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Tutorial: Trigger - Enable


This tutorial demonstrates how the Trigger - Enabled component can be used with the Trigger - Enable animation to control when Keyboard Responses can be given.

In the 'Trial' scene, we have a Text and an Animator component in the same object. There is also an Object with the Keyboard Response and Trigger Enabled components. The Keyboard Response component is listening for the spacebar, and the Trigger Enabled component is set so that on Screen Start, this object is Disabled. This means that, until it is enabled, any presses of the spacebar will not be recorded by Gorilla.

The 'moving' animation moves the Text around the scene using Move to Position animations. Then, once the Text stops moving around the scene, the Trigger - Enabled animation sets the Keyboard object to 'Enabled'. Now, when the spacebar is pressed, it is recorded by Gorilla.

Finally, we show participants the number of times the spacebar has been pressed. This is achieved by adding the Save Data component to the screen, and adding 1 each time the spacebar is pressed. This is saved to a Field in the Store called 'spacePress' and we use a second Text component bound to this field to display the value in the store.

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