on your research posters or in conference talks.

If you have a new publication you want to share with us, please fill in our Publications Form. We can then share your publication with other users or on social media.

In an ethics application, article or pre-print

Citing Gorilla is the easiest way to demonstrate that you have used a validated online research platform. If accurate stimulus or response timing is important for your results, you may also like to cite our timing accuracy paper.

To cite Gorilla in an article or pre-print, please link to the main website. We also recommend stating the date window within which data was collected, so that someone reading the study could cross-reference this with our release notes.

Example Text

We used the Gorilla Experiment Builder ( to create and host our experiment (Anwyl-Irvine, MassonniƩ, Flitton, Kirkham & Evershed, 2018). Data was collected between 01 Jan 2017 and 15 Jan 2017. Participants were recruited through [Facebook / Prolific / Research Now].

Referencing our papers

We have also published research validating our platform and timing, which you can add to your bibliography.

Example Text

Anwyl-Irvine, A.L., MassoniƩ, J., Flitton, A., Kirkham, N.Z., Evershed, J.K. (2019).
Gorilla in our midst: an online behavioural experiment builder
Behavior Research Methods.

Anwyl-Irvine, A.L., Dalmaijer, E.S., Hodges, N., Evershed, J.K. (2021).
Realistic precision and accuracy of online experiment platforms, web browsers, and devices
Behavior Research Methods.

Tomczak, J., Gordon, A., Adams, J., Pickering, J. S., Hodges, N., & Evershed, J. K. (2023).
What over 1,000,000 participants tell us about online research protocols
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Open Science

You may also want to consider publishing your protocol to Gorilla Open Materials, our open-access repository, so that people reading your paper can view your protocol.

On a poster or presentation

The easiest way to show on your poster that you used Gorilla is to add our logo.

Download the Brand Resource Pack

Our brand resource pack contains a range of high-quality Gorilla logos to use in presentations and conference posters:

Gorilla logo black on white Gorilla logo red on white Gorilla logo white on black Gorilla logo white on red Gorilla logo white on transparent

You will also find a slide that explains what Gorilla is, which can be added to your slide deck:

Thumbnail of PowerPoint slide explaining Gorilla, included in the Brand Resource pack

Download the Brand Resource Pack

Get in touch and let us know about your research!

We love hearing from researchers who have used Gorilla!

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We can include all of the above on our Publications page. You can also tag us @GorillaPsyc in Tweets so we can see your research and retweet it!