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BHN Rewards Integration Guide

In Gorilla:

In order to use BHN Rewards with Gorilla, you will need to enter your BHN Rewards API keys into Gorilla, so Gorilla can find your BHN Rewards campaigns and trigger rewards on them for your participants.

  1. First, add a Reward Node to your Experiment. A pop-up window will appear and under source, click on BHN Rewards:
Choose BHN Rewards integration
  1. You will then be prompted for your Client ID and Client Secret. You will need to sign up for a BHN Rewards account to generate these.
Enter Client ID and Client Secret

In BHN Rewards

  1. Once you have created an account, click on your name, and choose API from the dropdown menu:
Choose API from BHN Rewards menu
  1. On the API page, click the Edit button:
Click on Edit
  1. On the next screen, click Generate New Client:
Click on Generate New Client
  1. Name this client Gorilla, and then click Next:
Set name to Gorilla Enter Client ID and Client Secret into Gorilla
  1. Now you have created a Client, you will be shown your Client ID and Client Secret.

  2. Return to Gorilla and copy and paste these into the corresponding boxes in the Reward Node, and then click Verify.

Once verified, Gorilla will present you with a list of campaigns that you currently have configured in BHN Rewards. As rewards are often region-specific (e.g. a UK Apple Gift Card or a US Amazon Gift Card), you can configure several rewards, each one tied to a different country. Participants will be given the first reward for the country that they are in, or the first one in the list if they don't find a match. If you have not yet created a campaign in BHN Rewards, read on to the next section.

Select reward from menu

BHN Rewards Reward Campaigns

BHN Rewards allows you to set up reward campaigns that give each recipient a specific reward.

  1. To create a campaign, start by clicking on the yellow New Reward Campaign button on your BHN Rewards dashboard:
Create new campaign
  1. On the next screen, choose the Gorilla integration. If it's your first time integrating BHN Rewards with Gorilla, the Gorilla integration may be listed at the bottom (under the heading "We also integrate with these platforms"):
Choose Gorilla integration
  1. Follow the UI to configure your reward:
Configure rewards in BHN Rewards

You can find more help and information in BHN Rewards's documentation.

Once confirmed, your campaign should show up in the dropdown menu on the Reward Node in Gorilla as one of the options that you can choose.