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Tutorial: Delayed Reward (Go / No Go)


This tutorial demonstrates how to give participants different rewards in a Go / No Go paradigm. If participants click on the button (Go response), they are granted a small reward. If participants do not respond (No Go response), the reward received is larger.

To achieve this, a Button with a Click Response of 'small' has been added to the Scene. The Time Limit on the screen is set to 5000 ms, with a Non-Response of 'big'. A Save Data component is used to calculate the score. The scores have been defined in the spreadsheet. When the 'small' response is received, the value in the 'small_reward' column of the spreadsheet is added to the 'score' Field in the Score. When the 'big' response is received, the value in the 'big_reward' column is added instead. To show the current score to participants, a Text component is added to the Scene, with the text bound to the score Field in the Store. As the score updates with the participant's responses, the text will reflect this.

Finally, to show participants which option they have chosen, two additional Text components have been added to the Scene which Start Invisible. Both have an Animator component, with a 'show' Animation. These animations include a Fade In and Delay. Then, Trigger - Animate components are added to each object, so that when a response is received, the correct text is displayed via the animation.

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