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Gorilla Features: At a Glance

Gorilla™ : Behavioural Science in the Cloud

What is Gorilla?

Gorilla is a research platform for behavioural scientists that provides a powerful and secure way of creating, running and sharing questionnaires, tasks and experiments online. In addition, we have created additional specialist tools for online behavioural research - see the list below!

The Questionnaire Builder:

Create your questionnaire by selecting from our numerous questionnaire widgets. The live preview ensures you know exactly what your questionnaire will look like and how it will behave.


The Task Builder:

Create the task structure and then specify the trial content via a spreadsheet. Within the spreadsheet you can specify randomisation at both the trial level and block level. You can present and collect a wide range of stimuli and responses.


Beta Features:

The Experiment Tree:

Use the intuitive experiment tree to design your experiment. Link together questionnaires, tasks and control nodes to create novel procedures.


Coding in Gorilla:

The Code Editor:

If you would rather completely code your task yourself, then you can use our online JavaScript Editor. This gives you all the freedom you need to develop any task. Use JavaScript/TypeScript, jquery, HTML and CSS to design and create your study.

You can even integrate third party libraries (jsPsych, voice recognition, feature detection) to collect novel data.

Task Builder Scripts:

Use the Script Page to add custom scripts into your Tasks, giving you the freedom to adapt tasks built in the task builder to meet your exact requirements.

Copy, use and adapt our existing library of custom scripts straight into your own tasks.

Questionnaire Script Widget:

Use the Script Widget in the Questionnaire Builder, to access the Gorilla API and post-process your questionnaire data.

Specialist Tools for Online Behavioural Research:

We have created specialist tools to allow you to take your research to another level!

Visit our support page for more information on each of these features.

Recruitment & Requirement Options:

We provide a wide range of experiment deployment options.

Recruitment Options:

Recruitment Features:

And a range of ways to limit participation based on device type, location and speed of internet connection.

Requirement Features:

Data Collection: Task data is provided in long-format (one row per trial) in a format which can be easily downloaded as CSV, XLSX or ODS files and pivoted into short format (one row per participant).

Questionnaire data can be downloaded in either short-format (one row per participant) or long-format (one row per trial), as CSV, XLSX or ODS files.

All data you collect is owned by you.

Our secure data storage, located within the EU is end-to-end encrypted and fully complies with Data Protection Regulation [EU & UK] (GDPR), the British Psychological Society (BPS) and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Guidelines.

Open Materials

Publish your Tasks, Questionnaires and Experiments on Gorilla Open Materials, our open-access repository of research materials. Control access to your Materials using the permissions settings and then add additional information and images to explain your procedure. With preferred citation, you can include a link to your published paper.

For more information, see our Introducing Open Materials page.

Have a great idea for a new feature? Add a request to our Public Roadmap and let us know your suggestions!